We are faring well without suspended members – MCP

Lazarous Chakwera

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) says the suspension of some of its members is not affecting the party in any way since everything is working well in the party.

Speaking to the media, deputy secretary general of the party Elson Mkoko said the absence of the suspended members has made no difference to the party because everything is in place.

Lazarous Chakwera
Lazarus Chakwera (C) has had his leadership techniques questioned.

In his words, Mkoko said reports that the MCP is failing to handle some issues because of the suspension and firing of some members are not true as there is no gap in the party.

Asked as to when the party will resolve the matter concerning suspended members Jessie Kabwila and Joseph Njobvuyalema, Mkoko said MCP has got a constitution which guides its leaders in situations like these so they are following procedures and laws of the party.

He further claimed that as a party they gave themselves a month to resolve the issue though the constitution of the party provides six months so when all is done MCP will tell the public about the situation.

“There is a committee which was assigned to handle the matter as of now they are done with the discussion but they have not come to the executive with their final discussion,” said Mkoko

In August, the MCP National Executive Committee led by party president  Lazarus Chakwera fired Salima Central legislator Felix Jumbe from the party for bringing confusions and divisions.

The party also suspended Kabwila and Njobvuyalema after accusing them of indiscipline and of masterminding attacks on its headquarters.



  1. Forget about MCP it is an ISIS,it went with Kamuzu.Where is UNIP in Zambia? Many Malawians lost their lives,properties and jobs.How old are you that you continue supporting a party that will never win but always claime kuti abela mavoti?Wake up!!!

  2. Mwataya ngodya adazisiya Ngwazi Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda, ndipo muzingofera fungo lochokera Ku nyumba ya ufumu anzanu akudya mapwefupwefu. Clean your house first.

  3. Mcp has showed that it is not a family party. Anyone from any region can be elected to the position of president. Unlike this other tea growing club called dpp, without the mutharikas dpp will not survive. Mcp came from kamuzu, then Gwanda from the south, Tembo and now chakwera. While dpps leadership rotates within the lhomwe belt. Komanso enanu musamangoti mcp inapha nduna zitatu, dpp inapha anthu 20 pa 20 july tikuziwa zimenezi. Komanso osaiwala awa anzanu Robert chasowa and Issah njauju anali mavoti anu omwe awa koma nkuwaphanso.

  4. Inu a MCP zaka zimene munalamula zinatikwana kwabasi.Suindimafunanso kumva zachipanichanucho.Mwayesa tayila nduna ziatu ndi MP mozi kumwanza 1983.Alekeni nawo anzanu atilamuleko inu kwan kunatha muzingotsutsa basi tigwirizanapo

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