National Bank donates to Mangochi District Hospital

Mangochi District Hospital

National Bank of Malawi has donated items worth K1.5 million to Mangochi District Hospital.

The items include a sterilizer, syringes, and stethoscopes.

 Mangochi District Hospital
Mangochi District Hospital.

The donation to the 450 bed capacity hospital comes in the wake of intermittent power supply which the District Medical Officer, Dr Stalin Zinkanda, claimed is suffocating services at the facility.

Dr Zinkanda said the hospital’s generator broke down a long time ago, and the one the institution currently uses can only provide power to the theatre.

The medical officer added that this is a major concern as most parts of the hospital require constant power. He mentioned the pharmacy, laboratory, and children’s ward as parts that require power all day.

He therefore appealed to other well-wishers to quickly help maintain the generator to save lives and make health workers’ work easier.

Dr Zinkanda also pointed out that the hospital require continued assistance because most of the equipment is disposable and is used just once.

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  1. 1.5 is too small from national bank,thas only profit for 1hour why they can’t put 10 million,thus why we people in a community poor never end coz of leadership nd stingy of our country

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