Zambezi youths urged to focus on entrepreneurship

Zambezi Evangelical Church
Zambezi Evangelical Church
Zambezi Evangelical Church youths at the event.

Zambezi evangelical church youths have been urged to prioritise business and employ themselves considering the economic tight corners that the country is passing through in the present generation.

The Zambezi Evangelical Church Fellowship of Youth (FOY) were having a four day national youth conference over the weekend at Salima secondary school in the same district where they were imparted with knowledge on different sectors of life including entrepreneurship.

Speaking on the topic he facilitated, Chairman of the trustees in Zambezi Evangelical Church Friday Jumbe urged the youth to realise that empowerment starts with the ones to be empowered.

He said every Christian youth should strive to work hard to remain exemplary to others. He also equipped the youths with knowledge on how they can succeed with their business, saying young people must plan, identify the market, promote their product, work hard, and manage finances properly.

Felix Jumbe
Friday Jumbe drilled the youths.

Jumbe added that a responsible citizen starts at a youthful stage and further advised the youth to avoid developing a dependency syndrome. Speaking later in an interview with our reporter, Jumbe said it is an aspiration for the youth to be lectured by people who are doing business.

“Youths are important members and when they are empowered, youths must be able to have self-confidence and believe that they have something to contribute to this country, to the nation, and to their life regardless of their background,” Jumbe said.

One of the participants Mphatso Mdzukulu from Michiru Zambezi Evangelical Church said the topic entrepreneurship was necessary for it helps to equip the youth not to rely on being employed.

This year’s annual event which was being celebrated under the theme “Unless the Lord builds the house” from proverbs 127 vs 1 saw several other people such as Pastor Sozera, Mr and Mrs Kautsi, and Pastor and Mrs Chikwana addressing the youth.


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