Sorry but I am not sorry – Lucius withdraws apology over Wi-Fi request

Lucius Banda

If you were to start celebrating thinking that Lucius Banda had finally understood that problems of Malawians are huge than his need for a free Wi-Fi in Parliament then stop in your tracks.

Lucius Banda
Lucius Banda: I am not sorry

According to a Facebook post of musician Lucius Banda who is now a Member of Parliament for Balaka North, says he is not sorry that he asked for free Wi-Fi in Parliament so that he can google issues while Parliament is in session.

On Thursday the Member of Parliament took to Facebook to apologise for standing in the house to demand a free Wi-Fi connection while the majority of Malawians were suffering with various problems.

However Lucius took to the same social media to agree with the language analyst whom Malawi24 contacted when the apology was issued.

While the language analyst we consulted said that Lucius had not offered an apology but was just mocking the Malawians that wanted to get the MP accountable, Lucius also laughed in the face of Malawian problems by withdrawing his apology and saying that he did not mean it.

“I cannot apologise for demanding Wi-Fi,” said Lucius on Facebook.

He has since been met with support and thumbs down from various groups of Malawians.



  1. Nothing to sorry about papa. Amalawi ambiri ndiotsalira and alibe nzeru. Do you know how wifi works? Kodi Lucius anakunyengani ulere? Or ananyenga akazanu? Zopusa basi. Find out how WiFi works in other parliaments. Lucius more fire!!!!

  2. Nothing to sorry about papa. Amalawi ambiri ndiotsalira and alibe nzeru. Do you know how wifi works? Kodi Lucius anakunyengani ulere? Or ananyenga akazanu? Zopusa basi. Find out how WiFi works in other parliaments. Lucius more fire!!!!

  3. ati azikwatilana mpaliyamenti…. pulizi no wife thing ini paliyamenti. iiiiiio lusiyasi kukonda akazi mpaka kupita nazo kupaliyamenti. zandikhuza,

  4. Chimidzi sichimathadi, for this guy chidakalipo chambiri, this WI-FI issue is a Tea time discussion, did not require session time, pity those who voted for him.
    Of cause there are many more like him, I wish parliament representation should’ve been limited to minimum first degree holders being a law policy institution otherwise the Winikos will keep being nude in Lucius’s Jacuzzi – za ziii

  5. Wow!! Gud move soldier, it will solve the sleeping issue in Parliament. MPs will no longer sleep during sessions

  6. So stupid MP he thinks above the people who put him there n now organized family sing him with asong called KABAZA ..just load thrugh Zambia tunes u ll nt disapointment

  7. Listen my fellow Malawians,with or without wi-fi your so called tax money government with wamtali uja will continue blow it.Don’t bring your personal heart ret to Soja coz he asked for WiFi of which he has a good point.It doesn’t mean without it Malawi will have medicine,food etc. the answer is no coz check yourself what’s happening now if our double professors party is concerned about there pipo?In all corners they is no sercurity,food,medicine and you are still talking about tax money shame

  8. i guess only in Malawi where one can be hold guilty for legally asking for cheap wi-fi. A country to develop it requires people like Him who knows that for mps to make what so ever decisions they requires to dig dip. Some are complaining of poverty, i wonder if they are looking for miracle. Guys to fight this poverty( ignorance in malawi context) we nid innovative ideas. Stop dreaming lets use the resources to build our mother malawi

    1. But not with Wi-fi why can’t they use their own money if it is cheap? Some people they don’t criticize their bosses even they shit in their own pants they will still say that was big and great kuziyipisilako ndikumayamikira? This z wat fools do

  9. If u apology or not apology but I think ur not aright person to member of Parliament, the only thing that u can ask is Wi-Fi , if u don’t have appoint yo say ,why don’t u be quiet and listen to the people who have appoints, Albion are killed like chicken, hungry, shame to u

  10. When we think that all people love us we tend to miss important issues and dwell much on being a celebrity. …..not all people love you soja even your music

  11. He is deformed but he can still reform. He is dettaching himself from reality. I dont know if not politics is robbing his senses

  12. The issue of the network has come at a bad time! Malawians r dying of starvation, there’s no transparency in education, healthcare, etc,and the rise of killings of innocent people with albinism! As a people’s representative, you should be dwelling on such serious matters other than your own plight!

  13. Wasting tax money your point doesn’t make sense at all .why their don’t buy a airtime and data’s .stupit MP I think our country doesn’t need arrogant MP and our country can run whithout MPs .tidzakumana pa mtego wakachere

  14. Otsamagogula ma airtime bwanji ndi ma data ndipotso palibe chomwe ma MP ena akupanga wasting our tax money instead of buy medicine in hospitals.

  15. what ashame soldier you already forget anthu osauka munkawanamiza kumamidzi kuti aku votereni aja kukaka tula mavuto awo mu parliament mwayamba matama kumauza boma za wifi how dare are you who do you think you are without those poor people who put you to be there bra know that money is stationary kuika pamoto zimapysa becareful god is watching you imean the creator osati timilungu Ta pansi panoti point taken

    1. Akudziwa zonse mwanenazi bwana. Thats why anatithawa pa balakapano kukaimila u mp kukhwisa anabelanso sanawine uyu. Pamenepo mwamutembelelatubwana hahahaaaaaakikkkkkkkkk.

    2. Akudziwa zonse mwanenazi bwana. Thats why anatithawa pa balakapano kukaimila u mp kukhwisa anabelanso sanawine uyu. Pamenepo mwamutembelelatubwana hahahaaaaaakikkkkkkkkk.

  16. some one z dying there,at the village with hunger,but ur busy sittingdown discussing about WIFE,,wat z WIFE? can u be on WiFE without food,?think of sam1out there……!…ifeel pitty for my country,,hw iwish iwent to xool to be like,,!

    1. I use free data,,idont buy datas,him z like a leader representing many pipo out there,but myself am jst a mare servant representing no 1…may be u eerk viaart joi praating?? Vaark praating kaak my bruu,sakee jeersmaarr usibekelele nxondweni mfwethu …!#Bentry

  17. ifenso we are not sorry on what we said. you are full of nosense. thats why pali mawu okuti; doing things in a right place, at a right time, in a right way and to the right people …. i think one of those things is missing that’s why i have branded his proposal as trash. sitimakudani a soldier koma apa pokha ndiye mwaphika….

  18. Akuti wangokula mutu koma nzelu alibe. Chomwe iye ali nacho ndi mwayi koma osati nzeru kafuku fuku wanga ndapeza zimenezi

  19. Bringing wifi connectivity in parliament isn’t wrong, infact its a way of saving. But most of malawians doesn’t know about e-book, infact wifi in parliament will be for document sharing not for fb or music downloading.

    Govt loses a lot of money in printing of parliamentary books and programmes for daily usage . And when day corupse these books and printed programes are also useless.

    1. I hate childish debates, ain’t you aware about network coverage problems, remember we’re talking about saving, do you think govt can afford to provide tablet to every child if it fails even to supply desk and mattress in boarding school..

    2. So if we have a probleM with network COVERAGE in our country, are we supposed to work on it so that our lives should be uplifted or we should be concetrating on a few greedy people who do not even help us develop the country but rather destroy. Our tax money should be used to improve network for everyone first. we must concetrate on things that will help us all.

    3. Enock you are talking like a man & am proud of you brother.this guys the get paid alot of money for nothing & they must pay,nothing for mahala

    4. kulibe wifi ku parliament, wifi salipilitsa individually,wifi is like uncapped data bundle, once paid by an organisation or company , it enables every members who got wifi enabled devices to use it freely.

    5. U must ask urself wen did been introducd? How many country here in africa r devloping just cuz of wifi? Wy dont u think about de situation p r fecing right now? Dnt think lik amonster but think lik agud samalitan.

    6. @willard Joseph, stop jumping in issues that you got little knowledge. when we talk about wifi, we talk about internet. if using internet is crime againest poor people, then you are the first criminal. bcauz ua using internet as we are talking..

    7. Benty wi fi ilipo bt the members of parliament r not allowed the access of using it,wi fi izikhala mma seconary school, ndiye ilephere ku parliament?

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