Blame game over Malawians deported overseas

Malawi Immigration Department

…govt. says Malawians should travel with valid travel permits

…deportees want govt. to create jobs

After months of being expelled from other countries and being held in Prison-like facilities in foreign countries as they await deportation for having no valid documents, a blame game has ensued between Immigration officials and the deportees.

Speaking in an interview, Immigration spokesperson for Mwanza Border Pasqually Zulu lamented that most Malawians are being deported from other countries because they do not have proper documents.

Malawi Immigration Department
Malawi Immigration department is always packed with Malawians who want to go out to fetch jobs. .

“60 Malawians have been deported from Zimbabwe because they had no proper documentation. We are appealing to Malawians who travel to other countries to follow proper procedures since every month we are receiving Malawians deported from somewhere. We can’t stop people from traveling but they should have proper documentation,” said Zulu.

But commenting on the development, one of the recently deported Malawians pointed fingers at the government saying it is failing to provide job opportunities to citizens.

“As you can see most of the people who have been deported are the youth and we as the youth we have a high percentage in the country but the government is failing to provide jobs to us that’s why we are traveling to countries like South Africa.

“We are appealing to the government to do something so that most of the youth should stop going to countries like South Africa to search for greener pastures,” said the deportee who did not want to be named.

In February, this year 1000 Malawians were held at Lindera repatriation Centre in South Africa for living in the country without proper documents.

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