Winiko is mad and angry!

Kalindo spits fire.
Kalindo spits fire.

Not-naked naked protestor Bon Winiko Kalindo is upset that there still is no enforcement of the death penalty on murderers, especially those who are butchering people with albinism.

Kalindo’s anger which has failed to see him take off his clothes in the nude protest however has targeted his anger at the Amnesty International which is tying the hands of Malawi President from signing the death penalty.

“Amnesty International should not tell us what to do, we are Malawians and have our own way of doing things. On the issue of the death penalty, they should keep quiet,” said Kalindo.




  1. As much as I wish death penalty,let’s look at the level of investigation and prosecution in many innocent people are rotting in jail cos they couldn’t prove their innocence. I say yes to mob justice if caught red handed!!

  2. Tauzeni Mr Kalindo kuti anachitsa death penaly coz imapanga contradict ndi right to life and dealth penalty was substituted with life imprisonment after a careful analysis. Nde just becoz wina ali ndi mimba pa mtunda lero ibwereranso.

  3. He is more stupid for an MP than I thought. I wonder what hes doing in Parly. Or does he understand how laws are enacted? Hmmm?

  4. Wolira samugwira pakamwa-tikamatchaso ena ma DEMO chifukwa cha inu mukut ndinu a IMF.Mwina ndinu muli ndi msika wa zuchitsiruzi!

  5. Why umandi seweresa! Winiko umandi seweresa! Winiko umandi seweresa! Winiko umandi seweresa! i’m not yet married kkkkkkkk m’bale wa #Manganya-tu ameneyo

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