Lilia’s Weekly Dose: Unexpected Turns (Part VI)

Lilia weekly dose

(Continued from last week)

He had been so happy since he saw Sabrina again, he last felt such contentment over two decades ago before she disappeared. He understood what his son felt for the girl he’d said he was in love with. Perfect joy no one has experienced, a unique feeling that no other heart can know.

Lilia weekly doseHe had to talk to Sandra’s father about his change of heart, about his son finding love. Either way, losing his business ally, his long time family friend, he was going to do right by his son. He was not going to be reason his only child was unhappy, he had to be the reason for his happiness. Allow him to make mistakes and learn from them in his own space not push anything on him.

He picked his phone and dialled Sam’s number, waited.

“Hello Chiza, was about to call you, I have already called Annetta and Bongani.” Sam said the moment he answered the phone.

“Is everything alright?” Chiza asked.

“Meet us at the hospital, its Sandra. It’s time.” Sam’s voice seemed excited on the other end of the call.

Chiza cut the phone and grabbed his car keys, he advised his secretary to cancel all his meetings. He had to go receive his grand child and he needed no disturbance.


It was time finally, at least to Sandra it was. She noticed her in laws to be had all changed, no longer on her side. She had to do something about this and whatever it took. She induced labour, played her cards right made sure it won’t harm the baby. She succeeded, now she was being driven to the hospital.

She was close to having Bongani all to herself there was no turning back now. She knew he didn’t feel the way she felt for him but she was going to do all she could to have him, maybe with time around each other he would love her.

The whole family was there, except for Bongani, where was he? Was he going to miss the birth of his baby? Sandra was getting closer, hours had passed since the waters broke and she was delivering any minute.

“Where is my husband?” Sandra cried holding on to Annetta’s hand refusing to take the nurse’s order to push.

“He will be here honey, let’s just focus on the baby, the more you delay the more you are endangering the little one. Now breathe, and push.” Annetta tried to reason with Sandra cursing her son in her heart.

He at least should have made it in time for the baby’s arrival.

Sandra cried, looking at her mother in law to be. Maybe she just had to let the baby out, it was too late now. Even for Bongani to back out, the baby was here and the wedding was certain.

And Bongani rushed in, breathing heavily.

“Am I late?” He asked his mother.

“No honey, but you almost was going to miss your child’s birth. Where were you?” Annetta asked.

“Hold my hand babe, I can’t do this alone.” Sandra begged stretching her left arm reaching for Bongani.

Bongani looked outside, Duwa was standing outside the delivery room. Their date had been interrupted but she was so supportive. She smiled faintly looking through the small window on top of the door that allowed her to see everything inside. That smile was assuring, Bongani took Sandra’s hand as the poor girl screamed in agony of child birth.

Half an hour later the baby was born, a small bundle of joy, a bouncing baby girl. Bongani was allowed to hold his baby before the nurse took her away to clean her. He shade a tear looking at the little human in his arms, smiling gratefully for the gift of life. Despite how he felt for his baby’s mother, he loved this girl. He loved the feeling and he was ready to be a father to this girl in his arms. He gave her to the nurse, looked at Sandra and smiled.

“You go on and rest, you can see them both later.” The nurse said.

Bongani and his mother left the delivery room. He walked straight to where Duwa was, received with a warm hug he wanted to stay there.

“Congratulations Bongi, proud of you.” Duwa said holding him close.

“I am a dad, it’s overwhelming but it sure is a beautiful feeling.” Bongani said, sighing and slowly pulling away.

“So what will you name her?”

“Duwa,” he said calmly looking into her eyes.

“Yes?” Duwa realized he meant the baby will be called that name. “What? Sandra will die first before allowing you name her child after me.” Duwa refused.

“I need to tell her the wedding is off. Dad is going to explain things to her father, soon after we all calm down from this baby’s arrival and all the excitement.” He said, took her hand and kissed her palm.

“I am afraid of how she will take things.” Duwa said, there was real fear in her voice that all Bongani did was hold her.


Sandra was staring into nothing like he hadn’t said anything. She then smiled and looked at him.

“I knew it, I knew something was going on between you and that girl.” Sandra laughed.

“We both know you and I can’t do this, I don’t feel that way for you. It will be a bad marriage, loveless and disastrous. Let’s not do this to each other please.” Bongani tried to make her understand.

“No I get it, you love her. I mean we can’t help who we love right?” Sandra said calmly.

“Is that you understanding this situation or you are just pretending?” Bongani had to make sure.

“I do, I understand. We can’t force this, you are right. I’m happy you have found love, I have the baby to focus on.” She said. “I need water, get me bottled water and then we can discuss the name for our little girl.” She proceeded.

Bongani nodded and left the ward still surprised with Sandra’s response.

Soon after he left the ward, Sandra crawled out of bed and left the ward. She needed to find Duwa, she had seen her outside the delivery room. The two needed to talk.


Annetta was still wondering why the baby had been put in an incubator. She was born earlier than expected, something fishy was going on. She asked the nurse to find out why her grandchild was premature. And her theory had been proved right, the nurse confirmed that Sandra had induced labour. She was going to confront her, and tell her son what Sandra had done. Almost put the poor baby in danger.

She didn’t find her in the ward, she assumed she was by the incubation ward where the baby was held. She made way to the ward.

On the other end, Duwa was admiring the little girl through the window. How beautiful she was, a little angel. Lost in the beauty of the new life she didn’t notice anyone behind her. She suddenly felt a piercing pain on the right side of her waist, twice it plunged deep she fell to the ground, bleeding.

“Duwa the master planner.” Sandra said kneeling beside her with a small knife in her hand, covered in blood. “You planned this, seduced my man.”

“Sandra please,” she barely could speak, she was in a lot of pain, probably bleeding out.

“I have loved Bongani since we were so young and he never looked at me in the same way. I got pregnant thinking it will bring him closer but nothing. And you just come around and he is in love with you? News flash, if I cannot have him, no one else can.” Sandra said lifting the knife.

“Please don’t do this.” Duwa begged, struggling to breathe, bleeding out slowly.

“Oh I can,” she charged, trying to stab Duwa again and this time to death.

“Sandra no!!” Annetta screamed running towards Sandra before she could kill the woman her son loved. “Get away from her you psycho.” She pushed her away and started screaming for help.

“Oh my God, what have I done? I don’t know what came over me.” Sandra seemed to have recovered her senses.

Nurses came running, and so did Bongani.

“What happened to her mother?” Bongani asked trying to touch Duwa, she was closing her eyes going into shock the nurses separated them to rush her into theatre.

“Bongani I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was doing.” Sandra was down on her knees crying. She had totally messed up and now she was also going to lose her child if she got arrested.

“You witch!” Bongani grabbed Sandra by the throat. “You better pray she survives or trust me I’ll take you to hell myself.” He threatened and released her. He run after the nurses as they took Duwa into theatre.

(To be continued next week)

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