10 October 2016 Last updated at: 11:06 AM

Govt. statement on Mutharika’s whereabouts raises questions

Peter Mutharika Ethiopia

Mutharika is still in the US, according to Government.

The recent press statement from government on the whereabouts of the state President Peter Mutharika has raised questions with critics claiming that it has not addressed the serious questions that Malawians have on the whereabouts of their leader.

Government through its spokesperson Malison Ndau has released a statement to condemn Malawians who are spreading rumours that President Peter Mutharika is seriously ill in United States of America.

According to the statement which has been signed by minister of information Malison Ndau, President Mutharika is in good health and conducting official business in United States.

However, the statement appears to have unintended effect on Malawians as they have descended on it faulting it for not addressing the main issues that would allay the fears of Malawians.

Malison Ndau

Malison Ndau: APM is alive.

“Why isn’t the government disclosing the official business that Mutharika is doing in USA, why hasn’t the statement disclosed his dates of return?” a social commentator queried after government released the statement.

The statement has indeed failed to disclose the dates of return for the President simply indicating that government will announce his return dates as he is currently on official business in USA.

Another commentator wondered why government was threatening people with arrest for querying the whereabouts of their head of state.

“I used to think that all is well with Mutharika wherever he is hiding but the recent statement has made me think otherwise. Why is the government intimidating people who are wondering on the whereabouts of Mutharika?” queried another.

The Malawi leader left for the UNGA. Since the end of the summit, he has gone missing with reports indicating that he has fallen ill and has been hospitalised in USA.


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