Malawians still flocking to Kuwait


Malawians are still going to Kuwait despite the harsh treatment that some Malawians faced in May this year in the Asian country.

Malawians in Kuwait
The Malawians who recently left for Kuwait

Recently, 29 Malawians left the country for Kuwait regardless of abuse that some Malawians witnessed in this oil rich country.

According to one of the 29 Malawians, Mussa Swalleh Chimisa, Kuwait is a good country to go to if one follows all required procedures.

Chimisa said that people who suffer in Kuwait are those who got there on their own, especially women.

“Another reason why some Malawians suffer here is that they can sign for another job in Malawi with their agents and when they have come here they may be offered a different job,” Chimisa said.

He claimed that this happens when job seekers do not sign a job offer letter while in Malawi.

“A person is supposed to sign a job offer letter before coming here and if you don’t sign in Malawi, you are likely to face challenges especially when you are working with companies,” Chimisa said.

The 29 Malawians who recently travelled to Kuwait signed a 2 year job contract with Al-Wazzan Trading and Catering Services and the contract is renewable if all parties are satisfied.

These Malawians are expected to be working as waiters, chefs and kitchen helpers, the jobs they signed for before leaving for Kuwait.

In May this year, a group of 30 Malawian girls were reported to be stranded in oil rich Kuwait country following confiscation of their passports and they asked Malawi government to help them get back home.

“We are suffering. We are stuck and the number is increasing. Our government should help us return home quickly,” said one of the girls Martha Magola who spoke on behalf of the group.



  1. adjustments for that special occasion, , but what I agrubgate is this that ,,all people in country has aflumetaly to horitage ..but anyway, such is how the roppetagos harlding

  2. adjustments for that special occasion, , but what I agrubgate is this that ,,all people in country has aflumetaly to horitage ..but anyway, such is how the roppetagos harlding

  3. One needs to take risks in order to succeed in life .Let’s continue struggling and later we become strong.I will be there in few months time kukatengako mukuru.

  4. nchimodzi modzi wina amachita ngozi pansu pomwe wina amakafika komwe amapita …asiyeni anthu akagwile ntchito …zasiyana pati ndikukakhala ndi kasambala?

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  6. Tiku lephela kulemba amalawi ndi chichewa chomwe. Mukulephera kukamba zoveka .kodi maphuzilo a zosavekazo .Ali kuma……….ndi (p$$$$$$$)

  7. In the face of that stupidity, should government waste scarce resources transporting such people back when stranded instead of subsidising university fees…

    1. U need to ask. The fund came UN under UNHRC not Malawi goverment taxs. They also used some of the money to pay teachers. So if u dont know,ask

  8. Nkhani sikulesa a Malawi kupita ku Kuwait but boma lisegule embassy ku middle east then kuzera ku ministry of labour lizitumiza nzika kuzagwira nchito kumeneko titikuka mwansanga maiko ngati India Pakistan bangaradesh Egypt Ndi ena ambiri atukukira momwemo kuli malipilo abwino kuno this is paradise compare to Africa life is good here munthu nchito zawamba malipilo ake kuposa aw diploma ku Malawi

  9. Kale lathu mwana wokana sukulu ankakwapulidwa koopsya kupita kusukulu. Koma masiku ano ana okonda sukulu munthu wamkulu akutuma apolisi kuti akwapuleni asiye sukulu akufuna madegree oposa ine. Ndalama zopanga celebration palibe koma uyu wautali kuEthopia kukalandila degree yaulemu wakudya mbewa. Ana awa akufuna madegree otukula dziko not aulemu, koma abale u hear akwapuleni. Chamba,nyaope or what? And we call it home really. They want to tax were they didn’t put road,electricity,water,health facilities, education. What kind of tax is this mbewa tax.

  10. A Malawi tadziona kumwera kwa Africa Juno, kulephela kwa Kaplan aza chuma kwaika Miyoyo yathu munalere.
    Akuuniversity, akumakoleji ndi akusekondale a Form 4 okonzako bwino pa timapoints tao Ali kunja, ngakhalenso ndi mlimi yemwe akuithawa Malawi, utsogoleri wopanda plan kudalira kupemphetsa waka tsoka lalikulu pa a Malawi.

  11. Mi 2 guyz am here kuwait no problem here, but u hav 2 know this, anthu akupangidwa ziwelele kumatako, anyway poti kunkhala mmalawi z not izy zibweran guyz.

  12. Ppo r suffering even there in Malawi what about those in south Africa ppo in Kuwait are getting salaries that r given to graduates some r even receiving free food and accommodation.its better to stay in kW than in mW nkaza zilipaliponse bolakuzuzidwa ndi Adela than ur own blood stop talking about out side solve the problem we r having in Malawi and no one will leave mW to seek for better life

  13. If there is a chance for me to go Honestly I will go.. This country Malawi no one is interested to live here

  14. tiyeni tikhamukire ku kuwait tikakakumana ndi zokhoma,boma la malawi lidzati thandiza pajatulimatithandiza fast tikapita kwaeni

  15. Home is the best, but not to Malawians. My home where u pay tax on my heritage home. My home where i thought to go univesity but the fee is up by 400%. My home where when the president dont get critised but send police to plant case and beat u. My home where when i plant my crops the rich comes and tell me the price without calculating my input. If i complain the president tell to go and eat mbewa and grasshoppers. That is my home where democracy is just a paper not practise. When u work hard, but its someone benefit from my sweat and blood. We dont have a place called home anymore. Rather tizingobalalika ngati dzombe.

  16. 4 mi am going 2morrow. My warning to gvt of Malawi z dat b financilally prepared incase zikatvutaso nde mzatithandizeso. Remember mphind yobweleza imawala

  17. Ndiye kenako aziti fwifwifwi tikuzunzika kuno aboma tithandidzeni tidzibwelera, ndalama zathu zamisonkho zizingothera anthu opita kunja kukwera ma bus ndi ndege basi kubwelera kumudzi kuno.

    1. We pay tax as well go to Mwanza and Dedza border post and c yo goverment making money. We bring foreign currency as well. That is goverment responsibility to look after its pple. Pay back my vote. I didn’t ask or vote to be Malawian. Akuletsani ndani kusiya mbewa mudzadye nkhuku?

    2. Kuthawila kuMalawi Embasy is the way to show that Our goverment have failed us. We are suppose to be in our country. Because of poor administration, nepotism, corruption and human rights violation we end up risking for better pasture. And can i ask u Why the goverment “not the Muthalika nation” but Malawi hv put embassy in other countries? U wil know the reason. How can yo goverment tax were they haven’t put any infrustrature? Other countries they build roads and facilities then tax. Can i ask u what tax are we paying for? Mbewa kapena dzitete?

    3. The money which was used to bring back Malawians home came 4rm UN under UNHRC not Malawi goverment taxs. So dont worry the UN wil step in if the goverment fail us. Just imaging munthu kugwira garden boy earning (250-000mk)5000rand per month. Ndani muphunzitsi akulandila ndalama ngati iyi? Nanga ife maengineer we are earning 14,000ZA(700-000mk p/m) ,and expect to leave these thousand for mbewa and dzitete? Just us common oblangata.

    4. I wish i can work in Malawi my home. Man anthu of cause akuvutika kukhala mwamantha kwapolisi ndieni dziko if u are illegal migrant. But to those who know mavuto. Its about to get starter pack in foreign countries then go back home. The nice thing ambiri aphunzira ntchito zamanja komanso ali ndicapital poyambira of which the goverment was not going to assist

    5. Dick, utati uwone komanso uwerenge zomwe Michael Mkandawire amalemba zinali mfundo zomveka bwino & ndamuvomeredza ndachedza naye bwinobwino ngakhale pena sidzimalephera osati zomwe mukuyankhula apazi. I dont have time to argue with you.

  18. Taona anthu akuthawa Xeono pa SA koma kufika pampanje nkuganiza zobwelelanso ku SA ataona kuti wadupha nchiwaya wafikilanso pa moto.Kukhala ku Malawi nkulimba mtimatu.

  19. Ukazaona gwape akuthawila komwe kukuyaka moto ndiye kuti komwe akuchokelako wakomana ndi mavuto oopsya oposa motowo kkkkkkkkkk Nyasaland life ili hard than concrete.

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