Church in US says gays were made by satan

US Church

A Church in the United States of America has claimed that Satan made gays and transgender people.

The Back To The Bible Holiness Church which is based in Burford in the US put up a sign at the church proclaiming that gays were made by satan.

The sign also said God created man and woman.

US Church
US Church sign post denounces homosexuality.

Pastor Bob Wright who leads the church defended the sign saying homosexuality is sin and filthy. He also claimed that the shooting at a gay nightclub in the US which left 49 people dead did not change his opinion of homosexuality.

The sign has since been covered by black paint but Wright said they had not received any complaint regarding the message before the defacement.



    1. Since Eve was created from Adam’s rib,Eve was male also.Who did what to whom to create the next generation?
      “Fairy tales can come true…….”

    1. Religion is the thief.Gods are phoney and ministers get rich from your collections.

  1. Democracy..if your country embraces democracy,why dont gays have rights?..democracy means that all people enjoy equal rights

  2. i agree with that church,satan has got his creatures that against God’s will&that satan is a person he pretend as if a good the same satan trick you and me disobey God.he come with money to attempt people by so called right to gay right to lesbian,Listen you devil you’re a fail everytime your kingdom is a short time the kingdom of God was there now&forever!say no to gay&lesbian throw them stones whereever they’re

  3. I condem the practise but at Romans 3v9-17)shows that in other ways everyone is a failure and is obviously that we will be saved by His grace

  4. Leviticus 18:22 identifies homosexual sex as an abomination, a detestable sin. Romans 1:26-27 declares homosexual desires and actions to be shameful, unnatural, lustful, and indecent. First Corinthians 6:9 states that homosexuals are unrighteous and will not inherit the kingdom of God. Since both homosexual desires and actions are condemned in the Bible, it is clear that homosexuals “marrying” is not God’s will, and would be, in fact, sinful.

    Whenever the Bible mentions marriage, it is between a male and a female. The first mention of marriage, Genesis 2:24, describes it as a man leaving his parents and being united to his wife. In passages that contain instructions regarding marriage, such as 1 Corinthians 7:2-16 and Ephesians 5:23-33, the Bible clearly identifies marriage as being between a man and a woman. Biblically speaking, marriage is the lifetime union of a man and a woman, primarily for the purpose of building a family and providing a stable environment for that family.

    1. Since religion is foolishness based on lies and greed,designed only to promote hate and intolerance,why would anyone waste their time pondering the ins and outs.

  5. No one in dis choose 2b a gay shem God lv everyone, i believe God he will forgive all of us in dis world coz God love us very much no matter what u done, we must remamber that,everything bad that happen is not the plan of God prefer the best for us God crying everyday 4 us coz he care let us hop 4 de best from our God not 2 judge other

    1. Another sick death-cult gives their opinion.It is as worthless as their phoney god.

  6. Who are you to decide what is right or wrong for someone else?Are you suffering from megalomania or from religious stupidity?

    1. If you are going to believe that foolishness get it right.
      Ezekiel 16:49 and Matthew 10:5-15 both declare that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because they were inhospitable towards their guests.
      Is your sick god also a liar?
      By-the-way,contemporary Sumnerian astronomers noticed an asteroid strike the “cities of the plain”,like the one in Russia last year, so no god had anything to do with it.

  7. I mean relly!!! Have u ever seen a han & han mating? Yaaggggh! We have brains, we know between right & wrong… Go 2 hell Gays with twisted feelings

  8. Love ur bro.even if his gay coz this is a test to man to live a life unto god witout games coz the sin fall on one son in every household all over creation happy is di mon who keep his garments clean the lord see him and bless his seed and offspring ,that he can take his name from generation todi nxt…

  9. Human beings are made by one God only. Gay is just a word found by someone, we all are made different with different feelings. If a man in body have no feeling or desire for a women, its normal. Paul had no desires for women as well, does it make him gay as well? No! Those people called gay by others i found are the most humble, lovely and succesful people. If a woman have no desires for a man does,nt mean she is wrong or made by the devil. Plain said the devil is just us driven by the world systems around us. There is no devil out there and no God out there. The whole package is in us as human beings. Tricky people pointed always away from them instead of from them.

    1. Brother you are saying Paul had no desire for women. Specify here Pls. What did he desired to? If he didn’t desired woman

    2. Look in the bigger picture instead of arguing about the word. Some people always tryin to be more clever then the others in scripture warfare. Its the scripture say that the one argue the scripture said that. Thats just a journay to nowhere! If you feel it you get comfort. Its not about knowing scriptures very well, is about having the master of scriptures inside and you will surely feel it. And by Him the whole bible become one complete book line up with all nature around us.

    3. I,m going to make myself clear here, if i,m still judging people in my heart, then i,m not yet exspieranced the grace of God in my heart. People who are self proclaimed rightous people, they like to break down and humaliate others around them. Those type of spirits are my enemies and it must fall. I cant stand people who are self proclaimed holy people, or always tryin to be wise and clever by quoting scriptures. But in themselves are nothing which can tie with everything been said by those before them. I believe in a personal relationship with the Maker and your own personal revelation through Him.. Not just impersonate others revelations.

      1. The fool whispers in his heart there is no god.The wise man shouts the truth from the rooftop”THERE IS NO GOD.”

    4. God alone can reveal Himself to people, if I cant turn people to God, or they dont get inspired enough by me to believe there is a God, then i,m not fully equipted in doin that. And i have no right as a fellow human being to say that they are fools. If i see another human being as a fool then i,m a bigger fool myself.

      1. Where does mental illness,seeing delusions and hearing voices,enter into your ideas?

  10. God created a Man and a Woman.. Male and Female…..

    So lesbians and Gays created their own selves, coz when they were childen, their parents treated and dressed them according to their gender..

    But when they are grown, the oppose evrything about their original gender

    #I agree Satan made them do that..

  11. You cn imargin satan commit 1 only crime by disobeying God command nt to blowdown to we humanbeings….beos. Of us humanbeing the best of all creatures God curse satan for disbeying HIS commands, but humbeing is so ungreatful by commiting so many sins to an extend man marry man, woman marry marry woman in the name of socalled humanright . #God is watching

    1. Man has created millions of gods but no god has ever created anything.

    1. Religion is sick and immoral foolishness no matter what the name of your phoney god.

  12. Ya!!! It Is Created By Satan, For Satan Is The Creator Of All Kind Of UnGodliness Acts

    May God Bles That Church I Dont Believ In America A Church Can Stand And Say That

    1. The only judgement anybody will ever face is “will the worms have a good meal?”

  13. Satan is also a Creation of God, he cannot create anything: That is so wrong: Satan is not a competitor of God, God has no competition: Satan is only their to test man’s obedience of God: No power beyond that: So don’t give Satan too much credit than its due to him: He is but a fallen Spirit that was among the angels of God:

  14. In every society gay do exist ,even in malawi I hope they are there who are in deep secrets nanji ku south Africa many malawians especially the yaos are gays .let’s just learn that these nigas share the same roof with us

  15. In every society gay do exist ,even in malawi I hope they are there who are in deep secrets nanji ku south Africa many malawians especially the yaos are gays .let’s just learn that these nigas share the same roof with us

    1. Even if you can’t hear at all,that statement remains perverted and evil.

  16. Satana amapangadi anthu,that’s why kuli anthu abwino mitima,ena oyipa mitima,olimba mtima kupha sawona ngati chinthu chovuta.Chifukwa nkati mwa nzimu wawo mulibe umulungu,nchifukwa chake dziko lapansi ladzadza ndi zinthu zoipa.Munthu ukakhala ndi nzimu wa mulungu,umazitsutsa wekha muntima ukafuna kupanga choyipa,pamene munthu wopangidwa ndi satana,palibe chimene chimamutsutsa nkati mwake,kupha amapha popanda vuto,u gay payiwo sikanthu chifukwa ndi anthu odzaza ndi ziwanda za President wakugahena.

  17. Edo banda. I think u should know God first. he is allmighty satan doesn’t come even closser to his power God got power for everything he does create and let his creature to made things through his power learn that first

    1. The bible is a book of fairy could never explain anything.

  18. He has made people to become Gays, Lesibians,etc Let that Church continue enlightening pipo and shud also come here because somepipo still dont accept that Gays, Lesbians are devilishly made.

      1. If that is the case,since satan is less immoral,to follow it would definitely be preferable.

  19. Since all religions are based on lies and greed,what would you expect?
    Even Isaiah 45:7 where their god says it is satan changes nothing.

  20. Omar, I think u need a deliverance, God ddnt give us choice. God wants us to do wright things. So if u are doing wrong things, thats the work of satan.

    1. God got power for everything. what ever Satan does u should know that God let him to do it. and the punishment will be there for those who follows Satana and even Satan himself

    2. @ edo, God really gave us free will in deciding what is wrong n what is right thats why he said tsoka ntunda ndi nyanja chifukwa oipayo watsikila konko

    3. Man has free will; you can choose to follow the right path or be a bad man: it’s really a choice: So I see no point to argue here: Man is a composition of body, mind and soul: the mind is used to freely decide what to do or what not to do:

      1. Since all gods are delusions created in the minds of the mentally ill,none are able to do anything,not even break wind.

    4. Edo Banda: Aman has given afree will of choosing what is right or what is jehova is comanding his peaple to be alone not to marry but because of your disire you must have one. free will to marry or not

  21. Chilichose pa dziko lapasi ndi kumwamba komwe, zabwino ndi zoipa zose zinalengedwa ndi Mulungu,, ngakhale Satana amapembeza Mulungu.

    1. Mulungu atalenga zonse, adati ziri bwino. Koma woipayo ndi amene amatenga zinthu zabwinozo nuzipotola:
      6.munthu wolongosoka maganizo~munthu wopotoka maganizo(gay)

    1. Everything in heaven, on earth or underneath the earth including gays was created by God. However, gays consumed deceiving information from the devil. If they can receive the gospel, they can change

      1. Since human sexuality is innate,a gay person remains gay and a straight person remains straight.No change is possible.
        Religious freaks ran a scam declaring change was possible,most were arrested and jailed.

  22. God creat everything that we see in this world then he gave as a choice to do a right thing or a wrong things but he also warned us that by doing the wrong things there will be a punishment and I believe that satan and his gay pple are going to face that punishment. cause God made Adam and eve not Adam and steve or Eve and mercy NO

    1. If god made Eve out of Adam’s rib then Eve is a clone of Adam.Because Adam was male,so was Eve.

  23. God creat everything that we see in this world then he gave as a choice to do a right thing or a wrong things but he also warned us that by doing the wrong things there will be a punishment and I believe that satan and his gay pple are going to face that punishment. cause God made Adam and eve not Adam and steve or Eve and mercy NO

      1. You would have to be mentally ill to believe anything about religion.

      1. According to the fairy tale story in your bible,creation was Adam and Steve,not Adam and Eve.Taking a rib from a male to make another human doesn’t change the sex of the man the rib came from or the rib itself.
        Man was never created by any gods because it was man that created gods.
        While religion is delusional evolution is a proven fact.

    1. Geof u are ryt my brother. there is no animal in this world that will try to deal with a waste hole only gays cause devil is agly and like stupid stuffs jst like them

      1. If your god punishes people for the way it made them,than we are lucky such a moron doesn’t exist.

    2. if u still believe that u are part of Allmighty then u should know that u are the lost son leave what u are doing and do the ryt thing God still loves u and he will forgive

      1. Go tell all the gay animals that they are going against natural law.We will pick up any pieces that remain.

    1. Matt i think u r a great thinker, every livingthings were created by God including all kinds of humans. Different coulers languages sexuality.

  24. Koma ku Malawi abusa a Sembeleka busy kupanga campaign zoti anthu avomereze za gay abusanu sumkusiyana ndi Yudas anamgulitsa Yesu cholinga cha ndalama chimodzi modzi ndi inu

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