I am sorry – Lucius says for asking for Wi-Fi

lucius banda

He stood in Parliament and asked for free Wi-Fi while people with albinism are being killed, hunger is ravaging people and also the internet rates are high for the average Malawian.

Now Lucius Banda is sorry and regrets having had stood in Parliament to make the ridiculous proposal which met favour in the eyes of Patricia Kaliati, the minister responsible.

lucius banda
Banda: Issues apology.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Balaka North Constituency Lucius Banda has apologised to Malawians for asking for a free wireless internet connection in Parliament.

The United Democratic Front (UDF) Parliamentarian withdrew the request through Facebook on Thursday and said he hopes the question will be asked by future Parliamentarians after 44 years.

Earlier this week, Banda asked government to provide free WI-FI internet for members in the chamber so that the Parliamentarians can google issues.

However, the MP faced backlash from the general public who accused him of putting his own interests above the aspirations of poor Malawians.

Following the criticism, Banda has apologised to Malawians saying he has realised that it is too early for Malawi to have such services within the August House.

Banda said: “Having gone through the comments on this issue, I am sorry for asking for Wi-Fi I guess this question is too early for Malawi in 2016. I withdraw it, and hope one of our children will ask it in 2060, when we all will be on the same page technologically much as I still believe knowledge is way cheaper than ignorance, Am so sorry my fellow Malawians.”

A language expert however has said Lucius did not mean the apology.

“He was just being sarcastic. After all, he knows Kaliati said the connection will be given to him. He is just anticipating it,” said the expert.



  1. You mean to say that people should stop doing anything because albnos are being killed? Wi-fi its another thing and the kilings is amother issue. Osamasokoneza nkhani. Lucius was asking for free wi-fi. Ministers are offered free cars . Free fuel. Free airtime. Free houses. Why not free wi-fi?

  2. Yes is true guyz I think most of people is going to parliament without option kukangonekera basi kuiwala chomwe apitila Kumeneko like lucius Banda

  3. Hahahaha! Koma bigman mwapalamula apa! I could make the same mistake : I would expect the House of Parliament to have wi-fi access on top of other things as well!

  4. A real man says sorry when his people criticized him admitting is the right step to the right direction. Thank Lucius

  5. I think you people are missing the whole point here. I don’t see where Lucius went wrong. Here is the MP trying to knock some sense into some dunderheads who spend billions by using old communication methods (hard copies) to use the WI-FI as a cost saving measure. And you are against it? Why? The only ones who can be against are the ones who award or are awarded the contracts to print the hard copies and get paid the billions.

  6. Woow!!!! Cant stop laughing…my small office has free wi_fi connection yet Malawi Government cant afford for MPs…kkkkk hahahaha. Malawi @51. I think this is only happening in Malawi. Maybe wi-fi should have blue colour so that it easily fits on dad’s cloth and become free to MPs. Atleast give MPs free wi-fi bwana mdala.

  7. Nawonso a Lucius Chiccio Banda asapange ngati samalandira ndrama why not buying his own Telekom data bundles . Pano ndinthawi yoti muzilimbana ndizitukuko kwathuko Ku BLK pajatu you said your the soldier of the poor’s and mitsinje yakwathu kulibe ma bridge ngakhalenso anthu anga akubvutika kuyenda mitunda yaitali kukayang,ana madzi. Watch out your speeches in the parliament and remember you’re representing us .

  8. Ndikukhulupilira kuti andalewa ndi anthu asatana zedi.pakampeni bodza mbweee koma akawina ntchito kunyanyala zokambirana zothandiza ife kuno kumudz.ok 2019 tikomana ndi ma wi-fi anuwo!

  9. Zake zinayenda nyimbo za njala zija waiwala pa ati atofuna nyamata amatomutcha WAUFA, AIRTEL WABOOKA watopa naye! Koma solijala nyamata osaziwa ubwino wa doko koma waziwa lero ubwino wa WIFI, Opposition yanunso ndiya nkhwizi madala.

  10. WI-FI is also a development, sikut azingokambirana za chimanga basi mmene anayambira AYIIIIII!!! U never knw may b some few years to come u wil b an MP mutha kudzagwiritsa ntchitoso WI-FI yomweyo… Or pamene amakamba nkhani yama albino chakudya chimapezeka??? Akuyenera kumakambirana zosiyana siyana not kakaka pa nkhani imodzimodzi… Soja simunalakwitse

  11. Bunch of nonses…free wi fi or no free wi fi..life goes on mukuona ngat ma internet services providers akakudyelani kut pot nawonso ndi business.zozizila zed…olo wakumuziyo amayiziwa nsima osat wi fi…muziombola bundle makape

  12. There’s nothhing wrong with him.On the issue of hunger poverty and alubinism is just de older of de day.As i am talking some mchants are spending dollars in hotels claiming they are discusing issues of ending these things by 2020.Organisations are formed & donated each and every year but still hunger is striking our nation.All members of parliament cannot go there and raise only the issue of hunger there are also issues like what Lucius has raised the issue of Wi Fi.I understand some of u are saying more on it out of envey.He is better than those good old sleeping souls.

  13. I was much astonished to read that there is no free Wi-Fi in the parliament for our lawmakers to be accessing. Its shame for an entity which calls itself a country. Yes anthu tikuvutika, but these are two different areas. MRs need to be updated on current issues worldwide and apply for the practicality and betterment of our nation.

  14. The Parliament has got Wi-Fi .which Wi-Fi is Banda want ? The a lot of things which Parliament can discussing ,Anthu kubalaka akungonela malambe kuli kusowa kwacha kudya ndiye iwe poti uli zili zonse that’s why u want Wi-Fi ?sorry to u Mr banda

  15. Do you mean we should allow those scumbags killing and maiming albinos hold this country at ransom and suffocate our right to access free modern technologies. As a country we deserve to migrate into tech-way of doing things and having a free Wi-fi symbolises improvement and development. Who knows may be soon this free Wi-fi thing will reach every citizen in need.

  16. Ndichifukwa chake Bingu amamuletsa kuti akhale member of parliament chifukwa cha school yake ndiyopelewera komaso alibe certificate ya form 4 ineso ndinayiwona post yake ija …

  17. that house should aready have wi-fi by now.. its important. lets not just oppose issues.

  18. Government buildings shud have free Wi fi ..from xuls and hospitals kaya ma bus ..Rwanda nkumatiposa zoona..problems will always be there but that’s no excuse kuti kaya poti Zili choncho we cnt have zinazi..
    Kuganiza kumeneko nkuja mumati poti inu Muli mumaluzi abale anu asasigulire zatsopano

  19. Abale parliament ilibe free wi-fi mpaka lero???? Kkkkkkkk!!!! Koma Malawi sadzathekadi, tsono mukutukwananso kuti walakwitsa??? Nkhani ya kuphedwa kwa albinos ndani sakudziwa?? Nkhani yoti kuli njala ndani sakudziwa?? Akamba mpaka liti nkhani ya njala ndi kuphedwa kwa albinos ku nyumba ya malamuloyo. Ayi wi-fi ikani plss , nyumba ya malamulo yopanda wi-fi in 2016 zoona

  20. mukutathauza kuti kunyumba ya malamulo ya ku Malawi mulibemo wi -fi network dziko lathu lijaso ndi ndimbola bas

  21. Guys hold on a second, do you tell me that Malawian parliament does not have a wii fi? Are you kidding me? Lucius was right asking for it and wait a minute, he were not suppose to ask for it because the bloody government were suppose to install it even before. Poor Nyasaland for life

  22. in my opinion he was right to ask for such a facility. It is a fact that the internet aids access to information. Members of parliament needs to be update in as far as information and the global issues are concerned. Remembered, we are in a global village; no country is an island. Information technology plays a role in this aspect. It is an error in reasoning to conclude that asking for this equally important facility in a modern August House. I do appreciate the suffering we the poor pple are going thru. It is an open secret that the economic crisis is biting us hard. The request by Lucius Banda was reasonable. Thats my OPINION.

  23. How can the mp asked for free wi-fi instead of him to ask for development in the area where he comes from I feel sorry for you Mr mp, people are dying with hunger in your community but you are their to ask for free wi-fi shame on you

  24. First things first if scientists will come forward and tell us that wi-fi is our staple food then we will welcome that request,our country is hungry as Iam talking

  25. hahaha wi-fi ikhale ya free kumene ka….mu parliament momwe azilipila? dats crap…anzathu rwanda capital city yose internet z free nde muzikanika mu parliament mokha..malawi pliz stop treatin internet as god by makin it expensive than neccesary sitizatuuka nazo izitu

  26. Am not surprised wat els du yu expect frm educated saveges lyk him, there are alot of critical issues wch needs 2 b tacked in dat parliament dan his stupid free internet or wateva its called, pple lyk him are supposed 2 represent da views of poor Malawians dan dat shit internet

  27. Lucius was right, there’s need for wi~fi in the parliament. It’s a shame that our parliament doesn’t have wi~fi in these modern times.

  28. Bigman palibe za sorry apa mungowafotokozera za kagwirisidwe ka Wi-Fiyo coz amalawi ambiri anapita ku xool koma za netwrk saziziwa olo pang,ono kkkk Lucius ndi bigman

  29. Mbuyomu Lucius amalimbana ndi Mp waku balaka north nkumati ndiwolephera.koma zoonadi Sitima imaphweka akamayendetsa wina eti?Lero akupempha free wi fi sikupanda nzeru kumeneko?Anthu akufa ndi njala ena akupempha zinthu zachibwana.koma 2019 kuli ntchito abale.kkkkk

  30. This idiot will not be voted again,he rebelled against his party and now look at what he is saying

  31. U dont need to say sorry ,everything has its on time snd needs its very important to have wi fi for u guys to work better, having it it cant stop police to do there job

  32. If a aman with huge salary plus allowances cries for free Wi- Fi what if an ordinary man who even dont receive anything?If he cries you say is a lazy man while he is just asking you to reduce the price of fertilizer and taxes.not begging for free but reduce the price.An ordinary person is like a dry tree no wonder if he cries.

  33. They need free WiFi in parliament azisowa ponamila. stop using the problems we are having as an excuse that govt should not spend on small issues like WiFi in that house

    1. If its small why they havent done many years after independence? Medicine in hospitals is also a small issue and apriority

  34. Koma ndizoona kuti mu nyumba yamalamulo mulibe Wi-fi ine ndizikakhala nayo mu nyumba yanga nanga Kulibwanji nyumba yomwe kumapangidwa malamulo komanso fundo zoyendetsera dzikoli bwino akuyenera kuikako Basi no matter wat

  35. Pangali ngani apapa, anaga wakukwera magalimoto,:ipatala yakulondeka ‘masukulu niine yangapeleka makobili, wanduwa ngakuimanyilila kuti akuno kwanasala.Kwalini mwine awumwanjawu niLucious nijiwe ngani okwe! .

  36. Mr Lucius Banda i can see that therez no need to say sorry, free wi- fa is important keep up telling them about it. To talk about Wifa it dosnt mean that Mr Banda hez hating other points in pariament, no guyz let us agree with this man. Nyumba yaboma zowona yipanda free Wifa

  37. Amkaoneka ngati wa dzeru asanaime mp, koma pano munthu wa mkulumkulu kumakapepha zopusazo pomwe anthu ambiri akuvutika ndi njala.

  38. There’s no reason with this request, you people seem to be pity with those who’re affected with this so called disaster but still you’re stealing government money,
    Gone are days of keeping all note in your diary book, Google keep everything,

  39. Look at our population today! aMalawi mukufuna kundiuza kuti chomwe tingathe ndikubelekana kenako Boma ndi mabugwe azitigulira matewera? If you go to some countries it is acrime to have more than one child,today we look at hunger being our priority why? Ourland cannot be expanded its still the same land,now that the very little land cannolonger feed our large population we start blaming the government “boma ili la lephera”walephera ndiiwe bwanji sungaganize kuchepetsa kubeleka ngati kuti anawo udzagulitsa?wi-fi plays an important role in communication

    1. A bwana Gondwe mwanena zoona koma ndiuzeni chomwe anthu angavomelere kuti anthu oti akulandira ngongole ma allowance komanso salary akaiwale zanjala kapena chitukuko adzikapempha wi-fi? Ine ku Rumphi ndinafikako mpaka ku Kamwe simungasangalale phungu wanu atapempha dzoti boma lilime mseu waphula ku Kamwe kapena dzitukuko dzosiyana siyana pa Rumphi boma olo ku Livingstonia? That request was ill timed,when time is ripe wi-fi will be introduced at parliament kukakhala kuberekana ndi vuto la boma sakutipatsa zotitangwanitsa nkana timangoti poti palibe chotisangalatsa mai tiyeni tikagone

  40. In the parliament, members articulate issues and they need to be fully informed. Internet access will help legislators do their job competently. For those people who know better, the cost of providing internet access is far less compared to providing food stuffs, security and other basic amenities. Lets look at issues with sober minds.

  41. kodi uyu siuja ankaimba zothetsa njala uja uyu? kodi siuja anadzipatsa dzina n kumati ndi soja wa amphawi? lero watenga udindo waiwala zonxezija nkumalimbana ndi nkhan za Wi-fi…….zinthu zomwe munthu wa ku mangochi(chilipa) zomba(kachulu) thyolo(thava) sizizampindulira mpang’ono pomwe. lekan kulota yamban kuchita, kod inali kut Wi-fi munthawi ya Akamuzu pomwe anthu ankadya nkumakhuta nkumangoopa a makaadi okha. ankalephera pat Bakili osabweretsa Wi-fi? yemwe munkamuti ndiosaphunzira koma anthu ake akumadya nkumakhuta……..zaachikulire aja ndiye tisakambe chifukwa anapita…….tsopano inu ndi Modern world yanuyi chakudya chilikut, ife sitidzadya Wi-fi….!!!!!!!

  42. I’m happy because you admitted for being wrong not everyone is able to say the most difficult word in any language which is I’m sorry.

  43. zaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii??? instead of kumakamba za nzeru zofunikila mukakamba za free WIFI mxiiieeewww! munthu wa Kumudzi adya free WI-FI date ya lero? kma pena pake kuganizadi nkofunika pena pake. kuli bwinoso anakangokhala chete osayankhulayi namageya anyeziyu,anthu osadwala,,anthu osaphedwayi..makhumutcha!

  44. Its very shameful that our parliament after 52years of existence can still not afford to offer free Wi-Fi to the honorable members. These people need to be updated each and every day and they also need to learn from the international community. I don’t see any reason of apologizing and the issue of our national economy must not be an excuse to Honorable Lucious Banda’s request.

  45. The albino issue is a national tragedy. But I see no reason for asking WiFi coz these parliamentarians needs to be updated to these gruesome murders, other than sleeping in the house. Let’s unite to Fight these killings! Together we can.

  46. Lucius sanalakwe , aliyense ali ndi ufulu oyankhula koma osapwanyira anthu ena ufulu wawo. Kodi nkhani ya Wi-Fi cholakwika ndichani? Kodi kumeneko kuli ma MP angati ? Nanga enanu osapempha bwanji kuti opha alubino nawonso aphedwe? Mukulimbana ndi za ziiii ndipo kodi kupepetsako azimupepetsa ndani amene walakwilidwa?

  47. This Lucius Banda of urs,do u pple remember the death of Mr Munyenyembe, I hate this guy when he is in parliament,mxiw! !!!

  48. There is no problem in asking for free wi-fi in parliament… Internet is very vital in access to information as MPs, whatever they discuss need to be evidence based by making research on internet… Even the materials which they share in parliament are paper based, its now time they need to change and use e-mails rather than papers, lets wake up Malawians

  49. its only few pple who r benefitin 4rm internate!bola nkanati magetsi afike midzi mr Banda,if u do not want to b crisised say notin, remember!kodi u solder udatha? mmati gwaaphawi nanga zataninso!!let us b fair we must tink about poor in de remote areas.

  50. I dont understand with pipo like Lucius just imagen he is rich but he need free wi fi he dont want to pay anthu akuvutika ndi njala insted kuti apeze solution yochepesela njala akupempha za ziii mumalo mosusana ndi zoti kuzipatala zaboma tisalipile and i blame those voted for him he is already rich but he is just greedy munthu mumodzi kuyimila zambiriri yemweyo akhale oyimba kwinaku ndi minster zinazi tawasiyileni anzanu baba

  51. lucious sianalakwitse wi-fi ndiyofunika kwambiri alot of people are studying online this idea can help alot Malawians transacting online tisangoyambe kunyoza kodi njalayi wabweletsa ndi Lucious? Kulianthu ambiri andalama bwanji siakufuna kukumba mijigo koma onsewa ali ndevupeyapeya kudikila lucious apemphe bwanji tiyambe ndife aMalawi kukonda dziko lathuri

    1. Nkhani ndi yoti Lucius amapempha kuti ma MPS azikhala ndi access to Wi- Fi on free charge when they are in Parliament.

    2. aaaaaaaahhh za ziiiiiiii!!! sikuti Lucius angathese njala kwa wina aliyense m’malawi muno nooooo!!! instead of kumakkamba za nzeru zofunikila akukanena za Free WI-FI zoona? pali nzeru? olo mukuvomereza pamenepa do u think nzothandiza? munthu wakumudzi adya free WIFI lero?

    3. I agree with u Mr Gondwe anthu ena saziwa Wi-Fi pofunika amphunzitseni bwino aziwe nawo kkkkkkkkkk koma amalawi ena kusalira Bigman Lucius muli bho petilizani popeza zanjara timaziwa palibe zachilendo apa

  52. wayesa ali pa stage kuimba mumulangize jenipher aaaaaaa eyaa eyaaa, pipo r starving in blk,no gd roads,drug shortages in hospital,water prblems in blk,aaaa koma inu olemekezekawa kkkkkkki

  53. There is WI-FI in parliament, but this guy was askng for Free WI-FI u know we Malawian with free things. The guy is geting more money and yet he dont want to buy data from Telecom yet thousand of malawian r going to bed empty mimba kkkkk

    1. vuto la amalawi fe ndilimenelo mumafuna kuonesa azanu ngat makape munthu wava,zomwe nzako akutanthauza iwe wayambapo kumuchulukila nzelu,,,,,,,,,,tiziti inuyo a MAULANA anzelu kwambiri??????

  54. Kkkkkk..are the ministers and their children not using free vehicles,fuel,electrity,airtime and internet all paid by our taxes you mean they are not aware of scarcity of food and albino killings? Just because its Lucius you making fuss out of this trivia…..We need free WIFI in all government institutions not just parliament

  55. Lucius wats wrong with u? I’m from BLk there are a lot of problems here but u only think about uself only forgetting people who put u there ,do u think those villagers umkawanamiza aja adya nawo WI-Fi yakoyo!? glow up man dnt b silly

    1. mmmmh komabe WI-FI yachan m’malo momanena zinthu za nzeru zothandiza wina aliyense m’Malawi muno? I agree with Symon Same G Duwe’s idea 100%

    2. Leckson Rafiki which technology are u talking about? If they want wifi they have to put first in hospitals, colleges and universities, Why Mr Banda asankha nyumba yamalamulo yokha? That’s selfish by the way

    3. mmm koma amalawi sitidzatheka amwene…kumangoganiza zoti Ku Parliament azingokhalila khani zakumakomo kwanu kulephera kupanga address mavuto akuchita mumalo mokambilanamo? grow up aise that was a nice move so far,….

    4. Kuonetsa immaturity. U support zinthubza zii. Zoona parliament building no internet services to MPs. Kkkkkkkkk hahaha. Only happening in Malawi. If its paid internet then its for everyone. I think its true even some of these Ministers still use manual work and they cant understand the importance of communication technology. Mwina ena apa akamamva kuti wi-fi all they think is connect a phone and log into facebook. Zabwera mochedwa.

    5. inuso nde opusa kwambili ur nt mkng any sense mwava u want him to do want zinazi mudzipanga nokha then the lest ama finsher ndima MP nt them kugowasiyila chilichose basi

    6. I see nothing wrong with him asking for wifi if u follow him pa fb amafusa kaye ndemamga za anthu for a topic his about to give, ,,,and having net will ease zinthu zambili, ,,,if u have watched zimene achita wen the want to share nkhan u have to print out ma papers to keep aliyense in track of wat u saying ,,chinthu chot utha kungot click and send, ,tym the waste making the documents and kugawa bwebzi secretary atapanga type zina and iwowo tym for one issue to be discussd itha kumachepa ,,at the end of the day azikamba zambili

    7. u said nothing wrong kodi ku parliament kumakhala anthu ophumzila kwambiri kuti akafune internet ma MSCE ogula omweo mpaka akazumze nao anthu. pali malo ofunikila Wi-Fi ngati xools n hospitals kodi ku parliament amakhalako everyday ma Mp wo? focus on present problems b4 going far

    8. Kodi ndiye kuti ku Parliament oyenera kupempha ndi Lucius yekha? Iye ngati wapempha za WiFi palobe chifukwa choti munene kuti apepetse, ndi ntchitonso ya ma MP ena kupempha zomwe akuona kuti zikufunika.

  56. Pamenepo padzakhala wina akuonongerapo ndalamaonga boma. Komanso free wi-fiyinso singapezeke Malawi yonse pa nthawi imodzi. Nde point imeneyi ya free wi-fi ndiyofunika kwa iwe namadyabwino,namageya anyezi, odzitcha oyerawe, wosamva njalawe, inu osadwaladwalanu. Osati ine mulimi, kafansiyanji, odyera kulimba.

  57. Free data ife yimatikwana ndi mose wangayi.koma gayiwa ndi nkhani abwana Banda.no probs as mkuyankhula chomwe inu chakuvutani.ife pheee koma mkazatsika mzatipeza

  58. I don’t think he has apologised because he did not to say sorry ndawelenga post yache. Even me I’m surprised kuva kuti nyumba yamamuro mulibe WI-FI how do they get access to internet? 2016 in Malawi parliament has no access to internet zikusonyedzelatu kuti ambiri mwama Ministers and Mps they don’t know computers most of them are still using pen and papers kkkkkk, even they don’t have raptops or smart phones and iPad .
    Lucius is cleaver We need people like him, Even government should install wi-fi in our universities and secondary schools for easy access to internet? President anagula mobile toilet yodura muthawi yovutayi kkkk technology is needed guys

    1. I don’t see any problem to have free Wi-Fi because parliament is government. Okay if there is wi-if in parliament who’s allowed to use it? Do they pay to access it? The person who is asking is honourable.

    2. Amwene mukhale presdent inuyo kuti zonse mumafuna zichitike,athu akuvutika kusowa chakudya ndye muthu wina azikamba za free wi-fe moti azigwirizana zothesa njala kma basi kuzolowera zaulele

    3. Amwene mukhale presdent inuyo kuti zonse mumafuna zichitike,athu akuvutika kusowa chakudya ndye muthu wina azikamba za free wi-fi moti azigwirizana zothesa njala kma basi kuzolowera zaulele

    4. Its not a wrong thing to hv it…but lets focus to things that matter most to our country….Malawi has just declared disaster (hungry) country…not a disaster for Wi-fi..

    5. Ma pemphedwe a free wifi simudawamve bwino he asked it free to the members of parliament not everyone .How many malawians are going to benefits with Wifi if I may ask ngati ine mbuli????.Komanso are u sure kuti zomwe wapemphazi ndi zomwe anthu aku Balaka monga eni ma votes adamutuma????

    6. How many Malawians are benefiting from that mobile toilet or people from nthyolo are they benefiting? Kufutsa kosaganizatu kumeneko #Henry Geoffrey

    7. ine longs kwanthu kubalaka mbadwa yabalaka Maliki anga anabadwila kwakwitanda chakwachenda usiku pano tinakhazikika mugaw nyemba monga ine mozi mwawosogoleledwa ndi lusiyasi chovutatu APA sindikuchiwona wi fi ndimbali imozi yachitukuko mmalwi sizikutathawuza kuti zikomela lusiyasi yekha ayi ode anyumba yamalamulo pongwilisa tchito lino kubalaka mavuto alipo analipo ndipo azakhalapo pachifukwa choti Kino kwa zuwa nde chilala sichitha khani tori olo apulezideti akuziwa

    8. Toilet ndi ndalama zake za president he is got ryt to buy what he want ndiza mthumba mwake.Lucious atagwiritsa ntchito ndalama zake pa Wifi we can’t blame him

    9. #Edward Kaswada thanks to our government to provide you that Wi-fi its good development. Is it for free or are you paying as a student? Tell them how do you access Wi-fi in your compus? Educate others here.

    10. #Paul kammukamwa do not allow your self to be used by a politician kuteroko.pakwanu mukadya ndiye kuti ndi hand outs from politicians. Use your hands bra

    11. No kulibe moti i have asked sir Licius Banda or search Lucius chiko Banda and view his post on his time line. Mukukamba bozatu inu moti ndakusiyani.in 2016 no wi-fi in Malawi parliament zovetsa chisoni batukanani Lucius Banda pano koma dziwani we are far behind amalawi

    12. Kodi guys mufuna kundiuza mpaka lero wina ayimirirenso mu nyumba ya malamuloyo kukambanso za njala???? Tinene kuti palibe amene akudziwa kuti kuli njala??? Tinene kuti palibe akudziwa kuti ma albino akuphedwa??? Abale zinazi munangokhala otsutsa basi, ku nyumba ya malamuloyo nkhani azikamba ziwiri basi?? Njala ndi kuphedwa kwa ma albino??? Ndalama za mitsonkho zonse limapeza boma zilowa mbali ziwirizi basi??? Kupusa uku nkumene kukupangisa kuti cash gate isathe, nanga ndalama zonsezo zingolowa mbali ziwiri zinazo azitani munthu??? Angoika mthumba mwake basi kupusa amalawi

    13. Koma soja akunenadi zowona coz anthu tikuvutika tima data sitichedwaso kutha or pa khale network yotchipa pa social networking. Ndifeyo tokha amalawi tasalila.

    14. Hahahah koma guys tikhalire za njala ndi ma albino? We have other issues that matter in this country and WiFi is one of them.

  59. Parliament has a lot to discuss in as far as moving this country forward is concerned.Curbing Albino abductions and killings and provision of affordable internet all fall into that business.I think either of the two issues is wecome.The rest is just a matter of priorities and the honourable member is wrong in making the apology.

  60. Why Making A Storm In A Tea Cup? Is Lucious Banda Responsible For The Death Of The Poeple Living With Albinism Or Internet Hikes?

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