Cocacola’s Kuphaka life second edition on the cards


The long awaited second season of Kuphaka Life is back in town, the Coca-Cola activations team says.

According to a press statement that Malawi24 has in possession, the event takes places in Blantyre on September 24 at the Blantyre Sports Club.

Unlike last years’ showed which mainly hit colleges in the country, this time around, the fanfare rocks all the cities of Blantyre, Mzuzu and Lilongwe.

At the moment, the organizers have indicated that activations team is going around Townships in Blantyre City recruiting teams that will take part in miscellenous games for the Blantrye event.

‘’ Gearing up for the first fanfare at Blantyre Sports Club, the activations teams have been going around Blantyre from Wednesday registering the would-be participants from Sanjika, Ndirande and Soche Zones.’’


Sanjika Zone includes Chilomoni, Kabula, Sunnyside, Manase and the surrounding areas. Ndirande Zone has Nyambadwe, Chirimba, Chichiri and Ndirande, while Soche Zone will see teams from Chitawira, Naperi, Soche East, Zingwangwa, Kanjedza and other surrounding Townships.’’ A depict of the statement reads.

It adds’’ The activations teams are only registering interested teams to participate in the 5-aside games and we are looking at having 16 teams. After registration from Wednesday to Friday, we will have an elimination process at Blantyre Youth Centre on Saturday, and this is where these teams will be narrowed down to 16,”.

According to Kuphaka Life project coordinator, Talumba Chirwa there are no registration proceeses meant to take place on the dauy.

Chirwa has since indicated that activities for the main events are in four categories, sports which will involve the 5-aside soccer games, flaye, mila and other games that will be added during the days of the events.

‘’There will also be activations that will include interactions with the audience through drinking and eating competitions.’’

The third category is the fashion challenge. Chirwa further explains that the fashion challenge is not a fashion show. “People just have to wear something creative, a combination of red and white colours. It can be formal or crazy but it has to be interesting.

‘’We are going to have raffle draws involving the audiences at these events. Their entry tickets will automatically go into the raffles and three people in each region stand a chance to win a one-year round supply of Coca-Cola just like the winning team,” states Chirwa.

Meanwhile, the organizers say that a music concert which will be spiced up by Home Grown African and Bucci and other yet to be named artists is one of the key activities that will take place.

Home Grown African’s Kuphaka Life theme song that has gone through the able hands of Sonye is slated to premier  today.



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