26 September 2016 Last updated at: 1:13 PM

Thoko Katimba speaks out on Miracle Chinga’s ‘pregnancy’

Thoko Katimba

Thoko Katimba takes his loved one t the stage.

One of Malawi’s gospel musicians Thoko Katimba has spoken out onwide spread reports  that he once impregnated Miracle Chinga, daughter to the late gospel songbird Grace.

Speaking on Sunday during a live show in front of thousands at Squirrels Park in Mzuzu, Katimba surprised people when he called his fiancée to the stage to deny the pregnancy accusations.

“I want to break all bad rumours that were surrounding you people that I impregnated Miracle,” said Katimba.

When his fiancée joined him on stage he said: “This is my fiancée and if all goes well we are going to wed next year, I was regarding Grace as my sister which means Miracle is my daughter too, how can I do such silly thing,” said Katimba while holding his fiancée.

In the past, there were spreading reports that Miracle was pregnant for Katimba.

The Anaphiri hit maker lost his wife Margaret Katimba in 2013.

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