15 September 2016 Last updated at: 4:19 AM

Karonga council workers in cooler over MASAF money

Karonga Police have arrested seven senior Karonga District Council workers suspected to have plundered money meant for Malawi Social Action Fund (MASAF IV) projects.

Philemon Maseko

Philemon Maseko arrested.

Among the seven include the director of planning and development David Gondwe and director of public works Philemon Maseko who are said to have looted money amounting to MK57 million.

The officials are understood to have used fake names as well as projects to defraud the fund.

Records show that in one area in the district 1,680 people participated in a project but the officials added 450 people to take the number of participants to 2,130.  The participants were getting K7,200 after working for 12 days thus the district council workers got K3.2 million through the ghost workers.

Meanwhile, the police are yet to level charges against the seven officials who are currently in custody.

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