14 October 2016 Last updated at: 12:45 PM

Teachers warned against beating learners

The Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) has warned teachers across the country against violating the rights of learners in the country’s primary schools.

This was said on Wednesday at Nsundwe Primary School where MHRC met with other authorities to strategize on some of the ways that can be put in place to combat physical abuse of learners in primary school in the country.

Girls are the most affected. (Image credit: www.peacetimes.news)

Girls are the most affected.
(Image credit: www.peacetimes.news)

A recent report has shown that over 13 cases of child abuse in several primary schools have been registered and have been described as one of the factors hindering the students’ education.

One of the pupils, who asked not to be mentioned, confirmed the development that his headmaster beat him and he was admitted.

“One day I wanted to help myself in the school toilets but the toilets were not in a proper condition to use so I decided to urinate on a tree when the headmaster came he asked me to choose 15 slaps or more than 10 hits in the head, when I denied he beat me such that I was admitted at the hospital,” said the learner.

Authorities have since described the abuse as one of the violations of human rights to the student.

Meanwhile, Malawi Human Rights Commission says it is putting in place ways to deal with the issue at hand to make sure that the students are safe and learning without fear.

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