Bingu’s dreams in the dark: Malawi to meet Mozambique over Nsanje port this month

Nsanje World Inland port
Nsanje World Inland port
Malawi meets neighbors Mozambique over this project.

The Malawian minister of transport and public works Mallison Ndau is this month expected to meet his Mozambican counterpart to discuss the way forward on the Nsanje Port project.

The Nsanje Port has stalled for years but Ndau says the port will now be completed after a feasibility study showed that the project is viable and profitable to the whole SADC region.

According to Ndau, the meeting also follows commitment by both the Mozambican government and the Common Market for East and Southern Africa (Comesa) to have the port completed.

Malison Ndau
Malison Ndau reveals of the meeting.

“We have been having discussions with our counterparts in Mozambique over the Nsanje port which has been uncompleted for years now because the Mozambican government was not in favour of the development.”

“Now there have been very good development as the state president, Peter Mutharika, earlier this year met the Mozambican president on the matter and the other exciting thing is that Sadc and Comesa have shown interest to have the port completed,” said Ndau.

He assured all Malawians that contrary to what other people have been thinking and saying, the port will start functioning soon and he added that the port is a viable development in the SADC region.

The port remained one of the dreams late Malawi President Bingu wa Mutharika kept saying needs to come true to help Malawi’s economy.

73 thoughts on “Bingu’s dreams in the dark: Malawi to meet Mozambique over Nsanje port this month

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  2. how many times have these people negotiating and tell what kind of results have they brought on the ground? so dont cheat us we are not fools.

  3. joice banda ndamene analakwsa xin2 cos it injected 6 inches nail on dat port nt 2 b opened n now she z out dere kukhomelela tings lyk those,,,,n malawian politics z about making ur frnd look a failure nt developing our country tkanakhala nd mtma ngt wa bingu tita2kuka nd2,,,,kma vuto la amaawi tmafuna tkangola msogoleri tilemere n aliyese akangotenga xiko lamalawi amapexeka mu top 5 ya an2 olemera mu africa y,,,,,,cnga2kuke amalawi,,,,i put de blame on joyce banda

  4. Tidauzidwa kt a president APM akasekulira doko limenelija akatenga boma 2014.Ndiye tikudikirabe 2014 sidakwane kkkkk.’The dreamer is dead’

    1. Not to open but to continue the project kungoti kumvesasa kunkakuvutani achimwene. komanso project itatheka sipindulila peter kungoti amalawi kusowa chikondi ndikupanda maso mphenya kuteroko ukuona ngati zitatheka ndiye kuti atchuka iwe usika. Ine kumva chisoni ndi anthu amaganizo opepela monga iwe p

  5. This z meaningless ma Nigga try t again otherwise ur just beggin swearing words from Niggaz & I lyk Mws this ere i belong no matter wat

  6. Who is the loser? Is it not us who are living? That port is for us Malawians not the late Bingu(may his soul rest in peace at Ndata farm). Learn to be patriotic, there is no sense of patriotism in your reporting. If you dont know there is a thick line between national development and political development. We may not progress with this type of reporting. I am only a concerned citizen, mark my words! CONCERNED I aM.

  7. Ine ndikanakonda kuti pasakhale kukambirana kulikonse pa nkhaniyi koma boma la Mozambique lichotse njanji yao ija azipita nayo kwao. Anthu amenewo anatipanga chipongwe kwambiri and I dont see any good reason why giving them a permision kumanga njanji kudutsa mdziko lathu. Zinandiwawa bwanji! If I were Peter Mutharika, I could not have accepted that, unless that Nsanje project is done, then I would accept it.

  8. This port issue must be discussed at Presidential level and not on Ministerial level its so sensitive in nature, otherwise its workable.

  9. In dark?who told you?Mozambique is transporting thr coal thru rail via Malawi to Nacala ndiye u think we cant have that port functioning?shame on you Malawi 24

  10. Even Suez Canal went through turbulent negotiations and encounters before it was lastly finished. Nsanje port will one day see the light, this is a project every Malawian should yearn to see started. If you have trouble with it and you are a Malawian then you are a stupid lot but if you have trouble with it but you are a Tanzanian, South African or Mozambican you are a normal person and I understand you quite well, I’m only sorry for you because our time has come.

    1. Zoona my bro osusa akumalawi r too stupid amasusa ngakhale kuwafusa kti manyi nsima ungasankhe chani umva asankha manyi.

    2. Brilliant comment Willes,every Malawian is supposed to be happy with this project,thus one of the way we can grow our economy!

    3. I Bear With U My Dear.U R One Of My Calibre,people Who Think So Deeply.Lets Appreciate Where It Neccesistates.Big Up .

  11. Apa ndiye ungofuna uononge ndalama za boma iwe peter mkulu wako uja anangoononga ndalama pomanga chithu chimene chija mumachiti doko la nsanji and mpaka lero palibe mmalawi amene anganene kuti chikumupindulira stop dream that .

    1. Mmmm..Nanunso..aononga bwanj?..chinthu Chinatha kale..,kkk,palibe chomwe mukudziwatu—remove bad mind upon..peter ndi M’bale wake…Siolakwa…koma Mozambique..ndiye ya jealous..ikufuna izitiberabe..poma user port yakwao……..NEVER GIVE UP…its wen u can prosper brother

    2. Nanuso palibe mukuziwa bingu chimangire doko la ku nsanji patha zaka zingati nanga ndi ndalama zingati zomwe zinalowa pomanga dokolo nanga ndi phindu lanji lomwe likutuka kudokoko nanga ndi amalawi angati omwe akupindula ndi dokolo guyz tazichangamukani tym zina

    3. Iyi ndi mbuzi yamunthu faz kulimbana naye mungochedwanaye. ukuona ngati kumanga port ndi one yr project. Ungokhala chete palibe chomwe ukuziwa zasogolo la doko limeneli ife tili pano kudikila kuti lizatheke kaya ndi 50 yrs no problem tikuziwa kuti likazatheka malawi sazavutikanso monga tikumuonela lelomu

  12. Uhave rightly said that malawi and mozambique are about to meet to discuss. And u say the dream is in dark. Where is the darkness here???


    Nothing forcibly strikes than the faces of TPLF officials – faces imbued with guilt and the haunting reality of an imminent coup, that CAN no longer be soothed by the hyperbolic gestures of the dreaded security apparatus nor by anxieties of the West.

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    That implies, if we collapse the two syntax into one premise (i.e. seeking glorification vs. pursuing a syllabus rendered with revisionism, so as to distort the origins of a socio-political sectarianism), something that pervades across the entire landscape of this country, then don’t be surprised to see many ethnic stocks taking arms and refusing to be sucked into the “Abyssinian” myth, and according to European scholars, this term “AITHIOPIA” coined from GREEK NEW TESTAMENT around 1600 AD, only beguiles with a self-negation to the nth degree, and it basically refers to black people (AITHO = burn and OPS = face), and you can be forgiven of thinking “Abyssinians” as friends of Black people, historians have documented it very well, in stating [you cannot make menelik to be proud of his blackness. Menelik dismissed it in public, and he told the whole world that he is Caucasian, not black], please refer to Menelik’s circular letter.

    In the same manner that hunger and starvation of the innocent civilians paid a price for and continue to do so (EVEN TODAY) at the behest of the AID’S-ABABA’s Successive corrosive regimes, and neither should it be unappetizing the cronies of the TPLF), asking vaingloriously European investors to emphasize falsity above the truth (i.e. see the world through the lens of us), then the seismic eruptions spilling over to your TV screens is indeed an opportunity to demand the relocation of the African Union Seat from the site of mass grave of innocent Oromo Civilians and Amhara, where African leaders meet at various levels year-around, without the least obituary for those fellow African Victims.

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    Gudbi Fariinta, A Liberty Report

  14. Mwinako Malawi ndikuyima palokha pazina isamangodalila anzathu chinachili chonse

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