Mutharika leaves for Ethiopia today


Malawi President Peter Mutharika will today leave the country for Ethiopia where he will receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Addis Ababa.

Mutharika is expected to leave via Kamuzu International airport in Lilongwe at 10 am for Addis Ababa.

The University of Addis Ababa is honouring Mutharika for his illustrious career as a Professor of Comparative Constitutional Law at several high profile universities in the world.

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika: Heading to Ethiopia today.

The Malawi leader will also be honoured for his outstanding contribution to the academia in Ethiopia in particular, Africa in general, and the world at large.

Mutharika will be conferred with a Doctor of Letters, honoris causa (D.Litt.) by the Addis Ababa University.



  1. I didn’t vote for him,bravo Peter nice journey.Don’t stone him today bt blame ur vote,Amalawi wen r we going to open our eyes always blind blind why? Hav u forgotten that there was great mistake wen Bingu handed over his leadership to his brother? Now that mistake grows in you who voted for him,so u meant Mutharika’s family can lead Malawi? Sorry for your vote lets hand it to GOD to speedup his period AMEN!

  2. all the best mr president. no matter, you are our leader. have a nice journey.its ur success no one can take away apart from almigty God.

  3. All the best mr. President, guys dont expect somebody to solve ur problems even him have got his problems & i know that u are good in critising others

  4. Have a fantastic journey.Work hard to prosper.Be ambtious as good things would come to you easily.Lazy bones cry foul always.Wake up my fellow Malawians.

  5. When did he study for that position? The most foolish people are those that are next to the president! Thay can’t even say NO to some other things like this,,, fokofu!!!!

  6. What kind of joke is this. Ethopians take him if u think he is the best for u. We Malawians we don’t like him anymore. U can have him for good. How can he say we don’t have money to celebrate our independence, while they is money to go to Ethopia for his own interest. We can exchange him with maize it fine we wont mind. Azungu anati Charity begins at home. But kuno wachoka kulibe charity, kuli mbewa. Kaya kumeneko kuEthopia mumamva chichewa. Kusesa timayamba munyumba kumatulukira panja.

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  8. Guys if ya not happy wit wat hes doin then shut the hell up u savages. Dont right ya stupid comment. Learn some manners. Evn rightng shit he is stil ur Presdent nothing z goin to change that fact.

  9. Why speaking toughe 2 the state president like that, don’t you know that there he is going to be honored on our behalf, ulemu omwe apresident APM akalandile ndiwathu ifeyo amalawi

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