Strange object falls in Mzimba

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Malawi Magic
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Villagers in Zuwayumo in the area of Paramount Chief M’mbelwa in Mzimba are living in fear after a strange object fell in the area in wee hours of Wednesday.

A voice clip of a woman making rounds on WhatsApp claims that the object fell near a grocery belonging to one community member.

The woman further said the area was littered by money in South African currency Rand after brave villagers burnt the object.

She estimated that the money might be millions in Malawi currency.

Zuwayumo area is recorded as one of the areas in Mzimba where people are travelling to South Africa in large numbers to look for greener pasture. Meanwhile no one has come forward to claim ownership of the object.



  1. In other countries wings of plains, rockets n softwares r the things that fall.What do u expect to fall in Malawi nyanga, cashgate kunyoza.Ndiye kumalawi kumeneko kkkkkkk

  2. Tell them to apply for jobs in Rsa.they are looking for witches and wizards to teach in their schools on a new subject of witchcraft to be introduced soon.

  3. Mmmm! Few years back I saw one kumpanda wina in Lilongwe. It was well pleated. It appeared to have been manually thrown over the fence! Vendetta! Kuopsezana basi! Waste of time!

  4. Yeah, ma comment alipo ndiye Africa imeneyo. Africa ndiyodzanza ndi zinthu ngati izi za ufiti. Za manyazi izizi ngakhale kuchiona ichocho chinthumwacho ndi chonyansa.

  5. What hell is going on in malawi? To ask that sample of stupid question is the same to ask feaces in the toilet that how are these feaces found here?? While you know that this is toilet,its vanity to discard the issue while you see the evidence with your naked eyes,we actually know that the constitutional is runned under the poor people excluding rich ones but parently we all know that witches are there,even in the bible is written.

  6. Ask Thindwa. And if witchdoctors ( e.g Vumbulamayele or Sumbauteka) are failing to identify the owner of ‘chinthumwa’ it means nyanga. or witchcraft is a village tale.

  7. Ufiti uliko ndipo mtundu ulionse kuli ufiti kana tione.koma tisaope opha thupi koma tiope iye opha thupi ndi mzimu ndiye mulungu.

  8. Okondeka Anthu Amulungu zokoma za mziko lapasi ndizosala tiyeni tizimukumbukila ambuye munthawi zonse pazabwino ndi pama mvuto pomwe ndipo ambuye azatidalisa. may God bless you all amen.

  9. Tchimo kuzunza ochita, chiweruzo choyamba ndi chimenecho.Ndalama ndalama mpaka liti? Haaa Haa Ha!

  10. witchcraft iz real since iz one of the famous religion in the world.they believe in their goddess and god.they use margic to show the power of their gods.some of their priest are the ones called asing’anga.pliz consult one of the wicca books to learn more about this religion eg margot adler :drawing down the moon or Llewellyn:everyday witch A to Z.

  11. Shaaa! wichcraft eti? Agogo adandiuza kut usamaende usiku ungadzakumane ndi mfiti.nde lero mukut umfiti kulibe? nde chagwa ku Mzimbacho ndichan?amasuleni anthu asakhalenso ndimantha

  12. Nowadays Ufiti is just like malaria everywhere in Malawi u wil find it and malaria as well,especially u can witness it if you live at your tepical village better off u kayenda town they just pay u a vist on their away to graveyard they don’t harm u but in village what they do its too bad in short ULIPO UFITI WHEREVER U GO IT IS LIKE MALARIA NOW ITS LIKE IT IS TRANSMITED BY MOSQUITO VIA PLASMODIUM TO OUR CHILDREN WE HV TO TAKE OUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS TO WITCHDOCTORS FOR SCANNING,U LL B DISAPPOINTED.that the one u say its child is apilot.

  13. Poti zachitika Ku Malawi ndiufiti. Zikanakhala Ku england timati technology at its best. Ndi lusotu zinthuzi. Mukuphweketsa???

  14. Hahaha witchcrafts are every where not in that #mzimba village im now in Lesotho but what i have realized is that people from #Malawi and #Zimbabwe we are afraid of them hear because of the miracles they perform but even the one who hates one another is a witchcraft

  15. witchcraft exist,the bible is clear on that.Rev.22:15.But those who practice witchcraft says theres no witchcraft.

  16. This is a tricky question. According to Western laws with we use in our constitution. They is no law talks about witchcraft. U need to understand that Africa adopted western Laws. If u look witchcraft evidence is based on (sin’anga). In which sin’anga is not commission of oath. That put the goverment in a critical position not to talk about witchcraft simply the evidence is critical and invisible b4 court to prove guilty. However to us Africans we know that ufiti ulipo. And also in western culture they is satanism and ullimination but we dont have full evidence that it exist.

  17. our colonial master did not believe in this,and pased alaw,contrary to our belief and understanding on this.we need to change this.this is all over africa.i agree witch craft exisit

  18. ZOONA ” MAU AKUTI: ndani amadziwa zachinsitsi ? Nanga ndani angalongotso bwino zinthu zosazidziwa¿? Ine Zonsenzo palibe answer But I now this Let us pray my weapon: ” GOD ‘ we are glad to know that there will always be Bible . There are many people who have never seen They wonderful book . Grant that christian people may send them story from Bible ‘ that all men may learn of thee and learn to true and trust in the!. In Jesus name Emen:

  19. All witches won’t agree that witchcraft does exist as they are part of this dark evil act but one day as your life ends on this planet earth, God will reveal all and punish severely for your sins……. You won’t come out clean.

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  21. No,suzgo mbutesi.imwe mwakwa Zubayumo munasuzgo.pala munthu wasanga makola mukuti nimufwiti.fumbo lane ni uyo ndalama zake zilisowa?uyo ndalama zake za sowa ndiye imwe mwakwazubayumo ukavu winu ndiwo mufwenge nawo.pala munthu wasanga makola kwa Zibayumo mukuti ni fwiti.suzgo lakwa Zubayumo muliwabulutu pera.mukugomezga ku Joni pala Joni yamala nanga?lekani munyinu walikusanga makola muleke kuti nimufwitu.ntchito utesi apa mwakhala.Zimba mulekani mwawanthu munasanje imwe mwakwa zubayumo.vimwembe waka tuuuuuu ku Joni no chochita.tiyeni uko.mlekani Zimba mwavibulutu.

  22. This is my aeroplane please give it the nearest Airport.
    I owns it.

    Best regards!!

  23. ummmmmm witchcraft does exist very much! Its jst dat giving evidence for it is a big problem as it is done in an invisible style.But one day I personaly saw an object(Nyanga) at Mzimba Comunity Radio Station which was believed to have been left in de office by deir former boss.I wished I could’ve taken photos of it but my phon was on holiday.It was de covering of a totoise and dat of a snail.So dese two things were put apart but were connected with a string having some beads.I thing de totoise was representing a moniter & de snail was representing a mouse. And as you can see,both dese two creatures moves slowly.So whenever he could do his incantation,De radio could experience too may problems & it was realy experiencing problems until de object was discovered & de management was changed. So witchcraft doer exist & de embarrasing part is dat its being done even with some sivelised pple.

  24. Kkk yah dat majority. Des z serias if you never seen you cnt allow it if you want to believe sink dem you will c kkk.

  25. Kkk yah dat majority. Des z serias if you never seen you cnt allow it if you want to believe sink dem you will c kkk.

  26. Masiku ano ufiti uli paliponse, palibe zoti uyu mtumbuka, mu yao olo ndani, uona mwana wa m,ng’ono akudelera wankulu ungodziwiratu usapikisane naye akubwelera usiku kuzakukhoma akuti hamala achani akewo

  27. Revelation 22v15 But outside the city are perverts and those who practice magic, the immoral and the murderers those who worship idols and those who are liars both in words and deed.( Kunja kuli agalu ndi anyanga). But the Malawi Govenment say no there is no witchcraft only murderers. Am not surplised this earth people are free to choose what they like in Bible and ignoring what they don’t like. we shall really punished because we jumped over the truth and follow our own desires. for us who are outside Malawi too many people askin same quistions about witchcrafts and they so afraid of Malawians say that we are practice magic. how do they know about this?

  28. Definitely it does exist cause u see yourself with 2 eyes so why u are asking? Zuwayumo is close to my area that’s why our money doses not lasts longer in our pockets

  29. yes it is.. especialy in your country malawi its known for the badest witches ever seconded by nisiye mama.. ba nga ni lowe!!!

  30. Witchcract is there for example two month ago 2 pple in karonga tuerned into this iz nt a trange thing in malawi more espercially in rural areas

    1. Kukhothiku Nako Amati Pasapezeke Munthu Akumunena Mzake Kuti Ndiwe Mfiti Or Mwana Wamzako Asanenedwe Kuti Ndimfiti Ati Ufiti Kulibe Nanga Ameneyo Ndindani? Nanunso Malamulo Anu Ndiofoila Mwamva Eti? Ife Tikuti Ufiti Ulipo Ukukanawe Ndiye Mfitiwe Ifeti Akumatitambila Ife Koma Poti Timatsogoza Mulungu Mfiti Ndipemphero Ndimdani Uyipeza M’mawa Yagwa Abale Wanga Pemphelani Mosalekeza Poti Oipayo Alipafupi Kukuyesani.

  31. Kkkkkk that’s y we call it dead north,its a bunch of most educated pipo but eish magic is ours, anyway it is what it is no one will change it Zuwayumo or the Man

  32. the wizards are saying that it exiists really only that it operates invisibly. ask the wizards about the fallen object , they can tell a full story live about it

  33. Asking the question that witchcraft exist is the same as asking whether sin exists. If there is no witchcraft then there is no sin. If u dont know anything about witchcraft consult the old testament, the book of Exodus, what Egyptians were doing in reaction to miracles from Moses emanated from the dark art. In Mzimba witchraft is like a secondary religion.

    1. Man you have just made my day, especially the last part of your comment ( witchcraft in mzimba is a second religion) in fact the northern part of Malawi mitengo ikanali yonse no wonder

    2. kkkkkkk i am a living victim of the dark art my brother. North has educated pipo but what they believe in is absolute trash, I dont have kind words for fellow northerners on this subject, they descend so low to worship rubbish

    3. Bonwell try to read the rest of the comments, we have already discussed that, Mzimba yanyanya man kkkkkk. Panopa angosandusa chipembedzo. Check on my wall, I have shared the same news

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