Senior Chief Lukwa for abortion

Senior Chief Lukwa of Kasungu

One of the country’s traditional leaders has hailed the move to reform Malawi’s abortion laws saying the country is losing a lot of women due to unsafe abortions.

At the moment the country’s laws do not allow women to have safe abortions in public hospitals which forces the women to seek unsafe ways of terminating pregnancies.

There have been mixed reactions on the adoption of a new law to allow women access safe abortion services in public hospitals with the church saying life begins at conception.

Senior Chief Lukwa of Kasungu
Senior Chief Lukwa of Kasungu wants laws about abortion reviewed.

But Senior Chief Lukwa of Kasungu has backed the move saying as a chief he lives with people and he observes how women are dying because of unsafe abortions.

“I would like to thank the Malawi government for its move to look into checking the old law enacted in 1861,” said Chief Lukwa.

He added that the old laws which were instituted by the British gives no woman a chance to access safe abortion.

Statistics show that about 70,000 women terminate pregnancies every year while deaths due to unsafe abortions accounts for 17 percent of the country’s maternal mortality rate which is at 675 deaths per 100,000 pregnancies.

Women who survives unsafe abortions go to public hospitals for treatment hence government loses a lot of money every year due to the high number of people needing such treatments.

22 thoughts on “Senior Chief Lukwa for abortion

  1. Malawian people, what you know it’s only talking Rubbish to the leaders, Noooo ! You have to understand the story first , then come with ur comment, it is really wrong to talk like that to the Chiefs ,even ur parents after having some mistakes, u can’t swearing at them, may God 4give u all !

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  3. Even if all chiefs and their subjects decide to legalise abortion, the act will remain killing an innocent life, immoral and selfish.

  4. pa mbc radio 1&2 pali advert ina amati m’malawi muno muli kachipongwe konyoza azitsogoleri. Ena macomment anu mwanyoza kale mtsogoleri ameneyu vuto sinu vuto ndilokut muli ku Malawi

  5. Kufuna kutchuka komanso kuikidwa chi bans mkamwa ndi zina za zinthu zomwe zikuwononga chikhalidwe chathu amalawi. Agulidwa kut anene izi

  6. Chief Lukwa is a stupid chief, I once met him in the Great Hall, Zomba supporting homosexuality that was aired live on Zodiak. Now here he is supporting arbortion. Kodi m’mudzi mwako mutakhala ma homosexuals ndi ma abortionist ufumu wako suzatha in a few years time? Kodi anthu a kwa a Lukwa mumangoyisekelera mfumu ya umveyi? Kodi Ngati mfumu sikukangalika in preserving values and cultures of the society who else would do that for him? If it is for the love of money, eeish siyani ufumu muziyenda ndi a Mtambo ndi a Trapence anuwo. But stop using chieftency in advancing selfish goals. Mfumu yopusa!

  7. I would like to look at what the Chief is saying from a different angle. Understand this, the statistics are revealing that whether we like it or not thousands of women are doing it anyway. The worry is they are using very risky methods that are costing a lot of lives and resources later in our hospitals.
    It is our sisters, cousins, nieces who are not God fearing!!! When it happens on your sister and she is in a complication that’s when you can understand or wish there could be at least a safe way.
    From an objective opinion, I understand the Cheif as saying our Sisters who make the decision of this UNGODLY DEED should be given a chance to live and repent.

  8. A lot of organizations fighting for women’s liberation in the world. But who fights for children liberation? We all come in this world without knowing where we gonna go? Why destroying the babies? They deserve to live like anybody else! Why should you as a woman wear the face of an Angel when you just terminated the life inside of you? …???????

  9. Is he really achief or thief, may pronouciation is wrong because i dont think a real chief can come up with a stupit suggestion like this. Shame to you achief who dont know #God.

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