Lilia’s Weekly Dose: Unexpected Turns (Part III)

'You always have work when I'm here'

(…continued from last week)

He stood in her way trying to get her attention. It had been three weeks since she had been ignoring him after the kiss that clearly set them both on fire. They wanted each other but it was far too compromising for them both to encourage it.

“Please, let me cook in peace.” Duwa begged Bongani.

“No, I won’t let you. Why are you ignoring me? We kissed, it meant a lot to me you know.” He said sincerely.

“To you, not me.” She tried to make that sound convincing.

“You are lying, you kissed me back. What was that?” He asked trying to grab her hand but she stepped back avoiding his hand.

“You have someone, please, I am just a maid.” She took a deep breath. It broke her heart sinking into the reality that she really was a maid and it was not her place to be with Bongani even if she wanted to.

He’d been her last thought at nightfall, first once she woke up in the morning since the kiss. The best way to not encourage it was to keep her distance from him. It was not easy at all, she yearned for his arms to hold her, his lips to kiss her again, his chest closer so she could hear how much his heart beat for her.

He finally touched her, brought her back to reality. He pulled her close, lowered his head to meet her own. His lips brushed hers and he knew he was breaking her defenses, he kissed her before she could fight it and just as he’d hoped she kissed him back. He brought her close and kissed her deeply so she melts even more, his hands around her waist. He kept her there for a moment, kissing her like it was their last moment together.

The voice calling his name loosened his grip on her, released her and turned to the kitchen counter. He quickly picked up a knife and smiled at Duwa, making sure she was alright and she was not going to crumble.

“Baby? Where are you?” Sandra called. She was standing on the kitchen door.

'You always have work when I'm here'
‘You always have work when I’m here’ (source: internet)

Bongani turned to her, quickly losing the smile.

“I’m helping Duwa cook.” He said seriously, turning to Duwa trying to hold her gaze, maybe say sorry with his eyes that he had to let her go while they were in that beautiful moment. But Duwa was avoiding his eyes.

Can you stop? She is not important than I am, I need cold water.” Sandra said walking towards Bongani with her arms open wide to embrace him.

“There’s the refrigerator, get the cold water.” He turned away so that Sandra should embrace him from behind.

His happy moments were quickly running out, she was getting closer to giving birth and forever making him his prisoner not a husband.

“How are you madam Sandra?” Duwa greeted, looking down. No way she could look at this poor pregnant woman whom her man she had feelings for.

“Just get me a glass of cold water, keep your greeting.” Sandra said wrapping her arms around Bongani who was ignoring her as usual.

“She greeted you, is that how you respond?” Bongani asked Sandra.

“She should just do whatever she came here to do, I’m here for my baby daddy not for greetings….from maids.” She answered.

Bongani slowly released himself from her unwanted embrace and washed his hands.

“Why are you here? My mother is at the salon, go join her. I have work to do.” Bongani said walking towards the door leading out of the kitchen into the hallway.

“I found you here cooking with this maid, now you have work? You always have work when I come here.” Sandra tried to cry but her tears betrayed her. No tears came out.

“Don’t be dramatic. Go join my mother, I’m busy. Don’t follow me, I need peace and quiet to work.” He walked out of the kitchen quickly.

Sandra got furious, took the glass of water Duwa had given her and threw it down. The glass scattered all over the kitchen floor. She walked on it with her heels and turned to Duwa.

“Tell me, he seems to like you, are you encouraging it? If you are, I’ll break you like this glass, only difference is that you will be smashed to tiny pieces. No one will recognize you. Now clean this mess up.” Sandra threatened.

Duwa did not move, she firmly looked at Sandra, contemplating. Clean the glass or leave it so that Mrs Moyo comes and see the mess her psycho daughter in law to be made. She swallowed hard and reached for a broom.

“Good, that’s what you were born to do. Tell my mother in law I will come by tomorrow.” Sandra said and left the kitchen.

Duwa could stop her and give her the broom, tell her to clean the mess but her job was far important. She shook her head and swept the glass.

**  **  ***

Duwa got out of the gate carrying a basket of food warmers. She looked at her wrist watch, calculating time. She was late than usual, she had to rush to the hospital before visiting hours was over. Little did she know she was being followed.

Arriving at the hospital, she rushed to her mother’s ward. Did the usual, served her sick mother with food and chatted with her for a while. Kissed her goodbye and took off. The moment she walked out of the hospital, she felt a grip on her hand.

“This is what you do when you sneak out every day at lunch time?” Bongani asked.

“What are you doing here?” She asked, frightened struggling to free her hand but to no avail.

“I followed you. Was paranoid I guess, you always leave the house with food every day this time of day.” He said loosening his grip on her arm.

She laughed. “Is that you sounding jealous?”

“Who is the lady?” He ignored her tease. He was jealous, he thought she was sneaking out to meet a man.

“My mother, she is sick. She has cancer. So I come bringing her food, my lunch actually. See her, chat, then go back to work so there is money for her to get better and pay hospital bills. I left school, had to use my trust fund so she gets better. You are always angry about Sandra, see some of us have real problems. I need to go. See you at the house.” She tried to explain briefly.

He took her hand and dragged her back inside the hospital, she tried to struggle but he nicely asked her to just watch. He left her on the waiting area, went to the reception. He asked the nurses questions and then signed somewhere. He got all the information and walked back to Duwa.

“What were you doing?” Duwa asked.

“Making sure your trust fund is not spent on your mother’s medical bills. You can smile now.” He smiled.

Duwa paused for some seconds, she then slapped him.

“Wow, what a thank you.” He laughed and walked past her.

“Will that cost me kisses? My body? That’s what you are after, not so? Who said I needed your help? Go back in there and tell that nurse we don’t need your help. I will not sleep with you Bongani.” She yelled at him following him to the parking lot.

He stopped and looked at her, he was furious at her. How come she couldn’t see how much he loved her? He was not going to allow her suffer, he was ready to take care of her in any way.

“What? I said I won’t have sex with you.” She repeated her statement.

Bongani grabbed her, kissed her deeply and pulled away.

She just looked at him, debating on whether to slap him again. She was amazed by his persistence.

“I love you.” He got into the car and drove away leaving her speechless.

Her knees weak, she took a moment before she could move them. Did she hear him right? Did he just tell her he loved her after she slapped him and yelled at him?


(To be continued next week)


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