Mbendera’s death a great loss – MEC

Justice Maxon Mbendera

The country’s electoral body Malawi Electoral Commission has described the death of Justice Maxon Mbendera as a great loss to the country saying he will be remembered as a man who played a crucial role in the electoral system of the country.

Speaking during the burial ceremony of late Mbendera, Commissioner Mastern Foster Moffat Banda said the electoral body is mourning due to the untimely and sudden departure of their beloved chairman.

He said that Justice Mbendera was an accomplished lawyer and a renowned Judge of the Supreme Court, but he also had a higher calling to serve as chairman of the Malawi Electoral Commission.

“We were all looking up to him to provide leadership, mentorship and guidance as we lay a foundation for 2019 elections. But suddenly that person, that fountain of wisdom is gone. We mourn with you,” said commissioner Banda.

Justice Maxon Mbendera
Mbendera is being mourned.

He further said that Justice Mbendera was a man of faith and a believer in God and in meetings he would always make reference to the word of God.

“We know that the Bible says leaders come from God but what great an honour it is to be trusted by God to manage such a process,” Banda told the gathering.

According to commissioner Banda, the name of late justice Mbendera will go down in the history of democracy and elections in the country as the first Chairperson to have presided over the first Tripartite Elections in Malawi in May 2014.

“Malawi never had Tripartite Elections and no one could boast of experience in handling such magnitude. We all witnessed the firm leadership he provided during the period to the extent that now we boast of holding a credible Tripartite Election,’ Banda said.

The late Justice Mbendera (SC) was appointed chairman of the Malawi Electoral Commission on 10 October 2012. His term of office was due to end on October 9 this year.

Mbendera died on Thursday 18th August after collapsing while on duty in Lilongwe. The remains of late Mbendera were laid to rest on Saturday 20 August at HHI cemetery in Blantyre.



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