More support for Winiko’s nude protest: Kamlepo to welcome protestors at Parliament

Kamlepo Kalua

All is falling into place for the 23 June nude protest that will be led by comedian and Member of Parliament for Mulanje South Bon Winiko Kalindo that is meant at forcing Parliament to force President Peter Mutharika to be signing for the death of murderers of people with albinism.

Kamlepo Kalua
Kalua backs Winiko’s nude protest

The parade which has gotten a go-ahead from the Lilongwe City Council and the Police has gotten another boost with the news that Member of Parliament for Rumphi East Kamlepo Kalua will welcome the naked petitioners at Parliament.

However, it is not known if Kalua will welcome Winiko’s nude protest while in his birth suit as well but the indications are that he will be in his suit, not the birth suit of course.

Information that Malawi24 has indicates that Kamlepo who has been labelled controversial most of the times has agreed with the petitioners to act as a link between them and Parliament.

A social commentator Felix Unyolo said the appearance of Kamlepo adds more drama to the protest.

“In one angle, it is a good thing but on the other it is not a good thing. It is as if this whole episode is drama and comedy. The calibre of the MPs that are taking this thing seriously is really questionable. However, that it can finally bring the ruling side and the opposition in one place is a good thing,” he said.

Winiko is an MP on a DPP ticket while Kamlepo is for the opposition Peoples’ Party. The two MPs have also had personal differences in Parliament at some time.



  1. Kamlepo to make a fool out of his fellow Parliamentarian &protestors. If @all he was welcoming them in good faith, he is supposed to be part of them but he will hijack the event for his personal interest & the party he serves.

  2. I think Winiko chamba ndi kadansana anaziyamba akanali wachichepele. Ka umagwila bwinobwino mutu wake nkulu ameneyi? Kaya zako zikakukanika anthu azakuseka

  3. The death penalty is already enshrined in the laws of Malawi meaning parliament already passed it. The problem as I see it is the President is not willing to sign for it even if the judiciary prescribe such a punishment to the offender. That is why I keep saying the nude match should have been directed to State House and not parliament. The right person to recieve that petition should have been the President himself and not somebody on his behalf.

    To say parliament should force APM to consent is just a waste of time taking into account how stubborn a president he is. And the Hon Kaliati has said it all, Malawi will not excute any offender for fear of a backlash from international human right organisations. That should have given clue to the Hon. Kalindo that his nude protest is directed at the wrong party. I am sure that even members of the august house are not amused that some of the laws that are there are not followed to the book. I wonder if there is a provision for parliament to force the head of state into action on an issue.

    Bon Kalindo is not an ordinary MP. He is also deputy spokesman for DPP which is the ruling party whose president is APM who is refusing to sign for excutions. It can be safely deduced that Winiko has deliberately avoided to match naked straight to his boss for fear of reprisals.

    I will wait to see the outcome of this historic misdirected demonstration in our land.

  4. Welcome development,this is what happens here in SA,we have seen angry naked women storming govt offices,following mass killings in some places like Kwamashu in Durban,its time for action not only talking,if we keep on talking,our friends will still live in fear,they must be killed too,what is happening in our country?May God forgive them plz

  5. Two wrongs does not make aright.that is,creating aproblem on already existing one.who told you that when the teacher is naked is when the leaners can understand?

  6. Thats straight out stupid! How can u take off ur clothes for such a noble cause? There are better ways to protest and get support not being nude. Nde ana adza kuwonani bwanji inu yo a MP? Kaya musova

  7. Shaking my head, shading tears for my nation, the whole member of parliament… This z applicable when and only when the individuals brains are located below the navel.

  8. Someone please tell Winiko politics is no comedy: Problem Malawiams vote for popular people even if they are proven idiots: See what you got us now: a brain nude politician: Hope his people are proud of him: it’s for a worth cause, though: lol

  9. Koma kaliyati kukula nkhope kwake kumene kuja, nde azavule maliseche,,,,azaoneka bwanj? Waenela2 kukhala nd nyero yaikulu ngat nkhope yake ija

  10. lol but in as far as i know bon kalindo, he likes those attires he has chosen for the demos,,, even in his comedies, he feels gud in those costumes so to the followers, if u feel being in panties will make u uncomfortable, just stand aloof

  11. kamlepo ukutilengeska wakumpoto nadi bengende nimademo uli awo nthe?wakumupoto ndise wakumala kuzomela chilichose icho wayowoya wapakati na kumwela tichali kulamulika ndele izi wati!!

  12. Malawi is a God fearing country hence cant toralete killing of albinos. The protest is a good idea as it paves the followerd to shilding the albinos. But what raises citicens hair is the condition of of the protest. A serious issue like this then playing dramatically reads to loss of weight. Allowing this will truely show that our governnent doesnt respect human beings. If why not if Winiko kows comedy and this the time to show how rude he is. I wish we could have a pearceful protest in a special colour eg black. Even at burial ceremony, nudity isnt happening. Why now?

  13. inu zachamba lekani zowona pali maliseche amitundu ndimitundu nde adzavule mukuganiza padzakhala bwino sitidzadzukilanapo ine yemwe nditadzamupaneyo ndiyemweyo chifukwa ndili ndinjala zedi

  14. Wachita bwino tikayiwone mbolo yosenda ya mp imasowa daily kubisala musuti kkk ndiyosasenda yaku rumphi more fire go konko ana akawone yababa i think azikazi awo azawonera pa tv katundu wanga uyo akuyenda poyera watha value koma akavuledi osamanama ncholinga choti mungomwetsa zitsiru zizavura on ur behalf

  15. shaaa!ndimaoña ngati tidzaona za alomwe zokhazokhatu kaninso tidzaona za atumbuķa pamademopo kkkk ndinenatu nkhope ine

  16. Kodi lamulo ili Mesa linaliko kale kuti Wapha muzake naye Aphedwe.Nde pano mukuti pakhaleso lamulo lomwelo zikukhala bwanji.Nde kuti Albino kale panalibe pa ulamulowu?

  17. Ngati mufuna kuona malisechi wakazi waeni mungonena munthu wolemekezeka akayende mbulanda zachamba eti mwina ndima blauze waja mumavala pa drama eti

  18. zitsiru inu tiye nazoni tione machende anuwo azikazi anu asalephere kufika azavule nawo limodzi ine zishango ndapeza kale

  19. Up to posing nude? Guys,that’s huge,don’t u think?
    Malawians are not known for such tactics! Who brought such an idea anyway?

  20. Awiniko mukadzamaliza kuvula kwanuko, mupemphenso nyumba ya Malamulo kuti aPulesident naonso adzikhoma misonkho, chifukwa zokuti anthu akubvutika amangomva, mmalawi muno muli mabvuto ambiri otithandiza ndi iwowo koma popeza ali pachinyezi…. Tiye nazo Manganyaaa , komatu ukhale kuti unadulidwa apo biii. Uzapulumukira mchigulu.

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