More female MPs wanted in Parliament

Malawi Parliament
Malawi Parliament
Malawi Parliament to have more female MPS.

They used to be in a bigger number in the 2009 – 2014 Parliament team but in the 2014 elections their numbers fell and now there will be a strong advocacy to have them back in Parliament.

The Malawi Parliamentary women caucus says it will have a nationwide campaign to fight for more females in the National Assembly.

After the 2014 tripartite elections, the rate of female MPs dropped to 16 percent due to what activists said was lack of funding.

Speaking to members of the press on Saturday in the capital Lilongwe, chairperson of the caucus Jessie Kabwila said they are to work around the clock to prevent a further drop in number of women in Malawi Parliament.

“We are going to work hard to get a systematic approach to prevent further drop of women in the national assembly,” said Kabwila.

Jessie Kabwila
Kabwila: Calls for more women representation in the house.

She further expressed concern over lack of resources that help during campaign period.

“Politics requires more financial resources and most women do not have enough money, but also that the education system favours men unlike women,” added Kabwila.

The caucus is to have campaigns in the 32 constituencies where current women MPs were voted into power to convince the voters to maintain the female legislators in the next elections.



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  3. I Started Following Parliament Deliberation Becoz Of Some The Constructive Remarks From Other Female Mps, I Can Mention The Likes Of Youthful Juliana Lunguzi, Agnes Nyalonje, Martha Chanjo Even Patricia Shanil Once They Stood In Parliament They Talk Sense Than Amadazi Mukunenawo.

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  5. The important question is why did they lost? Kod anthu azivota coz nd nkaz? If ma women azachuluke then just know it will be a stupid nation ya ma MP omangoziphoda ndikuminula but no nfundo

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  7. They are just the same. Remember what Grace Chiumia said when a fellow MP tried to argue on her behalf that 34m is far too little to fund football and netball? She stood up amvekere “Akunama ndi zokwanira“ And you want more such dumb women?

  8. That’s totally madness. God created a man and woman with difference reason thusy He gave power to a man over a woman with areason. but the government and organisations spend a lot of money on empowering women which is giving equal opportunity between male and female. Are you trying to cha God creation maybe you the reason why God gave unequal power between two sex? Then why don’t you stop embarrassing God with your stupid humanity ideas of having equal power. For sure you know that no human will change God plan and you focusing on nonsense ideas this shit will never happen coz women don’t respect themselves. Coz they always walking naked on pubilic then who do think can follow a naked leader?

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