Malawian man nabbed for raping, impregnating teenager


Police in Mangochi district are keeping in custody 21 year-old Joseph Elia for raping a 14 year-old girl and impregnating her.

According to Mangochi Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Amina Tepani Daudi, the suspect had been sexually abusing the young girl for three months.

The abuse was revealed on Wednesday when the girl was found at the suspect’s house after running away from her father’s house.

Arrested.After being questioned, the victim revealed that Elia has been sexually abusing her since June this year and he threatened her not to tell anyone about the issue.

She further said that she was pregnant and that is why she was staying with the victim.

Upon hearing the story, the father reported the matter to Chilipa Police Unit in the district and the law enforcers arrested the suspect.

A medical examination at Chilipa Health Centre confirmed that the young girl was indeed 8 weeks pregnant.

The suspect will soon appear in court to answer the charge of defilement which is contrary to section 138(1) of the penal code.

Joseph Elia hails from Nesi Village, Traditional Authority Chilipa in Mangochi district.



  1. Kodi akapeleka mimba chonchi ndiye nkumangidwa nite kuti mwana akabadwa chithandizo chimachokera ku boma?

    Omwe mukudziwa ndiyenkheni mutu wandiima.

  2. 21 to 14 that can’t be rape
    How does they impregnating each if he raped it means both sides they were interested of each other
    Police don’t talk bullshit please
    If you don’t know what is rape gotta be better just shut up your damn mouth
    Each and every case is rape what about all those people killings albinos they not guilty?
    Because you don’t arrest them because they gives full bribes not to investigate what is wrong but only rape because all those people who are raping they don’t have anything to give

  3. Malo molimbana ndi ndalama zinabedwa komanso zikubedwa muboma nde mukulimbana ndi nkhani yopanda Mutui ? Kodi kwa mkazi kuonekera kuti alindi mimba it’s how many days ? Nde mukundiuza kuti nthawi yonseyo makolowo sankadziwa kuti mwana wao akuchindidwa ? Apolisi komanso amakhothi mitu yanu sigwira. Imeneyi si nkhani atulutsidwe mwachangu , munthu ameneyu .

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  5. Akakwiyisana basi athamangire ku Police aziti agwiririra zauchitsiru.Inunso a Police ndinu Mbuzi zenizeni mano kunsi muziyamba mwazitsatira kaye

  6. These stories are becoming order of the day. I think sharia laws (castrating them) can help to reduce the crime. Prison wards & lawyers are most beneficiary to western system of justice.

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  13. anathawa kwamakolo ake which means zinali zogwilizana but poor country poor misuse laws u realy dont understand the difference btwn raping and agreement sexual.kugwilira tsiku loyambilira lomwelo bwenzi atakanena kwawo koma paka mimba lero mukuti laping zaziiiii

  14. Let them be married….no rape here
    If u arrest him make sure u take care of that girl…she will be needing more things for that pregnancy..

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