Mutharika joins Muslims in celebrating Eid-ul-fitr


As Muslims across the world are celebrating Eid-ul-fitr marking the end of fasting, President Peter Mutharika has joined the Muslim community in Malawi in celebrating the day.

Writing on his Facebook page, Mutharika and the First Lady congratulated the Muslim community in the country on the occasion of this year’s Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations.

“We sincerely congratulate all men and women who have successfully undertaken the purifying Ramadan fast,” wrote Mutharika.

Muslims get best wishes from Mutharika. (File)
Muslims get best wishes from Mutharika. (File)

He added that it is the hope and prayer that Ramadan’s spiritual lessons and the Holy Prophet’s teachings of love, justice, fairness, equity, peaceful co-existence, honesty and dedication to duty will remain with all Malawians for the benefit and greater glory of Malawi.

“May the lessons and blessings of the Holy Month positively influence our attitude towards our country irrespective of religion; and as we celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr together with our 52nd independence anniversary, let us promote greater commitment to the three national pillars of patriotism, integrity and hardworking for the economic independence of our mother Malawi,” Mutharika wrote.

Malawians are celebrating the end of fasting today despite the recent information from Muslim body, MAM that Ramadan will end tomorrow.



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