Mutharika is happy with China relationship

Peter Mutharika, Xi Jinping

President Peter Mutharika has commended China for developing a strong partnership with Malawi.

Mutharika said this in Lilongwe during celebrations marking 60 years of China-Africa relations.

He described the People’s Republic of China as an important world player and a strategic partner for Africa and Malawi in particular.

“I want to commend the People’s Republic of China for building strong relations with Africa especially Malawi,” Mutharika said.

Peter Mutharika, Xi Jinping
Peter Mutharika with China Ambassador to Malawi Xi Jinping. (File)

The Malawi leader added that Malawi and China cooperation and bilateral trade are bearing fruits since the number of investors from China is growing as well as the Chinese government funded projects are increasing.

“Above all we are learning more lessons from China, we are fast learning how China grew from a poor country to the second biggest economy in the world in only 30 years,” said Mutharika.


Mutharika stressed that a hardworking nation prospers and Malawi is on the right path. “We have learnt that when a nation believes in itself and its potential it can grow instead of depending on others, we have learnt that when we train our youth in skills and development we are assured to grow, we know that we are on the right path,” Mutharika said.

He added that Malawi has learnt from China that a nation must be proud of its cultural heritage as it helps to define its identity and influence in the world.

In the nine years that Malawi has been a bilateral partner of China, the Chinese government has given Malawi loans for various development activities such as construction of Malawi University of Science and Technology, Parliament building and the Bingu International Stadium.




  1. Chinese are not racists as Indians and Arabs.
    Chinese are hard working and are not thieves like the westerners.
    Chinese are not corrupt as Africans. Just immagin the salary for president is less than k25m per year, the lowest in the world yet their economy is greatest in the world by reserves.

  2. Yeah but thas not something to be proud of these guy’s are clever they are overpopulating us from few we are given.. Damn so much secret on earth

  3. In just 30yrs China has made it to a prosperous managing economic hub of developing countries, and what’s wrong with Malawi on her 53 yrs, still begging to sustain it revenues challenge.
    What’s really wrong Mr. President?
    Economy is the key of power of any country in the World, through its sounded unique readership,
    A sounding Government invest in its infrastructure and local skills to attract foreign inventors to come to the Party.
    Roads networks, Energy and sanitations drives the country to a prosperity goals.
    But Malawi and its leadership is a more different story coming to blame citizens that they are the failures of developing its economy, why and why?
    Foreign Donner’s has been driving Malawi for almost 5 decades and all those monies has gone to politicians pockets without implementing plans of growing Malawi’s economy
    If really now Mr. Mtalika you see visions of developing Malawi’s economy growth s, stick wit China to invest into infrastructure programmes of which really keeps our country far behind of other African countries.
    You can build stadiums after major roads, energy, sanitation has been built.
    Someone from rural Muchinji, Chitipa, Thyolo and Dowa must enjoy his/her freedom space of movement.

  4. Yeah its good and its there time even our time because its all of us so drop the jerousy life start to unite thats what Mr presedent says always.

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