Tay Grin’s Kanda video premieres on Trace


The much awaited video for Kanda, a song by Malawi’s hip hop sensation Tay Grin has had its first airplay on Trace African Channel this morning.

The video which was shot in South Africa, sees the rapper teaming up with local singer cum producer Sonye, and Nigerian Orezi. In a combination that makes the trio a microcosm of African cultures, an overwhelming response is beyond any reasonable doubt expected from the continent.

Tay Grin

Tay Grin: His Kanda video premiered today

Kanda first met the public eye at 6:35AM before enjoying more features on the channel. With reference to information shared by the Nyau King, the video will after the morning premiere be played at 18:45PM and 19:26PM this tonight.

The party continues tomorrow with a number of airplays on the menu. The visuals will be relayed to the public for viewing at 7:52AM, 9:42AM, 14:24PM, 19:45PM and 21:47PM. After the weekend the video will have taken a giant step in getting established on the international content provider before it gets to other platforms.

This is Tay Grin’s second video in the year 2016 and it follows in its predecessor Chipapapa’s footsteps. Malawians have high expectations on the visuals that they will not take anything of substandard.

The tittle for the song literally means, to scratch, and it contains elements of Gule Wamkulu, Manganje, and Nigerian sounds. It was produced by Sonye.



  1. Black Missionaries mukayifanizile ndi Urban Hip Hop…Reggae timanvela tili ku secondary school.That time is gone.Tay Grin ndi bwana and ukafunsa kunjaku amadziwa oyimba awiri basi Wambali ndi Tay Grin basi.Enawo amayimba za Makolo

  2. Kunena zoona…tay grin ma music video ake amaoneka bwino..mkona mfanayu zimamuyendera pamene enawa ma music video awo amangowoneka m’dima anthu kumaoneka ngati mapolo a escom

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