Liwonde-Mangochi road to wear a new face

Liwonde-Machinga road

The Roads of Authority (RA) has assured Malawians living along the Liwonde-Mangochi road that rehabilitation of the road will be completed on time as funding is already available.

Spokesperson for Roads Authority (RA) Posha Kajanga said the rehabilitation of the road, which has been funded by a loan from the African Development Bank, will not stall since the bank has already made the money available.

She added that the RA has already made the necessary arrangements with the contractor Mota-Engil.

Liwonde-Machinga road
Liwonde-Mangochi road to wear a new face.

“We have handed over the site of the road construction to our contractor Mota Engil and it is expected to be completed in two years’ time,” said Kajanga.

Rehabilitation of the 75km Liwonde-Mangochi road is part of Phase 4 of the Nacala Corridor Development project which is a joint project by Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia.

Kajanga said once rehabilitated and upgraded to international standards, the road will help reduce the distance people in countries like Zambia and Malawi travel when they want to go to Mozambique.

The rehabilitation of the Liwonde-Mangochi road will also make international trade easier for people in the three countries since the road is part of the Nacala Road Corridor which will be a viable link to the Nacala port.

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  1. do we have editors at Malawi24? what are we talking about in this story? is it liwonde machinga or liwonde Mangochi road…? The heading and the content of the story is so contradicting. we deserve to be given well cooked stories that have gone through editors.

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