Dedza Police conduct accidents awareness campaign


Police in Dedza district have conducted road safety awareness campaigns as one way of reducing accidents in the district.

Deputy police publicist in the district constable Cassim Manda said the awareness meetings are a response to the rise in number of road accidents in the district.

Dedza Police statistics show that the district has from January this year registered 22 fatal accidents which have claimed 24 people lives.

Mrs Emmie Soko, Senor Assistant Commissioner of Police speaking to the community.

Four of the 24 accidents occurred in successive days at Kalinyeke and led to the death of seven people.

Manda said most of the accidents occurred due to overspeeding on the part of drivers.

The police publicist however hailed the meetings saying they will help road users to follow the Highway Code and in so doing reduce accidents that have occurred often in the district.

He then condemned the tendency to justify the occurrence of accidents as something which the victims had to experience and could not avoid, yet road accidents can be avoided.

“I don’t know where this definition came from as we are all aware that when we talk about the accidents we are talking of unexpected event with negative consequences occurring without the intention of the one suffering the consequences,” said Manda.

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  1. Ena amawaza sopo wa boom kuti galimoto zizitelera. Zikagwa abemo katundu. Izi ati zikuchulukira maboma a ntcheu ndi dedza maaka usiku.

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