Miss Blantyre in grand photo shoot today

Miss Blantyre

As the countdown to Miss Blantyre 2016 continues, the facilitating team has challenged beauties from the city to prove their photogenic status in a photo shoot party today at Malawi Sun Hotels.

The photo shooting spree conquers the hotel by the poolside from 8:30AM to 4:00PM. Ladies from Blantyre are therefore being invited to be part of the photography session.

This makes part of preparations for the Miss Blantyre beauty contest slated for 4th September at Comesa Hall. As such, it will be used as a platform for interested parties to realise their potential in modeling.

“Through this photo shoot, most ladies will discover their potential in modeling and those willing to contest for Miss Blantyre will be registered,” said Vanessa Mdhuli who is the Fashion Officer for the pageant.

Miss Blantyre
Miss Blantyre models last year.

Information provided to this publication by the organisers indicate that the photo shoot is limited to ladies so that it tallies with its area of focus for this year, the girl child in school. In this respect, the female models are expected to inspire girls to go to school.

According to Miss Blantyre Chairperson Daniel Ngwira, the Saturday shoot will benefit aspiring models as they will conduct short modeling clinics which will help them understand what modeling is about and the core values of the Miss Blantyre Pageant.

“By the time we will audition Miss Blantyre Contestants in September, we will have given them all thorough training and allow everyone an opportunity to discover something special about them. This way, our auditions will be so fair and merited,” said Ngwira

This year the contest returns hotter and better. Last year’s winner Chisomo Machero has two months left before surrendering her crown to another beauty but it is a question of who is it going to be? Follow updates on Malawi24, the official information disseminating media body on the pageant.

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