Revealed: Why MCP has hit at Kabwila, Jumbe, others

Lazarous Chakwera

…Chakwera can’t fire me – Jumbe

It is not mere politics that is rocking the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), to have some senior officials being fired and suspended, the party’s leaders, Lazarous Chakwera has named the reasons behind the decisions.

On Thursday, the MCP confirmed the firing of outspoken MP Felix Jumbe and the suspension of ten others including party spokesperson and Member Of Parliament  JessieKabwila and Joseph Njobvuyalema.

According to Chakwera, Jumbe was fired due to conducts of indiscipline within and outside the party.

He says the National Executive Committee (NEC) was following the cases of indiscipline the Salima Central lawmaker kept showing.

Lazarous Chakwera
Lazarous Chakwera at the media briefing.

“The Committee complained of gross indiscipline by Hon. Jumbe,” Chakwera said. He said the Committee then called Jumbe for a hearing three times where the lawmaker allegedly promised to change.

“Seeing no change, the constituency committee resolved that the said Member of Parliament cease to be a member of the Party. When the NEC saw the complaints contained in the letter and the procedures taken by the Committee, they were satisfied by the action taken by the Constituency Committee and thus resolved to adopt their action.” he said to the media in Lilongwe.

Ironically, Jumbe has been criticising the leadership of Chakwera on state owned media.

Jumbe has since indicated that the laws of the party do not give the NEC a mandate to axe members in that manner.

On the part ofKabwila and Njobvuyalema, the MCP leader said their suspension comes in line with the arson plot of the party’s headquarters, as reported by Malawi24 a few days ago.

Malawi24 reported that the foiled plan saw several MCP officials arrested.

According to Chakwera, the two are feared to have been a part of the plot as well.

Felix Jumbe
Felix Jumbe axed from MCP.

“Some people were apprehended here at the MCP headquarters with an intent to “takeover” and/or destroy the Party Headquarters. “When these people were quizzed, they confessed that there were sent by some 5 Party members: some of whom are holding NEC positions, others, ordinary members. Two of the five were Hon. Jessie Kabwira and Hon. Njobvuyalema.” He said.

The others to have also fallen into the ditch include LytonDzombe, ChatinkhaChidzanjaNkhoma, Dennis Nanthumba, Gwazantini and Isaac Jere.

Chakwera says they are all suspended due to their conflicting ideologies which do not go in tandem with the party’s rules. They are also feared to be part of the plot to torch the party’s offices.

ChidzanjaNkhoma has recently taken Chakwera to task in the media by making claims that he (Chakwera) was using the party’s money for the construction of his multi million residence in Lilongwe.

HazamMwale has also been suspended due to ‘indiscipline’.

MCP is still experiencing in-house wrangles as some officials want the party leadership to call for a convention saying they have lost confidence in Chakwera.



  1. I with almost my 3sense organ witnessed Jumbe telling the nation.
    may be the sin I can of agree to have been committed by him was “speaking through MBC.
    otherwise there was nothing more wrong.
    he spoke and I quote
    ” MCP need 40 years in the wilderness just like the Jews from Egypt.
    the 40 years spent cleansed the Jews that the whole folks who left Egypt died in the wilderness.
    this was a deliberate move so that some guys who left Egypt with indiscipline should die land give a chance for young ones who can easily understand democracy lead.

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