Lucius torn to pieces: accused of not representing the poor


Member of Parliament for Balaka North who was also dubbed as soldier of the poor before he joined active politics Lucius Banda had a rude awakening yesterday when a swarm of Malawians descended on him accusing him of not speaking for the poor.

Banda who is in Parliament on a UDF ticket yesterday courted the wrath of Malawians when he discredited the malata subsidy programme that the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is implementing with the aim of helping the poor get a decent accommodation.

The musician who has been seen at the church of Shepherd Bushiri in South Africa and has started speculations that he has born again shared a photo of a bird on Facebook with a caption that it does not need subsidy for it to get an accommodation. His remarks were meant at disparaging Malawians who have been hit hard by poverty that they cannot afford to build their own houses without state intervention.

Lucius Banda


His remarks however did not go well with a cross-section of Malawians who decided to call Banda out as a double-faced person.

One person who commented asked Banda what he was doing in Parliament if he was not there to represent the poor people of Malawi.

“I thought you are there to represent the wishes of poor Malawians, are they the ones who sent you to discredit the subsidy?” he was asked.

Another wondered if it was the same soldier of the poor people who was posting.

Banda then finally succumbed by taking down the post.

In recent days Banda has become notorious for making divisive proposition which his critics feel have no bearing on the poor people for whom he was made a soldier of.

In the current sitting of Parliament, Banda requested that Members of Parliament be provided with free wi-fi at a time that internet costs are getting high in Malawi and he could not use his Parliamentary power to fight for fair prices.

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