Govt tells nurses to consider entrepreneurship, no jobs for them

Malawi Nurses

Malawi government through the ministry of health has urged nurses to be entrepreneurs arguing that government cannot manage to employ all the graduating students in the country.

Mcphail Magwira
Mcphail Magwira asks nurses to be entrepreneurs.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony for St Joseph and St Luke Nursing Colleges, principal secretary for the ministry of health McPhail Magwira urged the nurses to have creative minds that can help them to be entrepreneurs.

“If you got me correctly in my speech, I was urging them to be entrepreneurs, because we can’t manage to employ them all, today we have over 300 graduates, last time we had over 1000 nurses who graduated as well,” said Magwira.

He added that the nurses can still help in serving Malawians by working in other hospitals within the country.

Malawi Nurses
The graduating students take oaths.

“But this doesn’t mean that they are to go outside the country, we have private hospitals that might need their skills, and they can come up with something in the world of entrepreneurship, we can benefit a lot as a country,” added Magwira.

Following financial woes in the country, government announced that it has temporarily stopped employing people to work as civil servants. During the 2016/17, budget presentation Malawi minister of finance Goodall Gondwe said government is to employ teachers only to work as civil servants in the country.



  1. The government has lost its direction, why train nurses, doctors, clinical officers, medical assistants, only to be told no job .what a waste government.

  2. We need to look both sides of the coin… Do we have enough hospitals where these nurses can work? It has been my observation more people are trained as nurses but few hospitals. Again if we look into other departments ie Police, Army, etc these departments train or recruit according to the need. So i see no reason why the Gvt should be blamed

    This is not the time using our Education to get jobs.. Use your education for business. Wakeup guys!!!

    1. Inno Dongolosi I can’t tell the type of business… When you go for a course DONT expect only to be employed, but a course you can do your own things……

  3. Nde kusowa nzeru tikunenako akungotsunga nkhalamba mzipatala mmalo moti alembe ntchito achinyamata ndalama amangothyolera mmathumba mwawo mkumati boma lilibe ndalama akufukuna ndalama zake zanthuwanji zinthu zikhakhanika ndibwino kubvomeredza pabwere wina nayenso adzabe kulamula kwabvuta dziko sibanja loti ndizimalamula mkazi wanga ndiana anga ayi amaona ngati phada

  4. AMalawi tiyeni tiphunzire kuendetsa bizinezi mwina tingakhale ozidalira patokha. osadalira boma kuti mwina lizatipatsa Ntcchito.

  5. Mmm thats so bad, Tsono pongolingalira ena omwe pano ali ku xool kupanga za Nursing mukuganiza kuti angakhalenso ndi chidwi kuti apitilize?
    Aaaaa thats not fair at all, i understand y u said you will employ Teachers only chifukwa malipiro awo amakhoza kupasidwa pakutha pa chaka Malawi mayooo??

  6. Wen awas lito i alwys wanted to be educated n became adoctor or nurse….lyf ddnt wasent fair enaf i failed to study further….i ended up selling stuff …iblamed God..wy he let me down …to end up selling staff….but now seeeing this am greatful to God for serving from this pain yooooo….u spend two to four years to become anurse n some should just tell u dere x no job ….n da alternative ix for u tobecome an intreprenuer yoooooooooooo….yalakwa

  7. kkkkk mwati malawi walephela kutani? malawi siolephela koma atsogoleli akumalawikuno ndi ambwambwanist ndiadyela odzikonda ankhanza ambanda okondela mtunduwawo osamvazaamzawo oumamitu osaopamulungu okondandlama akufunika deliverance!!!!¡!! anamwino muwalembe basi akabe?

  8. it can be gud if government build hospital in villages so that tchito zingapezeke kusiyana ndikuonongetsana ndalama coz palibe chaphindu serious!!!

  9. Chamba chija chayambapo kugwira ntchito tsopano, thawi zina timava kuti ma nurse akuchepa, kenako timva kuti atseka ma nursing collagre.

  10. Give the president a break! Dr Magwira was speaking in his personal capacity. This is not the position of of the DPP Governmrnt led by Prof. APM. Its a policy matter and its only the President who who can go on a public and what he says becomes policy thereafter. The rest of the civil servants what they think must be approved to become a policy. What PS Magwira said has not been approved by Government

  11. Kkkkk kkkkk no automatic jobs these days it makes pipo go for carrier they Neva liked ended up abusing patients in public institutions.

  12. Medical council of Malawi requires one to a minimum of 6_8 yrs b4 she/he opens a pvt clinic so how will one start entrepreneurship straight from xul… mr p/s r u normal??????

  13. what kinda da government z dc?malawi apa wataika than ever,iwish kale likanamabwelera,kodi ana awanthu aluza ndalama ku secondary,ku college,zoona muwakhazike pansi?chifukwa choti mzanu zikuenda?angokhala osowa mtendere?yet ur playng with their own country economy?do u expect that,the behaviors of involving themselves in mmoral behaviors,like,beer,smoking,premarital sex will be stoped mukatelo?y wasting ua money training them and giving them hope for their future? useles government

  14. Bola ife aphunzitsi tmakhala ndi ma parttimes,nanga manurse?

  15. it is common knowledge that the nurse:_patient ratio in government hospitals is high. This situation is dire in rural areas. However, it is a well known fact that we, the plebeians, poor pple, are the ones who seek nursing services from such hospitals. The policy makers can afford medical attention at a private clinic or abroad….of course the bill in some cases being shouldered by the citizens. No wonder policy makers can indeed make such a decision as it will not affect them as much as it will affect the common person. Muxh as the economic climate is riddled with challenges, tthis decision is NOT the right way to go if one considers how far Malawi is in as far as the provision of quality health care delivery is concerned

  16. Hahahaha shame on thi what we call mtalika ka amati mthalika peter yoooo chimene mnkabela ma vote ndi chani inu panopo dziko mkulilowesa pasi mwakanika kuyendesa bwino ndangosiyilani anzanu bambo

  17. Are you going to give the them capital while somehow the don’t have business studies/ skills ?
    On top of that hungry , !!!!!!!!!

    God see everything about Malawi .

  18. Zikamalaka kumavomeleza kuti ndalephela talephela mkuwapatsa ena amene angakwanitse cz Saval Donations we still receive from different countries .
    Tomorrow dont say the world s going bad while the government s the one who make world bad .
    -Malawi was the home heart of Africa !!!!!!!!!!

  19. Ine ndinalosera kale zimenezi me prophet mcdonald makoko kut kudzakhala complete no job for nurses because ma nurse sitimakondana nkhanza kwa ma nurse zimayambila kusukulu mma clinical placement nde anthu owona mukuona ngati angaduse mutimo andipase authority ndizikagwila kumozambiki ndakwiya nanu kwambiri

  20. Panyapake ma pwevu pwevu ma thanyula iyeyo sakuona mavuto ali muzipalamu basi munthu azidikira padzere kut paka dotolo abwere koma gay ameneyu

  21. Nde nkumati education is the key to success zipereka chilimbikitso chanji kwa ana alipa sukulu ngati boma laima poyera nkumakamba zmenezi???? So sad

  22. So government would rather persist with 66% nursing vacancies than hold those responsible for looting its finances accountable. On whose behalf are they governing?

  23. Why doesn’t the government close all the nursing schools than wasting other people’s time and money over something meaningless.

  24. The driver is to blame coz has no vision! Do not know where to go!

    If hospitals hav enough workers y train others?

    The fact is the government has no money, dziko lawakanika kuyendesa ili, matama basi!

    The waste government ever! U claim to reduce poverty which infact is the opposite! Shame anthu obera mavoti!

  25. kungozolowera kut ukamaliza school uzalembedwa ntchito aaaaa boza gyz they must use their heads business is the answer, nowadays Malawi changamuka wake up

  26. uyu ndi Malawi wa a petulo .Malawi opanda tsogolo .kwasala kuti azalamule kuti tonse ma nurse ife tikatayidwe kunyanja mayi!!!! Malawi

  27. Bambo akati *ana anga,sindikwanitsa kukugulirani nsapato,ndalama ndilibe,kapangeni maganyu* amatanthauza kut basi asiye kubereka ana akwana?(inu mukufunsa kut y they are training them?) palibe amapanga career potumidwa ndi boma. Aliyense amasankha ekha. Kuti awalembe asazamawapatse malipiro ndinu nomwenso muzati boma la nkhanza. Kod amalawi simunavomerezebe kut malawi is the poorest country? Inu mukuganiza amati is poorest country chifukwa chani?

  28. Hahahahahahahaaa !!!!!! this z funny. past few days munati ife tili kuja tibwele muzatipasa #JOB next day kutiwuza kuti ntchito kulibe ndiye tiziti chani ? mwina zija zoti ngati bwana wankulu ndi #BANDA nyiye pakhala a banda ambili pamenep ziko silingayende. …….. er … think twice.

  29. Kkkkkkk why wasting time,money to train nurses ??????????useful govt u train police and u employ them all,why nurses???are u going to give them capital to start business ?now just stop raining nurses .

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