Water thieves costing BWB millions


The Blantyre Water Board (BWB) has disclosed that it is losing millions of Kwachas every month due to increased number of people using water from the board illegally.

According to BWB spokesperson, Priscilla Mateyu, the board is losing over K48 million every month due to these illegal connections a development which is contributing to failure by the board to deliver its services properly.

Some customers are not paying bills.

Some customers are not paying bills.

Mateyu said the money which they are losing could have been used by the board for other developments.

“As Blantyre Water Board we are losing quite a lot of money as regards to illegal connections and here we are talking about K48 million in a month and this money could have been used in terms of new projects,” said Mateyu.

She further suspected that the illegal connections might be as a result of the economic hardships the country is going through saying people have resorted to using free water.

Meanwhile, the board is conducting a three month meter validation exercise and is also talking with its customers on the importance of having legal connections.

Mateyu disclosed that the board will impose stiffer penalties on people found enjoying free water from the board saying all offenders would pay bills for the free water they were using.



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