Exposed: US ruling party rigging elections

Clinton & Sanders Electoral Fraud

Documents leaked by hackers have revealed that the US ruling, the Democratic Party, has been implementing a sophisticated electoral fraud for Hilary Clinton.

Clinton & Sanders Electoral Fraud
DNC back Clinton over Sanders

The leak shutters the widely held beliefs that there is no electoral rig in the developed world or that ruling parties in Western countries do not impose candidates on people unlike in Africa where the absence of intraparty democracy is evident with ruling parties handpicking candidates with Malawi serving as a good example since Bakili Muluzi handpicked Bingu wa Mutharika who later appointed his brother as the rightful heir to the throne.

The leaked documents which puts the neutrality of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) into questions, reveals that the DNC has been coordinating with Hillary Clinton since the beginning of the party’s nomination campaign.

The leak exposes how the US ruling party  has been colluding with the media networks to push Hillary Clinton as the party’s eventual nominee, and anchors for US mainstream media may have published and aired DNC talking points spoon-fed to them by Democratic Party operatives.

“The document suggested ‘off-the-record conversations and oppo pitches to help pitch stories with no fingerprints and utilize reporters to drive a message’” writes US Uncut

The strategy to manipulate the outcome of the elections was set up in May last year and updated to include opposition Republican Party’s presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, as another target.

The documents back claims by Clinton’s intra-party opponent, Bernie Sanders, who continues to bash the DNC for bias. Sanders who has refused to throw in the towel despite several media outlets including Associated Press presenting Clinton as legitimate winner of the democratic race has also called for the resignation of the DNC’s chairperson.

Winners of the Democratic Party and Republican Party will face each other on November 8 this year to determine President Barack Obama’s successor.

The hacker, Guccifer2, has now published the whole dossier online





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  2. typical of the westerners though they put on angelic cloth. when we say there has been no elections without a certain kind of rigging we are talking sense. So let Africans determine their own future too. No meddling in our politics from western idiots.

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