Missing piece: The return of Chipuwa can revitalise the Nomads

Richard Chipuwa

The return of Richard Chipuwa to Mighty Be Forward Wanderers will be very vital to the team who have been struggling throughout the start of the 2016 Super League season.

Wanderers goalkeepers have been some of the most underwhelming performers of the current Tnm Super League season.

Goalkeeping errors have directly contributed to the Nomads drawing multiple games from winning positions.

Wanderers are also one of the sides in the Malawi top flight league that have made a number of defensive errors which have also affected the team’s performance this season.

But the coming of Richard Chipuwa back to the Nomads squad will trasform the team’s performance.

Richard Chipuwa
Chipuwa: Was he the missing jigsaw puzzle to the Nomads.

Chipuwa’s height and his body will be very vital to the Nomads as it will be allowing him to have full control in the Nomads box; to tower above attackers to make vital catches and good punches. T

he goalkeeper is a leader at the back and will be constantly giving instructions to his defenders.

Chipuwa’s shot stopping skills are also incredibly good and it is has been his habit since he was at Wanderers last season that he was always called upon to make at least one or two difficult saves in every game that he played for the club.

With more than 70 first team appearances for Wanderers and a few caps for the Malawi national team, he has plenty of experience than the current Wanderers goalkeepers who have been conceding for fun in the dying minutes of matches.

It is not a surprise that since leaving the Nomads in January, Chipuwa has been greatly missed by the Nomads fans who are not happy with the Nomads goalkeeping situation and are also unhappy with the goalkeepers who have been playing in Chipuwa’s position.

Of course Chipuwa has some weaknesses which also cost the Nomads some games last season, for example, his decision making is somehow questionable in some games but he will be very vital to the Nomads this season.

The Nomads play against Red Lions today, it is likely that Chipuwa will start in goals.



  1. Sindinena konthu pankhaniyi coz masapota a pp akukonda zomapanga ply ku ln box yanga nkumanene zafodya sopano ndakwiya nanu nkhani ndiyoti ndizingo thuzula m’modzim’modzi ndikampeza amene ali wanoma yo

  2. Which means whole of wanderers club rely on chipuwa when chipuwa is not there everything collapsed nyerere you are in trouble

    1. You said when chipuwa was not there wanderers was not perfoming well interms of goalkeeping my point is wanderers dont have good goalkeeper apart from chipuwa that made the club concede more goals than before when chipuwa was there

  3. Inu tamazitsani zampirazi uyu mukuti chipoor wabwera kudzalongosola zamapepala okhudza ntchito yake yaku Chingale FC osati akudzasewelera PP fc ayi ndiye musadzivute ndikumalemba tima comment toti welcom back to maluzidwe FC ayi coz muchitapo manyazi apa mwezi akhalire kuno ndi umodzi ng’oooooooooo

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