Vicious thugs hack albino woman’s arm

Lucia Kainga

Thugs have hacked off the arm of a woman with albinism at her home in Chitipa district in the early hours of today.

The woman has been identified as 51 year-old Lucia Kainga.

According to the husband of the victim, the four men broke into the couple’s house in the early hours of today and threatened to kill them.

The cruel men then chopped off the woman’s arm and went away with it. They also injured the husband.

Lucia Kainga
Lucia Kainga in pains.

The victims are currently at Chitipa district hospital where they are receiving treatment.

Recently President Peter Mutharika threatened all beasts who commit crimes against people with albinism that his government will make sure that they are sentenced to life in prison.

But critics have maintained that death sentence is the only fair punishment for albino killers.

More prominent among those critics is legislator Bon Kalindo who recently organised demonstrations calling for fellow Members of Parliament and Mutharika’s government to introduce death sentence so that albino killers are executed.



  1. With O dis evil hpenig in Malawi u still call ur country warm heart of Africa? U pipo r evil in ur country I wil nevr set my foot in Malawi again.

  2. This is all Peter Mutharika job he knows who they are that is why he is trying by all means to defend this Thugs. Go to the State House will find all the body parts.Am pissed off with this barbaric actions

  3. Komatu amalawi tikuyenera kumumvesa bwino winiko chifukwa ali ku boma konko ndipo akhonza kumaziwa zomwe zikuchitika ndi bomali pa nkhanzazi. Ife nkumati winiko ndi wa misala kuiwala kuti anaona nkhondo. Boma silingalephere kulimbana ndi zimenezi ayi likuziwapo kanthu apa. Mulungu akuona. Kumbukilani nthawi ya muluzi ku chiladzulu zinalikonso zimenezi koma muluzi ndi boma lake amanamizila ngati akuchitapo kanthu koma anthu nkumaphedwabe.

  4. This is barbaric act and should be condemned , how can ahuman being kill or disfigure another human being just because of skin colour? Winiko is right,perpetrators of this inhumane act must face the death penalty. Ife bwanji kuno ku Malawi lamulo limeneli silimagwira ntchito?In some states in U.S.A death penalty is practiced yet kuli democracy kuposa yathu ya ku Nyasaland

  5. Its 2 much to read and hear this issue of abduction and killing of people with ALBINISM. Try to get ourselves, better sources of getting basic needs for daily basis than Chopping, abduction and killing of our fellow Image of Heavenly 1

  6. There is an American expression that
    says, “There is no such thing as a free
    lunch.” This expression means that
    something offered to you as “free”
    always has strings attached. That is
    indeed the case. We have already seen
    how Satan often gives demons power to
    do “good” for people

  7. It’s a disgusting problem that someone cn just wake up early in the morning kill an Albino and say hr/she will get reach,ndiutsirutu ndiutsiruuu- —

  8. God its now ur time maganizo athu amaliza,Tidikilila chipulumuso chanu but those who take part for killing alubino gahena is waiting for u

  9. Amalawi we are all the malawian. Then why we are still targetting the albinsm like we are not same. Pleaz late the albino to be free like anyone

    1. if i may ask u to tell me what u hav liked as far as this post is concerned,what is it that that u hav liked @hendreson?liking smthng means u agree with it,so do u agree with the chopping of the hand of a woman with albinism?am confused.

    2. one like for various reasons..and one of them is a s Henderson has said, so that it appears on ur wall and friends read the post as well..the other reason is you like that the story has been announced here on social media instead of reporters just being quiet..its like saying ”i part you on yhe back omwe mwabweresa nkhaniyi pano”

  10. And yet the ruling party is sitting back and relaxing while pple r being killed, is this how u repay voters? God be with those behind these killings, no body! Will live forever hell is waiting for all ya. Peace

  11. The main thing i see in the world today is the growth of satanism and so people are believing in shedding blood inorder to get money But its all a taboo those who are doing this rubbish are just trying to promote devil’s work.There’s a solution to end this we need to find out the main market and close completely.

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