EU to support Malawi’s new land laws

Marchel Gerrman

The European Union (EU) has disclosed its readiness to support the implementation of the newly approved land laws in the country.

EU head of delegation to Malawi Marchel Gerrmann said they are ready to give a hand of help to the law to see it being effective to citizens.

Reacting to reports that President Peter Mutharika has assented to the Land Bills, Germann said the approval of the bills has completed a long awaited reform and will be good news for female farmers in the country.

“EU stands ready to support Gov in implementing the new Land Bills,” wrote Germann on Twitter.

Marchel Gerrman
Gerrman has made the remarks.

The remarks comes at a time when the law is facing hitches as some stakeholders have accused government of not having wider consultations on the matter.

The land bills also sparked controversy in the National Assembly when they were tabled as opposition members walked out of the chamber in expressing anger over the legislations. The opposition legislators argued that the bills are a burden to poor Malawians who are to be paying for their own land.

But minister of lands Atupele Muluzi said the new laws will among other things help Malawians to get loans from banks using their own land, something which he said villagers could not do in the past.



  1. EU is only advancing the New Alliance Agenda. Malawians are not stupid. They know that EU is advancing this agenda through opportunistic organisations. We know that EU gave 1.7 Million Euros to Landnet and Oxfam and that these two organisations are busy supporting this law.God wil panish you!!

  2. If they hav a plan of coming here to buy our land, they hav fail, we don’t want to see a White face here, leave us with our poverty and we as Malawians we can’t allow stupid idea coz of your help. If EU want to help us let them help those who are suffering from hunger not mentioning that useless Land Bill that is why i hate White people demanding something when they want to do something. Idiots

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