Join ‘banki m’nkhonde’ to reduce poverty – Kaliati tells Malawians

Patricia Kaliati

Minister of civic education, culture, and community development Patricia Kaliati has urged people in the country to involve themselves in village savings and loan groups locally known as banki m’nkhonde.

According to Kaliati, bank m’nkhonde initiatives are helping people in the country especially in rural areas to develop economically.

Patricia Kaliati
Kaliati: Drills women on economic independence.

Kaliati was speaking in Mangochi on Monday when she joined women of Madalitso Women Empowerment group from Mulanje as they were celebrating their group’s one year anniversary.

She said women can make a great impact in the social and economic development of the country hence all women need to join such groups for the betterment of the country.

The minister further said upon joining such groups, women will as well learn from their friends on how they can use available money, how they can keep it and also how they can take care of their families.

In her speech, leader of Madalitso Women Empowerment Esther Namondwe said she has gained more from associating with the other members of the group.

Namondwe added that many women in Mulanje have become independent with the establishment of Madalitso Women Empowerment and similar groups.

She then called on other women in the country to join women groups to become independent and to develop the country.



  1. First is Income Generating Activity IGA,Then savings of the Profits.So if we only consider savings thru Bank nkhonde,automatically the IGA Is Prostetion among our wives.

  2. Mwalemera lemera, mwabere bera boma then now you come up with this to calm down poor people, its now about 10 yrs since this started but nobody benefits frm this, ine ndikanakhala mulungu andale nonse unali wakumalembe basi, anthu osauka apume kunamizidwa

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  4. This is totally nosense people are dying with hungry in the village where are they going to get money for that shit you’re tallking how dare are you with villagers people?

  5. You need to sensitize them first about bank n”khonde and how it operates otherwise telling them to join bandwagon of bank n’khonde is the same like adding flame to the burning fire

  6. mmalawi chilichonse anyoze basi uzayamikila chani iwe,,inde kuli njala koma anthu sakupeza chakudya cha lero? osamangonyoza pa chilichonse ayi ,zimadziwitsa anthu ena kuti zatipeza titakula

  7. Akanadziwa kuti mmidzimu muli ma udani, zibale zinatha chifukwa cha bank mkhonde sakananena. There is need to orient people how to do these things.

    1. Eunice sakumana, zimatheka munthu ngolimbikira bizinezi koma kuti loan ya bank nkhonde interest yake nchimodzimodzi chigoboza, tsono ndalama ya chigoboza supangira bizinezi chifukwa simabizinezi ambiri amawina mwala ku mwala.

    2. Those who are aware zimene zikuchitika mmidzi ndi nkhani za mabankiwa andivomereza, anthu amadziwa kukasungitsa ndalama kenako akakhala ndi vuto ndikukabwereka nkusowa yobwezera that is why i said pple need to be oriented on the issue first rather than just telling them to join, adziwe kaye busness yomwe azikachita.

    3. zoona zinthu sizilibwino kuno kwa Chimunda Malingunde nkamwini walanditsa mbuzi zitatu za apongozi ake chifukwa cha k60,000 ndiye zinazi amangozindikira alankhula anthu ochita bwinowa

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