Osgood, Wilson Masamba hit mark at weigh-in for historic fight

Wilson Masamba

In front of a large, raucous crowd outside Chombe Foods Limited offices in Blantyre, boxers Osgood Kayuni and Wilson Masamba hit for the weigh-in on Thursday to make their fight official.

Wilson Masamba
Masamba sends warning to Kayuni.

The fight, which has been organised by Mulanje Last Boxing Promotion and Chombe Foods Limited, will probably be the biggest bout in Malawi this year considering the rivalry between the Kayuni’s and the Masamba’s in the boxing world.

During the previous fights, Kayuni came out top, defeating his rival twice.

The first fighter to the scale was Kayuni, who was not in the mood to smile before hitting the stage, where he came in at 61 Kgs.

Following Kayuni on the scale, Masamba made his way up to the scale before hitting 61 Kgs as well.

And speaking to the media, Masamba said: “Kayuni’s time has expired. Will show him that his time is over by claiming the victory in front of the multitudes that will come to watch the fight. We are also Soldiers but that won’t stop me from beating him,” he said.

On his part, Kayuni warned his opponent that he will knock him out earlier than expected.

Kayuni ready for the showdown.

“I will repeat what I did to him some time back, I will knock him out, he is making me angry whenever he goes to the press so I will teach him a lesson,” he said.

Chombe Food Limited’ General Manager Gresham Thomas said his company is excited with the hype ahead of the fight and promised to continue sponsoring boxing in Malawi.

“It feels great to be part of boxing in Malawi. As you can see, lot’s of companies are shunning away from sponsoring this sport but as Chombe, we are here to stay and looking forward to the biggest fight on Saturday,” he explained.

With the first part of the weigh-in done, the two boxers moves forward to Saturday for the biggest fight in Malawi.

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