Enemies of development: Robbers target new NkhataBay market


You can either say it is a lapse in security or the negative forces working against development.

Police in Nkhatabay district are looking for criminals who broke into a shop at the new Nkhatabay market and went away with assorted items worth K235, 000.

According to the Police, on July 5 the owner of the shop Chester Phiri closed the shop at around 7:30pm after that day’s business, leaving it well locked, secured, and intact.

crime (2)The next day at around 9am, Phiri received a call from his friend that his shop had been broken into. He immediately rushed to the scene where he indeed found his shop open.

Upon thoroughly checking in the shop, he discovered that some items were missing. The burglars had stolen 17 Nokia batteries, one amplifier, one big inverter, One DVD player, nine wristwatches, headsets and five faulty cellphones. All items are valued at K235, 000.

When the matter was reported to police, the scene of the crime was visited where it was discovered that the unknown criminals gained entry into the shop by forcing the door open.

Meanwhile, police in the district are appealing to anyone who can provide them with information that will lead to the arrest of the unknown suspects to do so as soon as possible.

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