Carlsberg Cup wasn’t our target this season-Butao


Be Forward Wanderers General Secretary Mike Butao says Eliya Kananji got fired because he failed to bring Super League trophy to the club.

Kananji, who was Wanderers’ head coach despite being demoted to the assistant coach, was fired on Wednesday alongside Eddington Ng’onamo whom he was deputizing for perfoming badly in league matches in the on going 2016 season.

Butao, through the team’s official Facebook page, said the duo were given a target of winning the Super League title this season but the mission was impossible as the team continued to struggle in the top flight, latest being a 1-nil defeat to rivals Big Bullets on Saturday at their own backyard.

“We gave them a target of winning this year’ championship at the beginning of the season but with the way the team is performing, it’s very difficult to win the super league title hence firing them.”

Harry Nyirenda

Mike Butao (L): We wanted to win the league.

“If you may recall, Kananji took us to 9th position and we had to bring on board Jack Chamangwana to help us secure a top four finish so looking at how we are currently performing in the league, we might finish on 15th position so we needed a change and we are wishing the two coaches all the best of lucky,” he said.

He also added that Wanderers is too ‘big’ to be just winning Carlsberg Cup every season saying time was right for the club to end their super league drought, a trophy they lastly won in 2006.

“It has been eleven solid years since we won the league and if you take a look at our squad, we wanted something more than Carlsberg Cup so we can’t just be winning the said cup each and every year yet we are failing to win the league,” he concluded.

During his two year tenure, the former Bullets coach won Carlsberg Cup trophy twice in a row.

The duo have since been replaced by former Nomads players in the name of Yasin Osman and Bob Mpingajira.

Their first assignment will be a trip away to Lilongwe where they will play Civo Service United on Saturday before rocking horns with Kamuzu Barracks 24 hours later.



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