Zimbabwe: Mugabe bans Facebook, WhatsApp

Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe faces an uproar.

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has shut down social media sites and popular instant messenger application WhatsApp in a bid to suppress dissenting views.

Mugabe’s move comes in the wake of massive protest that have spread to six towns in the country.

On Monday there was unrest in Harare where Police used teargas to break up protests.

Today, protesters have shut down the country as civil servants have stopped work over unpaid wages while many other Zimbabweans are staying at home in protest against corruption, poverty, and injustice.

Whatsapp banned in Zimbabwe.

However, clashes with the police and arrests have been reported. According to reports, sites like Facebook cannot be accessed even if the user is using high speed internet while WhatsApp has been blocked.

There are fears that the ban will not be lifted soon as government officials have hinted that they will continue blocking some social media sites in order to maintain security.

Earlier this year, Mugabe said there was need to regulate social media in the country as he believes the sites offers Zimbabweans a cheap platform for criticising his government.

Watch  Zimbabwe Police beat up civilians.

291 thoughts on “Zimbabwe: Mugabe bans Facebook, WhatsApp

  1. He know that people from Zimbabwe they are slave to him that why always doing shit!!.Unity it is weapon against poor govt.Why people from Zimbabwe listening every fucking what Mugabe say.

    With the latest list published by THE POST newspaper with names and centers for Malawians and Tanzanians registered to vote in next months elections, we want to issue a strong warning to our friends from neighboring countries….: IF YOU WANT TO BE ALIVE BEYOND 11TH AUGUST 2016, DARE NOT COME TO ZAMBIA. IF YOU ARE ALREADY IN ZAMBIA, WE URGE YOU TO LEAVE BEFORE 11TH AUGUST.
    To our vigilant soldiers and strongmen in our party, should you spot any Malawian, Tanzanian, Congolese, Mozambican, or Zimbabwean near any polling station on the 11 of August 2016, KILL ….. and dont spare. We are not going to allow any foreigner temper with our democracy…. You come, YOU WONT LEAVE ALIVE….YOU WILL GO BACK AS A CORPSE. Since ECZ has been compromised, we shall physically protect the victory.
    To our well trained protectors of the vote, we are almost there, lets prepare ourselves. Akuna Kulala. Each and every poling station countrywide will have our soldiers, and we shall not spare anyone trying to manipulate this election. Battle lines are drawn, and WE ARE READY.
    The Chairman,
    UPND Anti Rigging SQUAD..
    Lusaka Region..

  3. The big mistake Bigman did was to chase white people which ended Zimbabwe completely!! They took farms from them but they did not teach more blacks how to cultivate and managing (poor decision from Mr president) and white people went with their money that was also the end of Zimbabwe dollar. Currently they are facing hardtimes and it will take many years to calm the situation…..(avoid chasing white people before you consider the outcomes)

    1. I do agree with you! Mugabe made a terrible mistake by chasing out whites. He chased out economy because 80% of those whites were farmers who stood for Zim economy. Now look! what is Zimbabwe now? He was trying to gain a political milage by pleasing poor and illiterate Zim blacks in order to buy votes !! Shame…

    2. Exactly my brother… I can also see this even in south Africa,if they tray to chase white people again there as others are planning, it will their turning point to zero!!! Many farms belonging to whites and are those who are contributing to economic growth,need proper measures in decision making!!

  4. Remember when they were about to crucify Jesus, the majority said crucify him save of just a few who lamented cos they loved him…but now he is now thhe chief corner stone….

  5. Malawi24 yangana za mavuto amu Dziko lakwanu whatsapp messages are delivered and responded also from the Zim Side iwe ndi Kambelembele kani?

  6. Ngati tikonda kuyamikidwa tikondeso ndi kuzuzulidwa. Odana ndi chizuzulo adana ndi ufulu, odana ndi ufulu ndi dikteta. Oteleyo sakuenela kulamulila anthu azelu zawo.

  7. 😎 Ndipo wachita bwino azimayi okwatra amaywala kuti sanakwatile ndi phone…… Ana a xul ndiye chisimuuu….. Dnt jst het him after all africans we r good kuthamangra kuyankhula and judging…… Not verytiñ abot technology z good……. Kwa zungu ngotukuka coz ey use tym well time for vep z vep fon only co receivd olo osaiwonaso here 3/4 pafoni kwinako vep…… Ine i support him kwabasi

  8. The folly of having a LIFE president while neighbouring countries have moved to multy party democracy – Zimbabwe is still leaving in colonial days of Ian Smith . Look now no social media like Facebook , so you wont read my comment – HOKOYO TAKE COVER.

  9. The problem is the old man is old and most of the time his in bed.so those around him I using this chance to use all the money they have and steal tax payers money.koma alibho ya Facebook ndizina anthu apume kaye.

  10. Zimbabwe routes towards the Russian Civil War…..or Great Depressions in America….those days,..that gogo is not enough with his wealthy..

  11. Why are you busy telling us about Zimbabwe problems and not out own malawi? There is more news which we need to know from malawi. K577? APM must step down and face corruption charges

  12. Hi, Mr. Mugabe! I just wanna tell you to tell the Devil I say hey when you get back to where you’re from. Now I agree with Donald Trump when he said that you’re an alien.

  13. Ine ndikuchedza ndi sister wanga ali ku zimbabwe komweko?boza basi ,nsanje,miseche kaduka, bodza,ndinthenda yopanda mankwala pa malawi,ndichifukwa amalawi ambili akusauka ,amagula payunitsi kumayimba ma phone a boza m,malo mopanga ndalama.

  14. Ine ndikuchedza ndi sister wanga ali ku zimbabwe komweko?boza basi ,nsanje,miseche kaduka, bodza,ndinthenda yopanda mankwala pa malawi,ndichifukwa amalawi ambili akusauka ,amagula payunitsi kumayimba ma phone a boza m,malo mopanga ndalama.

    1. Tieni tipereke ulemu kwa mkulu ameneyu Mr R. Mugabe and Chimene tingaziwe guys Palibe munthu amene samalakwa ndi mulungu yekha amene amene iye ali wabwino. Ndiye ngati munthu wachita mistake basi ameneyo siwabwino iyayi muleken munthu.

  15. Admin do yo research again. Its whatsapp only which was shut down in the morning and now its workn. But hackers had hacked ZBC and ZANU PF websites until now.

  16. Chinyama ichi nkhalango yake iti mmm chaku kenya tu chadula waya mwati chili ku zimbabwe chimenechi anthu nde ama sunga zilimbo nma ikomutu izi sha

  17. ifenso atipangireko coz mabanja ambiri,and ma church asokonekera coz of zinthu ziwirizi…ngakhale zikutithandiza kulumikizana ndi anthu quick,komanso business mwachangu koma anthu sitikuzigwiritsa bwino ntchito…..

  18. guy this is the end time plz plz mavutoali ponseponse is not only zim but lack of emploment, strike for work, are anywhere around the world

  19. that should not and never affect malawians. i know some of you are willing to do the same with our media but mugabe may have a ground on the closure of social media then you? i say whoever intend to do the same it is very simple: create your own social media and close baselessly as nobody will have no word over that. lay no hand not even your mind on what we are exploring to the maximum. close your entity.

  20. May be this will serve as an eye opener to the people of Zimbabweans.The sooner they realise they are nurturing a snake,the sooner they ought to eliminate it right from the bud.

  21. I am beginning to get worried about you Malawi24. Where is ur professionalism in reporting? The media was never banned. I hv been talking to pple from that side on Whatsapp and Facebook.

    1. it was jammed wen we wake up this morning there was no wattsapp no Facebook. but later this evening it has been restored.

  22. Phunzilani kunena chilungamo ine panopo ndiri pa line ndikucheza ndi ma frndz a ku zimbabwe komko plz musatipatse chikaiko pomawelenga nkhani zanu dzitiuzani zoona.

  23. Uyuso nd kape kumbal zina ndithu whats wrong wth social media .alot of ppo do their onlyn businesses why nt thnk of those ppo..dzicheche uyelekeze timatcha uona

  24. Uyuso nd kape kumbal zina ndithu whats wrong wth social media .alot of ppo do their onlyn businesses why nt thnk of those ppo..dzicheche uyelekeze timatcha uona

  25. Guys Its Nt True Ine Am In Zimbabwe Evrything Is Oky Here.Ndikucheza Ndi Bro Wanga # Nelz Champhonda Nangwale Iye Ali Ku Malawi, Whatsap N Fb Zikumatheka Bhobho Kuno.Mugabe Is A Gud Guy I Lov Him,long Liv Mugabe

  26. Malawi24 and its goats called Malawians, kkkk try to say mheeee over the bull Zim is better than your dust bin Malawi, learn to mind yo own bznez

  27. Its two months ago since we heard tht #Mugabe is died, nde I wonder ndikumva nkhani zoti watseka Fb, Whatsap, messenger kodi wadzuka liti? ok anyway iwenso tizikutchula kuti life president of zimbabwe ngati mmene analiri #Kamuzu

  28. The situation is terrible in Zim now,2 police are confirmed dead even here in SA Zimbabweans were protesting to Zim ambassador, they even wanted to burn it

  29. Government thinks that collecting taxes is the only solution to their crisis which is not right just imagine how Zimbabwean people suffered ,then others are trying to run a business in order to survive now government is coming to collect taxes in two weeks back the Zimbabwean government Barned goods from South Africa and people were paying taxes to a tissue paper acrossing the border they dont even know how these people are suffering to get those things ,in South Africa

  30. Yaa thats Comrade!..keep it up & bann more!..bann even USA dollars & RSA rands from ur country,that will make Zim develop!

  31. I don’t understand why people say Mugabe is a good President,, do u know how Zimbabwe is now???just mention a few ,no money in banks,,civil servants are not paid for 3months now,,no industry is working but he has just banned south African goods into his country,,,if u oppose him u disappear for good,,they don’t use their currency becoz zim dollar is useless they use US dollar ,,no work in Zimbabwe for graduates ,,still more I know but I can’t finish ,,plz stop praising this gogo he was good but he messed up himself,,

    1. Favebook & whatsapp was inaccessable as from 7am-11:30am its now ON. Though it came back with some strong warnings from government against its abuse

    2. The world is revolutionary and leadership is dynamic to suit particular times. I don’t believe Zimbabwe is so dull that it can’t possess any other leader apart from Mugabe for over 40yrs, shame Zimbabweans.

  32. Guys tiyeni tiKambe chilungamo ngati ku aFrica kwasala President ozindikira and osapanda mantha Kuwona khungu la munthu and alibe mantha kuti awa ndani kapena alindi udindo wanji iye amakamba chilungamo ameneyo ndi Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Iye amati azungu asabweretse chisokonezo mu aFrica. Tiyeni ife ma african tisataye chikhalidwe chathu ndikumasata culture ya chizungu. Zmenezo a mugabe salola ndipo sazalola kKugonjera Zungu. kjumapereka fundo zopereka chisokonezo aFrica.

  33. He ddnt ban social media folks… Listen to a Zimbabwean who is in Zimbabwe, myself…. There was a stay away today. And social media cudnt function for a few hours. People are protesting against him. Business was low. Shops were closed….if yu think the social media is closed then put your whatsapp numbers and will send wat has been happening

  34. zikuonetsa kuti bill amakambirana ija akufuna zikhale ngati kuZimbabwe ? Ofalitsa nkhani anduna aja makambidwe awo zikusonyeza amawawidwa mtima akamaona kuti Bwampin akudzudzulidwa mapeto ake kunonso zikhala chomwecho

  35. Dear God please hear my prayer. You took our beloved ones. U took Michael Jackson so soon. U took Mandela whom we loved a lot, u took all the pple we loved and useful to the our community. Now i am trying to love Mugabe so that u can take him soon. Thank u

    1. kkkkkkkkk,Mr Mkandawire please dont play with the name GOD,it is holy and you have read one of His ten comandments which says:you shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God,…(EXODUS 20:7).

    2. Anthony inuyo mukungomvera munews koma ena aife munthu tikunena pano tikumudziwa. Ndagwira ntchito mboma 9yrs ndinali wapolisi. Koma adzanga ndinawasiya akuti zafika pena pake. Mzimbambo uyu ndimfiti woyipa. Apolisi ndi Army sanalandile malipiro aJune. Panopa apatsidwa $100 advance pay really

    3. Anthu akuvutika chifukwa chamunthu m’modzi. Dziko ndianthu,koma munthu m’modzi saangazunze anthu ambiri. Kuti apedwe ndianthu tikuopa mulandu wakupha. Ndiye kuli bwino mwini zonse amene ali ndimphamvu yopatsa ndiyotenga amutenge munthu uyu.

    4. Cursed are those who wish others evil. Akakhala amalawi ndiye umphawi utichakachadi chifukwa chofuna atsogoleri kuti afe. Vuto si inu koma satana amene akukutumaniyo.

    5. I am Zimbabwean by birth and Malawian by descendant. U dont know the person whom we are talkn about. Anthu ambiri asowa ngati sindano, fake accidents just to mention few. Ufulu uli kuMalawi uli bwino. Ufulu uli kuZimbabwe ndiwina. Ine ndikunena pano ndikukuuza lero kuti ndinali wapolisi wariot kumalawi mumati PMF. Anthu achikulire azibambo azigogo akukwapulidwa popanda chifukwa cheni cheni. Apolisi are insructed by superiors who are in the Zanu pf. Munthu woyipa wasatana ndi Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Mavoti amawina anthu asana vote. What do u call it? That is evil. #MUGABE MUST FALL.

  36. zinazi tizinena chilungamo akulu akulu mugabe akunenedwayu ndikumaliza kuchezanaye pompano.Ndamufunsanso zankhaniyi iyeyo watsutsa akuti sangaletse macheza apa socialmedia malo mwake akuti akufuna kuti angokhazikitsa malamulo okhwima oti onse ocheza pa social media azitsatira poti akuti mkuona kwake zitha kuyambitsa chisokonezo mdzikolo

  37. Kungoti uyu anawapedza ma zimbwians… Apznge Zuma zimenezi awone kuotchedwa kwa ma tyre.. Kunonso umoyo wa utsamunda sitingalore. Nde asilikali ndi a police nawonso zawadera kumodz paja guluri ndi limene limaononga dziko.

  38. I can’t believe some folks here are praising this good for nothing clone of a leader. He has sunken his countries economy, brought hunger to his people and as if thats not enough, he is now taking away their only cheap mode of communication

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  40. Aaaa nde mabodza tsopano mugabe akuidziwa fb?memory inathwa kalekale akuyendetsa dziko ndi azizake zoti ali moyo mwini wake sadziwaso…akuyendetsa dziko mdzina lake ndiwomwe apanga ban fb.

  41. Yah that’s Robert i know…Koma izo akadzachita wanthuyo ndiye tidzachita chokokelana ndinthu. Dzina lake lidzasowa ndipo kwawo adzingodzati ali kunyumba ya ufumu, koma kupitako kukamuyang’anako kumangopeza zobvula zili pansi bweee.

    1. Man D, pali zinthu zina zikamachika pamodzi, siziliranso kufunsa kuti wayambitsa ndani kuti zichitike chonchi? Umangodziwiratu kuti ndi achikulirewo ndiwo ayambitsa. Ndiye pamafunika kungoneratu pakati asadatichite TINTINI podziwa kuti dziko ndilanthu

    2. People in Zim are stil in darkness my bro but the problem is if they meet a malawian they say balanzi/kape koma to say the trueth ma Zombos nde makape othelatu coz we malawians we acted longtime back 1994

    3. @Denis! Yah anthu amenewo amaterodi potengera history ya dziko lawo. Ndipo amakhala ndi chiyembekezo choti zinthu zizasitha patsongolo ngati malume atatula pansi udindo. Ndipo malume akufuna asadatule pansi udindo akufuna kuwonetsetsa kuti njira zonse ndizotseka kuti wobwera pambuyo pawoyo adzasowe poyambira.

    1. zoonadi ngati kuli President wachikoka akamati munthu wamuna akamapereKa speech ngakhale azungu amachonga kuti ku africa kuli zitunda zina awo ndi a mugabe.

    1. But why do u support him,look now he has banned his pple even to buy baked beans from southafrica hence there is nothing to put on the table in zim,,guys for how long has he been ruling,is that democrancy, ?? Precious HappyVictory Namandwa-General Kubwaloh think twice

  42. If Facebook and watsapp are being mal-used and abused for fabricating propaganda and deception that threaten the country’s security, then idont hav any problem with Uncle Bob banning them

    1. If Uncle Bob was really bad, then people of Zimbabwe wouldnt hav re elected him in the previous general election! They would have already booted him out and voted for one Tsvangirai and acquintances instead. Why did u pipo re elect him?? And then why shud he be bad now?

    2. For you on information your uncle has never won any election since 2000, he has been using violence, intimidation and rigging results.

    3. Thats not true ofcourse. There are courts in Zimbabwe. If there were reports of rigging, those who felt cheated would have logded a complaint in the courts to declare the results null and void. But nothing happended meaning everyone knew Uncle Bob was the absolute winner. There were observer missions from the EU, AU, SADC and the UN. None of them reported foul play in the election process nor did they declare the votes null and void. The electoral commission of zimbabwe is independent enough to make decisions. It declared him the winner and so every citizen must respect him

    4. My grany’s roots are natives of Tsholotsho in Matebeleland North. A typical rural province. All the people there are happy with the current leadership. Uncle Bob doesnt allow white people especially from Britain to manipulate Zimbabwe.

    5. My grany’s roots are natives of Tsholotsho in Matebeleland North. A typical rural province. All the people there are happy with the current leadership. Uncle Bob doesnt allow white people especially from Britain to manipulate Zimbabwe. Go to Chegutu in Mashonaland to as far as Chiredzi. You will prove me right. The message is clear: we all love Bob Nesta Mgabe till his death! And once he goes, his dear wife Grace is going to continue.

    6. I cry for u zimbabweans,,dont u hav fresh and vibrant young people who can lead your country?? #Ramona i understand u are either a propagandist of Mugabe or somebody totaly brainwashed by his propaganda,,but honestly the world laughs at u for leting an old driver steer ur vehicle,,,kkkkkk just a voice of reason!!!

    1. Best in yo mind. Tell me only five things that makes him best. Ryt now Zimbabweans are everywhere coz of his misrule whilst people like yu are praising him. Don’t rely on things yu just heard. Come to zim and see for yo self

    2. He does many things at zimbabwe am not supporting for that issues ilove him because he love the blacks people and he dont listenning to european countries.

    3. #pilirani_gondwe are u high?? ,just listen to yourself for once and dont be naive, whatever you are smoking is not good for your brain,,,Zimbabweans are suffering because of him and ur coming here saying he is best ,, are u for real????

    4. Manzy iknow u know how to speak, we can compare what happening here in malawi and zimbabwe we can not compare to our country malawi.

      1. Piliran, did you know Mugabe doesn’t let people vote anymore?
        he is holding onto power, legally only because he changed the laws to stay in power?
        he is a total bag of dicks.

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