Men queuing for sex in Nkhotakota!


Scarcity of sex workers in Nkhotakota has led to men queuing for the few available prostitutes, a situation that some residents fear will lead to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Sex

According to a source, there is usually a long line of men who take turns to have sex with women at a drinking joint at Kalimanjira Trading Centre in Nkhotakota.

“Men are waiting for each other behind the door of room of a sex worker to exchange with the other who is having sex at that moment,” said the man who once waited in line for sex at the joint.

He added that the practise has come about due to shortage of sex workers at the place and the increase in number of men willing to pay for sex.

“Some of us do this act because we are not married and we think this is a quick way of satisfying our needs by accessing these services but married people also tend to leave their wives and come here looking for the services from these sex workers,” the man disclosed.

According to the source, each day a sex worker can serve more than ten men in a row.

“This malpractice becomes rampant on Wednesday because that’s when the place holds a weekly “Kampepuza” (local market) since people from all places around this area gather at this place for beer and doing this act,” said however.

The source however admitted that the situation can lead to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the area.

He said proper measures must be taken to curb the malpractice if the district is to reduce its HIV prevalence rate which in 2013 was at 12 percent.

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  2. Paja amuna aku Nkhotakota anajandula kukozekela mahule ndiye ayisovatu mahule amafuna wachangu osati mmene wayambira ngati nkhumba. Kkkkkkk

  3. thats too bad. Government should import some prostitutes from neighbouring countries. donors pliz cang u donate prostitutes to match the required amount

    1. Boma la DPP latikanika ili kkkkkkk likukanika kupanga provide mahule okwanira kwa ma citizen ake kkkkk itanitsani mahule kuchoka kunja basi atleast ma container 100 odzadza bwino

  4. Let us all unlike this page.. I’ll start. It has lost It’s credibility. Recently it has publishing false stories. Outdated stories too.

  5. How much per round? I think these sex workers must apply the law of supply and demand. When buyers are so many they must raise the price. It seems tht it’s very cheap and that’s why the line is very long. They can still make good money after serving a good limited number of people when price goes up per sperming.

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