Malawians announce death of Trap Squad

Trap Squad
Trap Squad
Trap Squad on to its deaths bed.

The shocking exit of two influential members from the group has made Malawians go ahead and announce the end of Trap Squad even though the surviving members are yet to say a word on the group’s future.

Stitch Fray and Sir Patricks left Trap Squad, a Blantyre based music group yesterday. The duo made separate announcements through their respective Facebook accounts.

Both cited the need to grow independently as basis for their departure. They trashed claims of controversy within the group saying the long established bond of friendship among them still stands amidst the shake-up.

Considering that the departed duo were the group’s flag bearers, there is a wave of doubt among Malawians regarding the group’s survival.

Sir Patricks
Sir Patricks as made a choice for his future.

This is because the remaining members, Chavura and Revolver are less popular based on what people call mediocre fairing in most of the group’s previous songs. Stitch Fray and Sir Patricks follow in the footsteps of Judagaga who silently left the group.

Rumour has it they are on the verge of joining Dan Lu’s newly established record label.

Trap Squad proved its stamina on the local urban music scene with songs like Ngati Mzimbe, Wa ku Blantyre and the undisputed Somebody or Nobody.

Stitch Fray is a reggae dancehall artist who also used to be the group’s producer. He was the most influential member of the group who at times embarked on solo projects. Sir Patricks is an afro sounds maestro whose partnership with Stich Fray in the group’s music added icing on the cake.

The group is managed by top billed video producer Ron CZ who also shot most of the group’s videos. It is not yet clear if he is going to continue managing the group which remains with only two unpopular members.

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