Man gets 7 years for stealing a blanket, flour and zitenje


The Ntchisi First Grade Magistrate’s Court has convicted and sentenced
a 40-year-old man to six years imprisonment with hard labour for house
breaking and theft.

CourtThe court heard that the convict Shandacha Ndalira on July 11 2016 at
Kapiri Village in the district broke and entered into the house of
Philemon Kampala and stole one blanket, 25 kilograms of maize and four
wrappers (zitenje).

The convict pleaded guilty to the charges of house breaking and theft.
Passing judgement, First Grade Magistrate Yohane Banda said the
offender deserve a custodial sentence to deter other would be

Ndalira comes from Mbewa Village in the area of Traditional Authority
Chilooko in Ntchisi.



  1. I think ma Judge mudzilodzedwano komanso mudziyenda mosamala once we catch u watha! Wina waba ndarama zomwe amvutika ndi anthu ochuluka mukumuuza 2 yrs wina wabera munthu modzi u say 7 yrs manyazi mulibe?!

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  3. Our criminal justice system is a joke. No consistency at all. It is steeped against poor people and in favor of rich people. Kuba Nkhuku, zitenje, njinga zosakwana ndi K1 million yomwe one is given 7 years jail term. Kuba K60 million in cashgate kupatsidwa 3 year jail term. What nonsense is this? Where is this country is going? To the dogs? Are these magistrates not ashamed? Do the magistrates and judges have bosses or supervisors? This is shameful. A failed state indeed!

  4. Pliz I don’t understand these magistrates anymore, how can this poor man be sentenced to 7 good yrs just because he stole simple things like these while ministers and MP’s are being charged months for stealing billions??? Chinapita kuti chilungamo my fellow Malawians? God pliz save my mother land

  5. Zochitika padzikoli zikukomera achuma njiratu zawo mzotetezedwa palibe choti alabade olo ngakhale aphe munthu mawa mumva kuti atuluka olo ngakhale abe chuma mumva kuti zilibe umboni

  6. Malawian magistrates alibe chisoni, they act like a robot wen carrying out their jobs, They give sentences as if we have a lot of prison space. Kodi tilibe ma community Service Sentences for this small irrelevant crimes.

  7. Pamenepa akutiphunzitsa kuti tikafuna kuba tiziba ma mita not bulangete zitenje nkhuku mbuzi aaaaaa zipindula chani mapeto ake tizivutika ulere

  8. If ther z no employment wat du yu think pipo r they going to du apat frm stealing? mo ova the population z continuing 2 increase, All foreigners must go

  9. The magistrate must go back to school. His judgment is out of emotions and based on personal issues. In Malawi many are suffering in prison for nothing because they don’t have money to hire a good lawyer to rescue them from such unreasonable judgment. That’s why the State President uses his discretion to release such prisoners once a year.

  10. Omwe anaba ma billions a DPP 7 minters kulephela kuwamanga koma oba blanket kumugwira cry my beloved country kusiya mbamva zenizeni kulimbana ndi munthu ovutika kuba blanket 6yrs oba ma billion 6month.

  11. ….a magistrate mwawonjeza chigamulo chanu! Bwanji ena akuba ma billion mukuwapasa zilango zophweka, nde kuti mumakondera? Kapena lamulo limasitha munthu ukakhala olemera?

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