Malawi Urban artists star at Carlsberg Urban music legacy concert


…Fredokiss send fans into frenzy with Zausilu

Urban music loving fraternity stormed the College of Medicine in Blantyre on Sunday where they got nothing but absolute entertainment from trending urban music artists at the Carlsberg Urban music legacy concert.

Around 15:00 hours, DNA whose Mukandipepesela piece still enjoys airplays on the country’s radios and television stations, went on the stage.

Fredokiss with Martse sends fans into frenzy with Zautsilu.

He came before Bucci, Saint, Malinga Mafia and Nesnes.

Straight the from Akazanga hit maker Saint, the mic headed to Malinga Mafia and his Levels hit could not be contained by the patrons who cheered him throughout.

After that it was Nesnes’ who started his day on stage performing Wanga Ndiwe and the seemingly jam packed hall went into ecstasy.

This time around, the sun was almost setting and patrons were still trekking in numbers.

Mafo, fresh from South Africa came calling. He lashed onto the stage wearing a striped shirt before he was joined by Nyasa B performing satirical Gwirani, a song that laughs at men that fear to ask out ladies. The song got nothing but massive reception.

Man of the moment Blaze new people’s vocal cords awaited to sing along to the Mwini Zinthu hit just after his step on the stage met the chants. He performers the verse he did in Bayuum Thii and Neighbour’s daughter.

Blaze kills Mwini Zinthu on stage.

Theo Thomson followed up and his song Maybe Tomorrow mesmerized the patrons.

But the new hot bromance, having starred in Zautsilu, Fredokiss and Martse sent the crowd into the frenzy performing the hit song. They were at some point joined by The Dare Devils.

Piksy, Blackjak, King Chambieco, Hazel Mak and Dan Lu sealed the show in style at 20:46 hours.

Some patrons Malawi24 spoke to hailed Carlsberg for organizing the show.

The company organized the concert to promote local music so that Malawian art sells to the outside world.




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