‘Malawians have too much love for money’ US Embassy worried

Edward Monster

Despite being served with tasty foods and being given luxurious rooms to rest in, Malawi civil servants are reported to have been boycotting trainings due to lack of allowances.

The Embassy of United State of America (USA) to Malawi has bemoaned the act of demanding allowances by public servants arguing that the trend is affecting donor funded projects.

Speaking on the local press, Malawi US embassy public affairs officer Edward Monster said most civil servants are shunning workshops and trainings that have no allowances.

“Many public servants are boycotting trainings because they don’t get allowances and this is affecting implementation of some projects in the country especially [in] the health [sector],” said Monster.

Edward Monster
Edward Monster says the trend is worrisome. (File)

He further urged the civil servants to embrace the spirit of dedication to donor projects despite allowances not being attached arguing that the country will still remain stuck in many sectors.

Reacting on the development, Malawi government through the ministry of health has described the development as a “serious” issue which needs to be addressed.

Principal secretary for the ministry of health Macphail Magwira urged authorities to take down the development that has been labelled as an “embarrassment” to the country.

However, health workers in the country have insisted that organisers of workshops should be giving them allowances even when the organisers pay for food and accommodation.

The workers have argued that the accommodation being given is far expensive than just giving them money to take care of themselves.



  1. can someone up their especially at capital hill give sense into these azungu. I believe someone is misleading them. The point is, mathematically,, they can save more money in giving us the so called allowances than full-board, simple.

  2. American embassy pple work freely,they dont have love for allowance!!!!??? are you serious?so you want free meetings,!!who on earth dosent li,ke monèy,America attacks other countries because of moeney ..

  3. Stupid remarks,,,,,, which is expensive paying someones accommodation at 80 thousand or giving him 20 thousand kuti azionere yekha,,,,, ife thangata takana,,,,,, ngati mwatopa yalurani mphasa

  4. We receive peanuts. Allowances r there 4 motivation. No allowance implementation becomes difficult. Poor pple r to suffer believe me.

  5. mzungu ubwere kuno kwa Mphetekere, Chinsapo,Naotcha,Mbayani udzaone mmene timakhalira uzadziwa kuti tikufunika allowance yochuluka inu mwazolowela ku Area 10, 12,3,Nyambadwe kapena Namiwawa


  7. Fuck U Motherfucker U Fuck White Men,thats Bull Shit,fuck Donaz Fuck Ur Illuminat Blood Money Thats Fake & Go To Motherfucker Hell,fuck U Lucifer ,kufila Ngati Tomato Machende Ako Ukuona Ngati Mbuli If Eti?Kukula Mopusa,xxiiii Zandinyasa Ngakhale Sindimakhala Ku Malawi Bt Stl Am A Citzn Fuck U

  8. Fuck U Motherfucker U Fuck White Men,thats Bull Shit,fuck Donaz Fuck Ur Illuminat Blood Money Thats Fake & Go To Motherfucker Hell,fuck U Lucifer ,kufila Ngati Tomato Machende Ako Ukuona Ngati Mbuli If Eti?Kukula Mopusa,xxiiii Zandinyasa Ngakhale Sindimakhala Ku Malawi Bt Stl Am A Citzn Fuck U

  9. In short he could say Malawians are too corrupt,not love if money,Malawi is a 1stcorrupt county on this planet

  10. In short he could say Malawians are too corrupt,not love if money,Malawi is a 1stcorrupt county on this planet

  11. You want them to like what because even you American’s you want money one way or another?????? Your brother came with a gun &bible you came with money you are the west…

  12. Most of the pp commenting on the news article are screaming instead of offering counter arguments and alternatives that address the “cancer of allowance culture” eating into our economy causing fraud, corruption, and going to workshops for money not the core business.

    Suggesting you shud be paid allowances coz hotels are expensive or u are mature pp does not address how to deal with the “allowance cancer” which is the basis of the donor argument. Most of these donors by the way operate on full board except the UN. They are not speaking something they do not do. Do ur research well. It will do u well to argue with facts not screams.

  13. Working in civil service is like doing volunteers’ work. Salary is too little to make earns meet. Civil servants survive either on those allowances or thank you tips.

  14. The first question is to know the purpose of allowances during workshops. Are allowances for accommodation and food, and if everything will be paid by the donors, what will be the difference in serving money, if the donors talk human rights then people have to exercise accordingly. In contrast, if the planners of workshops do so for the purpose of just getting money, then there should be a problem. For instance, when workshops are conducted in rural to the communities the planners say people should not think of allowances but skills attained from the workshops. Now it means nobody will get them but to make the owners of lodges rich because previously people could fast at workshops in order to get the left overs home.

  15. Zamkutu.! The Bills You Pay 4 Food And Accomation To Expensive Hotels,u Beta Give It To The Participants To Look 4 Their Own. I Tell U They Will Appreciate,

  16. we dont want thangata system here in malawi, if it is so then dont call us for a workshop. we malawians are not fools & slaves, you know what, work as you earn so if you insist not to give allowances we will ignore your workshops and we are not to implement your new strategies thats all

  17. Ife ndi Osauka, School timaphuzira pansi pa mtengo, timadya phala mmawa ndiye mukutikakamiza hotel lero, za kunja kwanuko ife ayi, tidazolowera ku Chigwiri, Lunzu ndi Luwinga ,savings! Savings!

  18. We are poor, our salaries pathetic, how can I sleep in a 4 Star Hotel eating full breakfast when my family are sleeping on empty stomach? No fees for my Children? Address the source of the problem first before accusing us Civil Servants! Even in America welfare of Civil Service its a priority!

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  20. I doubt even if these people who are pushing this have attended a full board workshop before..will stick to our guns sitiinva.which is better eg workshop ya 7 days kukupatsa K140,000 chakudya uzikagura wekha and kumagona ku hotel/lodge in the name of full board which room per night is K58,000 excluding food for 7 days?theses people are out of senses….all they need is TAX in those expensive hotels…musova

  21. There is no way l can be invited for a workshop from a rural area and be told to sleep in high class hotel in town which has got a minimum charge of 80 thousand per night thus just for single room and breakfast for five days excluding lunch and supper while l have used the last penny l had from my less than a hundred thousand salary l get per month in my house leaving my wife with nothing at home. By the end of the day you say we have provided you the knowledge thats nonses! Knowledge can be gained even if you teach us under the tree along the road or even if we sleep at Chigwiri in Likuni then tommorrow we attend a class at a certain primary school in lilongwe we can still gain the knowledge you claim. Who told you that if one sleeps at a hotel he or she becomes more intelligent? Don’t give them allowances they dont need allowances but just give them the money that you pay for the hotel so that they search a place to sleep for themselves provided they come for class the following day thats your business period! If one do not come for class yet he got the money then displine him not the nonses which is being talked. We are poor we don’t need a beautiful place to sleep but only knowledge to improve the health of the nation and money to feed our families. A Magwiranso nanu mudziona zinthu zomaopsezera anthu inu ndi zopusa zomwe ngati izi? A Martha Kwataine mungapange attend meeting ya ulele osasainila sitting allowance ku ntchito kwanu inu? Si aja mumadzipatsa ma allowance without even attending any meeting inu? Huh! Chili kwamzako mkumati chigwire nyanga! Mulungu adzakulangani ndima coment anu abodza aja inu.

    1. This called white people if they see a black person is coming up with a good mind they don’t be happy as a result they come up with some decisions that can make a black person to be fool coz always they don’t want we blacks to get better in our life more over are one of the people who are bringing problems in Africa

  22. Mbama Mbama!!,ali Pansi Bas Musiyen.Wayakhula Zamanyi Kasalary Ndikosa Kwana Kudula Kuyambira Ku Bnk Mumuuze Kut Azake Akufa Tatopa Ndimavuto Ife.

  23. Ur the most disgraceful person ever heard we work for money that you must know and your in here coz of mtereshede so you want US to live in poverty for the sect of pleasing you., you go to. Hell


  25. Money ixikhala pa thumba kumene iwe umati munthu azikataya nthawi ndi Ma workshop wosalipidwa mmalo mokapanga zaphindu kwina?? STUPID MMZUNGU with your stupid remarks are those allowances from your pocket? did you come here on voluntary basis? you can go back to your country we don’t need your MATHANYULA workshops here. DICK HEAD

  26. We love money but what God said must be done, eat your own sweat not someone’s. People of my nation God will never say a lie turn away from this evil nature.

  27. Kukonda ndalama kusakonda ndalama zonse zangofanana.. Mukanakhala amzelu Mr Ambassador mukanangopanga follow up ma donetion anu mukupelekawo kuti akupita kuti????

  28. So u want them to love u?..& u must fuck on their back?..this is an insult if u dont polish-up your sppeech!..who do u think in this world work for nothing?..ohoo bcz Mlwians r knwn to b patients then u want to take advantage of us neh?..if ukanakhala pafuppi ndikanakupatsa mbama uzungulire katatumwina nzeru zingabwereko mmutumo,mbuzi!

  29. if you dnt love cash money u cn stay broke..keep shunning the wrkshops civil servants..de donors who organize dis wrkshops r stinky rich n they r stingy..they dnt wnt pipo to change n improve economically..fuck u donors!!u wnt us to wrk fo u for free wt yo so called devilish projects n make us remain stuck whr we r nw..whts da point of sleepin in a hotel fo 5 dys n go bck home empty handed…

  30. So who doesn’t love money?do you want them to work for nothing?if so then tell us Thangata wasn’t abolished back in the days,it was just a refurbishment of modern day slavery.and to you the so called ambassador,would you have allowed your government to deploy you here for nothing?don’t talk shit

    1. shame on you! modern slavery has brainwashed ur already low IQ? Emancipate yourself from mental slavery,.. the surname.. Jere.. thats where ur problems are originating from.. northerners! i dont get you.. no wonder kamuzu hated you guyz to shit,Bakili Muluzi again had nothing to do with you mbwenumbwenu guyz.. thank DPP,they are playing fair.. to hell with ur poliomylitic brains!

  31. Which one is expensive, paying hotel charges or allowances? You donor have just become stubborn. What is your business in the hotels or lodges? I am also putting question marks over your insistence.

  32. if you don’t like money why you came here in malawi to work ? ur government send u to earn ur living for u n ur family so stop talkng damn shit this is our country .

  33. Donors must stop to donate financially or materially because the poor people are not getting the aid when sent the donations are enjoyed by people who call themselves politicians,they are bastard criminals

  34. I have never received an allowance of any kind save for my monthly wage, but to come in and say that to an underpaid malawian servant is a miles an insult.

  35. Those are stupid remarks! Iwowo amalandira ma salary akuluakulu komaso amalandira m’ma dollars kwacha ikamagwa ndalama zawo zimakhalanso zambiri. Civil servant salary yake ndi mavuto komanso imatha isanalowe ndi ku account komwe and then they are here talking bullshit!

  36. Ameneyo Ndiye Mmalawi Amene Ndimamudziwa….. Kukonda Ndalama 2much…. Sadziwa Kupeleka Koma Kulandila… Even Kulima Misewu Ya Mdela La Kwao, “Uwamva Tilandile”… Chitukuko Cha Xul, Uwamva “yamchere”…….

    1. mwayankhula koma zina kumazimvetsa full board akunenayo inuyo simukuimvetsa eg Inuyo akuitaneni ndikuuzani mukhala 5days trng azunguwo wosakonda ndalamawo ndikukulipilirani K150 000 kumatsa wa malo ochitira trng pakutha 5days iweyo amene ukagwire ntchito akukuza thank U for attending the trng . 5days coming with athank U yet a business person got over K150 000 yet u r going to deliver and remain poor and businessman u can see the balance ,

    2. machende ako mphawi iwe udzafa osauka choncho ndi m’ bale wako opunduka ndi mbolo yomweyo!!! bolani ife timafunapo zathu,nanga iwe what can you claim? from who? fucken za a mako zosakhwimazo

    3. Nkhani Yake Ndiye Iti Yotukwanilayo? Koma Uli Ndi Umunthu Iwe? Mmmmmmm I Hope Mulungu Adangolakwisa Kukulenga Kut Ukhale Munthu Koma Umayenela Atakulenga Mgulu La Agalu Achiwewe.

  37. Allowances are demanded because Malawi civil service has the lowest salaries in Africa so salaries. You should find out why b4 you speak muzungu iwe.

    1. Which is source of cash? Is it not tax payers money? Who pays tax? Who mus pay tax. Do you pay tax? When you import your goods, do you pay tax levy? When you drive a car on the road, do you pay tax for driving recklessly?

    2. My brother Joseph are you asking me these questions? If you are asking me I am a civil servant my tax is equivalent to salary for a primary teacher, I buy a car from Japan I pay castom more than the price at which I bought the car, most of goods you buy inalawi there is tax

    3. It is not about paying taxes here but the rationale for their insistence. There is no sense in their logic. We all pay taxes as alluded to by Samson Shaba.

  38. Za uchitsiru… mwatitola eti.. Who do u think u are.. US Embassy is the most stupid office malawi can do without…. We hv real partiner CHINA in malawi. Everyone these days is heading to the East where China, Russia, Iran, India and other nations of good intentions..Agalu amenewa they think they are super powers and that we shiuld be dancing to their stupid tunes….. Everyone including these idiots at US embassy love money.. Dont fool us…. U come here to fool us that our civil service is too big and this is ballooning our wedge bill inu anyani eti……. Idont see anything inthis country tangible done by US… except funding some CSOs to decampaign any gvt inthe name of Democracy consolidation. Fools. Munatibera ma resources kuno ku Africa thru slave trade we hv built Newyork and today u shamelessly pretend you dont love money.. YES WE LOVE MONEY BECAUSE WE WANT TO DEVELOP LIKE U….. BY THE WAY DO U KNOW THAT THRU FULL BOARD MEETINGS U ARE JUST TANSFERING WEALTH FROM THE POOR TO THE RICH( HOTEL & LODGE OWNERS). THERE BY MAKING THE GAP BETWEEN THE RICH AND THE POOR MORE WIDE. How do u expect acivil servant getting k 30, 000 to survive in 31dys of amonth and meet all the cost and yet u expect him/her to participate fully @ FULL BOARD MEETINGS….???????….. PLIZ LEAVE US ALONE…SIFE AMITHULO KUTI TIZIPITA KU HOTEL MKUMADYA SOSEJI CHONSECHO KUNYUMBA KULI MASAMBA….UKHWIRI/USAVI…..?? NO ALLOWANCE NO MEETING PERIOD!

  39. Sakunama komaso sanamalize waiwala dyera, khwidzi, kuipa mitima kwa atsogori komaso kusakonda dziko lathu popanga chitukuko ndi ndalama amatigawirazo. Malawi sadzasitha ngati mitu yathu sikusitha maganidwe otukula dzikoli.

    1. dont be cheated my broo our country will never change jst coz we have got nothing in our country those development country you hear about they have got lots of things like gold,mines oil etc while in malawi nothing so dont expecting anything to change broo

    2. Its not that we don’t have nothing bt we mis use the resources we have and our readers they put their life first before their citizen and when they want to take money out of 10 they can take 7 to there pockets while the whole country is waiting for the same money, how can our country goin to change? One man is rich than the government. Oxpaxcey?

  40. Masten akuthoka manyi..chinamupangitsa kusiya dziko lakwao ndi chani iyeyo. ngati sakonda ndalama..watiiwara eti poti Bingu anatisiya ndiye mwatasa? #TIMATCHA

  41. Please abolish this full board system chifukwa akulemera ndi eni ma hotel omwe adalemera kale.Mwina boma likukakamira full board chifukwa anthu sazikagona ku hotels ndi msonkho uzichepa

  42. who doesnt know that money is an incetive…educated savages…ine ndiye sindima pitako……or mutikakamize ma training onse a full board are not being implemented….now TB programme is doing better coz we get money……village clinics akuchitanso bwino….Im worried with HIV unit mbola

  43. Who doesnt love money? How can one survive without money? Thats stupid remarks. These white people are taking black people as their scapegoats,why?

  44. Please tell them,(the ones who are demanding allowances)they are extremely mad.The majority of citizens are sleeping with empty stomach,No clean water,no medicines.in fact just let them go and choose the ones who are serious to attend your workshops

  45. Asaone ngati timuombera m’manga chifukwa chakuti ndi mnzungu and kwawo ndi Ku States, wayankhula #zausilu……bwatabwata phuuu!……..who doesn’t love money,he is just speaking with his mouth but inside its just the opposite of his speech.
    Stop taking chances on Malawians……eti Azunguwanso ndi awusilu.

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