18 August 2016 Last updated at: 6:40 AM

Two arrested for having fake Rands in Malawi

Themba Nyirenda Bernard Nyirenda


Two people have been arrested at Dedza border for possessing fake South African Rands.

The fake Rands amounted to R19, 000 (K1.1 million) and the two wanted to use the currency to steal from South Africa bound Malawians passing through the border.

District police spokesperson for Dedza constable Cassim Manda confirmed the arrest on Wednesday.

Manda identified the two as 46 year-old Themba Nyirenda and 41 year-old Bernard Nyirenda, both from Chiyona-Nyirenda village in the area of Paramount Chief M’mbelwa in Mzimba district.

Police suspect that the men wanted to exchange the forged notes with Malawian currency from Malawians going to South Africa who pass through Dedza border.

Meanwhile the two have been charged with the offence of importing or possessing forged notes.

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