Lilia’s Weekly Dose! Unexpected Turns

Lilia's Weekly Dose! Unexpected Turns

“In the past three months, my son has fired four maids. He is bitter, rude and always finds reasons to vent on others. I hope you won’t be another victim. Please be patient and do what he asks of you, except for sex of course. Which he’ll never ask of you.” Annetta advised, she stood outside her son’s door and turned to Duwa.

“The lady who put in good word for you said you are a very good girl, if she had a choice she wouldn’t let you go. She is a very tough lady to please, but she liked you. I hope my son will like you and stop his tantrums.” Annetta smiled. “Good luck.” She added and walked down the hall.

Lilia's Weekly Dose! Unexpected TurnsDuwa was afraid, she had heard her old employer talk about Bongani. He was hard to please, four maids in three months? What exactly was wrong with him to treat those poor women like that? She was yet to find out. She took a deep breath and knocked on Bongani’s door.

He did not respond. She knocked again, no response still. She swallowed hard, tried to open the door and luckily it was unlocked. She opened, it swung open. She dragged her cleaning utensils into the room, and closed the door behind her.

He was seated, looking out the window on the far side of the room where his bed was. He did not turn.

“I am so sorry Mr Bongani but there was no response, I knocked, the door was unlocked so I let myself in. I need to clean your room and the bathroom.” Duwa said in a soft and very apologetic voice. Afraid of what he might do, she saw a door on her immediate left, figured it was the bathroom, she steadily headed for the door.

I don’t care what you do, just clean and don’t move my stuff.” He finally spoke.

Duwa stopped and turned to him. He still was not looking at her.

“How am I suppose to clean if I don’t move a few things?” She asked, frightened.

“I don’t care.” His deep voice was frightening.

“Well, you will forgive me if I move a few things to dust, I’ll put them back in place.” Duwa said, picked her cleaning utensils up, headed for the bathroom.

“You are stubborn. I said no moving things. Do you want to…..” He couldn’t finish the sentence. What he saw when he turned around was not a maid, a goddess rather. He turned away, “You just clean and leave my stuff where you found them.” He said, cursing himself for being so mean to the beauty that just walked into his room. He should have turned to see before responding.

The new maid was a beauty even in her work clothes. He turned around again and she had gone into the bathroom to clean, he wanted to see her properly. He normally would leave the room when the previous maids were cleaning. He got back into bed, switched on the TV with the remote beside him and waited.

Twenty minutes later she came out. His heart throbbed, he was now sure he did saw properly. He did saw a girl, light skin, medium height, her curves fitted well into the black dress, her waist thin that her white apron around it revealed how her behind, and hips curved.

She closed the door, and turn to face him. He quickly turned to the TV like he wasn’t staring and admiring her.

“Should I clean while you are here?” Duwa asked.

“Well, no. I’ll go have breakfast while you clean. If you have made breakfast yet that is.”.

“Yes, I made breakfast while I was cleaning the living room and the kitchen. Hope you will enjoy it.” She said, not looking at him.

Her lips were so pink and covered in lip balm. He wondered how it would be like kissing them. He had to leave the room or he was going to act a fool. He grabbed his bathrobe and left the room quickly. Run quickly down the corridor to the kitchen like something was chasing him.

His mother was already seated and enjoying what looked like cupcakes, and a cup of coffee.

“Baby, you should try these cupcakes, they are so good. I ate two already, and this is my third. Soft and spongy.” Annetta said, mouthful.

“The new girl maid them?” Bongani asked taking one for himself.

“Yes. I’m going to keep this girl whether you like it or not. The living room smells very nice, everything sparkling. The cupboards, very clean, no trace of dust, but look at the time. Its seven fourth five and my house looks like heaven.” Annetta smiled, stood from her chair.

“Okay mother, I get your point. Will give her a chance.” Bongani laughed, nodding his head as he ate the cupcakes one by one.

“See? Her cupcakes are good too, you are having a third one.” Annetta laughed and paused. “Wait, you didn’t come out of your room shouting either today. This girl must be special. Hah! I’ll go call Maria and thank her for sending her to me.” She joyfully left the kitchen.

“Special enough to make me thirsty, yes mother. She is very beautiful too I almost chocked on my mean throat when I saw her and I was rude and she was warm and frightened.” He spoke to himself as he reached for a fourth cupcake.

“Bongani? Talking to yourself?” The sound of that voice brought him back to reality. “Are you okay my love?” She asked walking towards him with open arms.

“Sandra, what are you doing here so early?” Bongani asked.

“Was seeing the doctor honey, scanning, remember?” Sandra hugged him and kissed him. “We are going to have a baby, it’s like a dream yet I found out about three months ago. Feels brand new everyday knowing I’ll have your baby.” She went for the cupcakes.

He was angry at himself for knocking her out. One drunk night and he was in trouble, stuck with a woman he didn’t love but had to marry for impregnating her. That’s the day he became a bitter person, always angry, grumpy, mean and sad. He felt trapped.

“Who made these? They are so nice.” Sandra’s ate like they were her last.

“New maid, mum loves her so much meaning I have to put up with her even if she messes up. I gotta go shower.” Bongani did not wait for Sandra to respond, he took off.

He walked as fast as he could making sure his pregnant nightmare of a girl did not follow him that he did not see Duwa get out of his room. He bumped into her.

“Oh Lord, I’m so sorry.” He apologized, kneeled to pick up the detergents she dropped when he bumped her.

“It’s okay, I can take care of these Mr Bongani.” She said calmly, as she picked the detergent bottles from the floor.

Her voice was very soft and musical. How could a total stranger make his heart skip like that? He gave her the last bottle and she walked away, head down and embarrassed.

For the first time in three months, his heart felt lighter. He smiled and got into his room. She was indeed one to keep, his room was clean and smelling like lavender. He found a wrist watch on his dressing table, she forgot it. He smiled, she was going to come looking for that, he’ll see her and feel light hearted again. Deep down he knew admiring her was trouble, he had to stop. But how, when he hadn’t felt so good for so long?

This was the beginning of something more interesting than the pregnant woman whom he resented so much. He was only sticking by her because of the baby, love was far from this relationship.

(To be continued next week)



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